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Relationship Recovery

This package includes everything you need to recover energetically from an emotionally destructive experience such as:
- Abusive Relationship
- Narcissist Manipulation
- Energy Addiction
These relationships can completely destroy and deplete your energy body causing anxiety, depression, insecurity, and worthlessness.
Reclaim Your Sense of Self and Personal Power and Confidence again in
3 months with the Relationship Recovery Program.

How to Clear Parasitic Energy Attachments

Star Solaris Course for Healers on How to Clear Parasitic Energy Attachments from the Personal Chakras and Energy Field. Video tutorial as well as illustrations and explanations.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Meet the Creatrix of Star Solaris

"Spiritual Self Help" has always been my number one passion, so I have a lifetime of independent study and application under my belt!

Having been psychic since I was a little girl, I started reading cards at 16 and have explored many other methods of Divination since.

When my Mom got sick with Cancer I began to study Healing and thus began my journey in my purpose work as a Master Healer.


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Keep Clear Package

Need Some Regular Energy Clearing? This 6 month package includes: 1 Monthly Scheduled Session 1 Monthly Remote Session Regular Intuitive Guidance as Needed Total Cost of the Package is $330.00 …


Empowerment Package

Invest In Your Power I’ve designed this package to assist you in every area of your life! Sometimes you need more than just a personal energy healing. If energy from …

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Aura Clearing

Feeling energetically funked? Get yourself a quick clear for an emotional/mental pick me up! 🙂 Included in the Aura Clearing:  Energy in your energy field which doesn’t belong to you …


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