Windows and Your Third Eye Chakra

Have you ever thought about how your energy is influenced by your environment?

In your home (and work and vehicle) the condition of the windows around you are reflecting AND affecting your third eye chakra.

How do I know this? Because I move… a lot! And considering my line of work as a psychic and a healer, I pay close attention to the health of my third eye chakra.

Example time!

  • When my third eye was damaged, my car windshield had a huge crack all the way through it. Did it give me a crack in my third eye chakra, or was it a physical reflection of my spiritual condition? Did getting my window repaired fix my third eye or was I able to fix it because I healed my third eye? Chicken or egg…
  • During a time when my third eye was under attack, I lived in a house where the windows were painted shut and there were spiders living between the panes!
  • Whenever I live in houses with blinds I feel like I can never keep my third eye clean or there‚Äôs something always irritating it.
  • Cleaning my windowsills always freshens my third eye Chakra.

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