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Star Solaris Reiki Las Cruces


Star Solaris Reiki Las Cruces

When one of my VIP clients informed me that he wanted to gift me with some next level healing tools I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical.

I mean… I’ve been observing energy and studying metaphysics my entire life. I’ve  encountered a LOT of things being marketed as powerful (i.e. expensive) that fail to deliver energetically.

Get me the least expensive set of wands.” I tell him.

I felt a bit uncomfortable with the size of the gesture, yet understood he had a legitimate interest in his personal ‘healer on call’ being properly equipped for the job.

We decided on the Quartz Wands of Ra and the order was placed.

Apparently these guys in Russia make them by hand.

Which I think is pretty cool.

I remember when he brought them to me. It’s interesting how when a sacred tool for an energy worker is in transit, the worker can feel it’s approach.

Well, it’s like that for me anyway. I begin to feel the energy of the item as if I already have it.

Because my VIP client resides in California and makes regular trips to New Mexico for healing services, I had to wait for his arrival to receive the wands.

I have to admit… after reading the Wands of Ra website, my curiosity was peaked and my anticipation was building!

When he arrived at my house with the wands I took them into my hands (zinc for the left, copper for the right) I instantly physically felt the energy from the wands rush in through my hand chakras and permeate my entire energy field.

Whoa! Off to a good start! 

I understood that it was important that I ‘attune’ my energy to the wands by holding them regularly. This is a practice that most energy workers employ with their energy tools. It is also imperative that the tools remain connected only to the user through touch and use.

For the first week I explored and experimented with these babies.

When sleeping with them, I noticed a powerful increase in my energy field upon waking.

I was also getting some of the best sleep of my life!

Holding them while doing my visualization energy work intensified my focus and strength tenfold.

Yeah… Impressive!

The challenge for me was figuring out how to use them when giving a  session.

Because I allow my hands to become channels for the healing guides, I need them!

How could I harness the power of the wands to help me amplify the healing energy coming through in session while at the same time freeing my hands?

Hmm….. Dilemma!

What was the solution you ask?

I put them in my back pockets! Zinc in the left, copper in the right!

Yes I looked funny. These two metal bar looking things sticking out of my back pockets haha! I mean, it’s not like I’m informing all my clients about my wands. I was in experimentation mode.

Here is what I discovered using them in session.

My perceptions of that which clears (and ability to clear) quantum leapt to levels that I wasn’t quite mentally prepared for.

Major entities clearing.

Major past life wounds clearing.

Galactic lives and Guides presenting.

Ancestral clearing.

Heck…. I even ended up seeing multi-dimensional beings clear and had to deal with figuring out what to do with those guys (as it turns out, the Angels don’t have jurisdiction over them so I had to learn the protocol).

Yeah. Major stuff.

When I’m in session I see some really bizarre sh*t clear out of peoples energy fields. Working with the Wands of Ra took that up not in notches, but in leaps.

After a couple weeks of working with the wands, I began to notice that many of the things clearing from peoples energy bodies seemed to be attracted to them.

Entities and attachments were moving towards my back where the wands were in my pockets! As if they wanted to go live inside the crystals or something!

Oh yeah, they needed cleansing!!!

As it turns out, the advice on cleansing them involves placing them in the freezer for 7 days.

Into the freezer they went.

I checked the cleansing progress a couple of days in to see if it was working, and sure enough it was. They seemed fine after only a couple days but I went ahead and followed instructions for the full week. Just to be safe. 🙂

Once an energy worker has attuned to a tool, they are adjusted to the energy and don’t notice it as strongly as they do initially. However, in the case of these wands… I am aware of how my energy responds to them every time I hold them.

After a few months of working with the wands regularly, my Guides told me to take a break from using them. I don’t always get a full explanation for their requests. And I don’t always ask for it. I have complete faith and trust that they would never lead me wrong.

I put down the wands.

Did I miss them? Yeah I did!!! And perhaps that is why the Guides wanted me to take a break from them. They are not intended to become something that I am overly attached to or dependent upon.

Message received!

Meanwhile, my VIP decided that it was time to get me some more powerful Wands of Ra.

Ohhhh Lordy!!!

Star Solaris Reiki Las Cruces

He placed an order for the MAAT 6.

Now the MAAT 6 are different from the Quartz in the sense that the Quartz wands contain many small crystals within them. You can shake the wands and hear the crystals rattle around inside.

I really love it and feel that the kinetic energy created by shaking them seems to charge them up.

As for the MAAT 6, these are solid crystals which have been cut in geometric fashion and placed within the metal casing of the wands.

It was a completely different experience from the original Quartz!

I felt that the MAAT 6 contained crystals that were, er, uh, not especially eager to work with me.

*Really crystals? Am I not worthy?*

Perhaps they have someone who they have chosen, and I am simply part of the journey along their way to finding their true owner.

It’s cool.

This actually happens for me often, with gemstones and crystals especially. They have their own consciousness and preferences and they let me know.

I have respected this always, and continue to.

The MAAT 6 are everything they claim to be! SUPER powerful!

Although, I actually feel the the original set of the small quartz crystals may be a better fit for use working with my clients. Or maybe because I just bonded so much to them, I feel a sense of loyalty.

The energy of the quartz crystals contained within the Quartz Wands of Ra resonates verrrrry strongly to me.

When using the MAAT 6 for strengthening my aura, I can literally feel how much stronger my aura is after holding them.

And of course when I scan myself, I see the same intensity that they show in the aura photographs they use on the website demonstrating the difference these wands can make for your energy.

Time will tell how I develop in my use of the MAAT 6.

In the meantime my Guides have me working with the Quartz Wands again. Sleeping with them. Holding them during meditation. Utilizing their energy during the distance work I do.

Another observation regarding the Quartz wands… there are certain troublesome energies that they clear instantly!

I have seen this on others as well. When one of my friends held them, I saw a massive clearing of many different low level energies shooting out of his energy field.

The energy coursing from the high vibrational Quartz crystals in the wands creates an energy environment that is not at all conducive to these lower vibrational energies, and so they left.

What an awesome way to clear!

Personal Thoughts on Using the Wands of Ra

For the purposes of visualization and deep meditation, these wands are absolutely LEGIT.

For the purposes of energy work on clients, be sure you know what you are doing.

Remember, objects that are major power sources can be used by anything that chooses to use it.

It is of vital importance that you ‘dedicate’ the wands for use only by the Angels & Guides for the greatest and highest good of all. Once that intention has been placed, and the high vibrational energy link has been established between the object and the Healing team, you are good to go!

If you are interested in learning more about these wands, you can visit the Wands of Ra website. 🙂

Well there it is! My review on the Wands of Ra! Since I happen to be processing a major upgrade right now I think I might just pull out the MAAT 6 to strengthen my Aura as I move through it.

Who knows, maybe they are for me after all. Future me 😉

Love Light and Blessings to You!!!

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