You can visit your chakra places any time after your healing to check on the health and condition of your chakras.

A good time to do so would be as you are falling asleep at night, in shavasana after yoga, or during your own quiet time of reflection in a bath or meditation.

However, don’t feel like you have to make the conditions just right to do these meditations. I’ve done them during a drive, or while watching a movie. It’s better to check on them whenever you think to, then to wait for a quiet time and never get the chance!

Keep in mind that the visualizations that you see during these meditations is your energy communicating itself to you in the form of images. Because you have ultimate say over your energy, you can work with it and it will respond to you instantly.

When you are removing existing items, clearing out garbage or pulling weeds, you are removing energy that doesn’t belong to you or is no longer serving you. Make sure that you put anything that you remove into a ‘recycle bin’ or imagine that your Angels and Guides are coming to pick it up for you.

If you happen to encounter anything in your chakra places that you struggle in removing or feel uncomfortable with, remember to use the sword that was given to you during your healing session.

Always be suspicious of mirrors, rugs, vines, tapestries, or any animal that feels like a rodent or a pest and use your sword on them to make sure they aren’t troublesome energy posing as something that belongs in yours.

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Your Root Chakra Garden

The goal with your root chakra garden is to ensure that your fountain is centered in the middle of your garden and flowing smoothly. Ideally, it will have 3 tiers in addition to the base. Make sure it is clean and has no moss or rocks clogging the flow. Check your garden to make sure there is no weeds or trash in it.

Times when you would want to check on your garden:

  • Financial Stress
  • Feeling Insecure
  • Fear (I have found that fear is always in the Root Chakra, find it’s source in your garden and remove it)
  • Anger


Your Second Chakra Beach House

The goal with your second chakra beach house is to make certain it is clean, clear of any ‘clutter’ and that your six orange candles are burning steadily.

Because the second chakra has six energy vortices, the number of candles you discover burning in your house are indicating to you how many of those are active and operating. It’s very common to find less then six, it just means that you are working on lessons related to this chakra. Keep looking for your missing candles and replace them as needed.

The second chakra powers your talents, creativity, intimate energy and your personal image. It also happens to store all of your emotional disappointments as well as your secrets. Don’t be surprised if you find some hidden rooms or areas in the downstairs area of your beach house. If this happens, use your sword to release whatever energy you no longer need and make sure that you find the corresponding positive energy that ended up locked away with it. Releasing these energy pockets can be incredibly empowering.

Times when you would want to check on your beach house:

  • Emotional Insecurity in Relationships
  • Creative Blocks
  • Inability to Give or Receive Intimacy

Star Solaris Solar Plexus

Your Solar Plexus Mountain Firepit

The fire which you discover on top of your mountain symbolizes the condition of your solar plexus. It is also the area of your energy that provides you with motivation, courage, and personal power.

The goal here is to make sure that your fire is burning steadily and that there isn’t anything around that needs to be burned. If your fire is very small, this is an indication of an under active solar plexus. If it is very large, this is an indication of an over active solar plexus and you will want to spend time here burning another list that you write or discovering objects that need to go into the fire.

If you encounter something that you really do not want to put into the fire, then you probably really need to. It’s okay. If it is something that is not meant to be burnt, you will be able to retrieve it from the fire. Remember to use your sword as needed here as well. If any animals are around, take time to interact with them. Often they will have gifts for you. Allow them the opportunity to give them to you.

Times when you would want to check on your Solar Plexus Fire:

  • Feeling Unmotivated
  • Feeling Taken Advantage Of
  • Lacking in Personal Power and Courage

Your Green Heart Chakra Palace

The goal here is to make sure that your palace is beautiful, clean, and that your heart object is centered in your palace shining brightly filling the space with it’s glow.

This is the area where you want to look out for vines, rugs, and tapestries and touch them with your sword to be certain that they are clear of any energy that may not be serving you.

Your heart palace does have a downstairs as well as an upstairs, so check downstairs and make sure that all is clean and bright. If it needs some light, be sure to add windows.

Times to check on your Heart Chakra Palace:

  • Heartbreak
  • Inability to Connect to People Emotionally
  • Emotional Sterility

Your Throat Chakra Music Hall

When you first enter your music hall, it extends down the left and down to the right.

Because the back side of your throat chakra absorbs energy through the sounds you are hearing in daily life (music, television, conversation, etc) it’s important to make sure that the energy in this space is clear.

I always recommend clearing and recreating the entire space as best as you can.

Also remember to check your balcony.


Times to check on your music hall:

  • Negative Speech
  • Feeling that people aren’t listening to you or respecting what you have to say
  • Feeling that you cannot express yourself comfortably
  • Reluctance to speak your truth to people

Star Solaris

Your Third Eye Window

Your room with a window is symbolic of your third eye chakra. Make sure it is clean, easy to see out of, and that it opens and closes easily. The decor of your room should be comfortable and inviting.

One thing to pay special attention to is whatever is in the room directly across from your window. This is the back side of the third eye chakra and tends to collect the energy of negative thought patterns and worry. If you find that there is a mirror here, be sure to touch it with the sword or make certain to remove it.

Times to check on your third eye window:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Nightmares (clear the space thoroughly with your sword)
  • Memory Problems
  • Constant Worry

Your Crown Chakra Flowers

The white glowing room with the table and vase of flowers is symbolizing the condition of your crown chakra. It is the flowers which you will want to focus on. If they are any color other then white, invite your Angels to bring you a new bouquet and trade them out. Make sure that the vase holding your flowers contains only water (no pebbles etc) and it is always good to add fresh healing water to it.

Times to check on your flowers:

  • Shoulder or Back Pain
  • Crisis of Faith
  • Thoughts and Feelings of Negativity
  • Lacking in Inspiration
  • Spiritual Deprivation

Remember also the paths and the stairs between these areas. These symbolize the health and strength of your energy meridians which are the highways that your energy travels as it circulates through your body.

Checking on your chakra places every so often, you will discover that there will be some needed repairs or cleaning. This is normal. Always be willing to ‘upgrade’ your chakra places by building a new fountain, fire pit, changing your beach house, etc if you feel so inclined or the need to.

Light Love and Blessings to You! Happy Chakra Relationship Building!!!



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