As I write this blog, I am fully aware that we are undergoing some form of a forced transition. Whether the force is coming from within or without, it’s happening.

I can’t take credit for that beautifully concise bit of verbiage. It was spoken by my dear friend who is preparing to become a practicing therapist and has been witnessing this intense upsurge in personal crisis happening for people.

As I look around at my friends, clients, colleagues, and the general public… I can see what she means.

We were out to lunch discussing our own personal forced transition crises.

But this isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill crisis we are talking about here.

This is deep soul trauma in your face for literally EVERYONE crisis.

Adding to the bizarre-ity (I made that word up just now) of it all is that this desperate despair energy we are experiencing is showing US up as raging children in some moments and enlightened zen gurus at others.

What gives!!!???

Spiritual Birthing Canal

You’ve heard all the talk about how we are elevating right?

Well let’s evaluate that.

Emotions exist on a spectrum of vibration. So let’s think of different emotions as different landscapes.

The landscape of fear is this really scary place with all types of just as scary entities existing there. Waiting for you to visit so they can have their way with you. Or attempting to force you to visit so they can feed on your fear energy to keep their fearscape alive.

The landscape of gratitude, on the other hand, is a beautiful place full of blessings where Angels and Guides and Divinity exists. Waiting to help you and assist you. Not wanting to take from you but rather to give and be of service for you on your path. To keep the Love alive. Because the Divine is Love and that’s what it does, it Loves.

With the intensification of energies taking place right now, any emotional experience becomes amplified. It’s as if you are being fully submerged into the culture of the landscape.

So if you’re hanging in the high vibes, just really into the moment of love for someone or experiencing an inspired moment of creativity… It will elevate. Lifting you to a place of deeper connection in your love or advanced level of talent in your creative expression. Bliss!

Likewise if you are in the low vibes cause your man is trying to make you jealous to boost his ego or whatever… You will be pulled into a descent of pain and confusion. 3D.

We seem to be in this transition place straddling 3D and 5D right now and it’s greatly impacting our emotional body.

The emotional body is part of the energy body after all.

Should we be personally identifying with our emotions?

As a healer I relate to emotions differently.

Why? Because I clear emotional energy that belongs to other people from my clients all the time.

Heck, I clear it off myself. I see it and feel it coming in.

Which begs the question… How much pain that we process is even ours???

Before you start questioning your sanity, ask yourself if that painful energy you’re feeling is even yours.

Or if the rage is even yours. Maybe it belongs to the abuser who hurt you and that energy got left in your chakras.

Or if the insecurity is yours. Maybe it belongs to the person you are in a relationship with, and you are absorbing it all off of them.

Or if the fear is yours. Maybe it belongs to your parents and you inherited it from them.


Empaths often confuse others emotions as their own.

My ex called me the other night and I went ahead and answered.

He was hurting, I could feel it strong.

But he wasn’t at all revealing it. He wasn’t showing up in a real place with me speaking his truth.

Instead he was being petty and conflict instigating.

My vibe plunged from 5D bliss to 3D anxiety stress. Was it my anxiety and stress that I was plunged into or was it his? Let me tell you, it was his. And it gripped my heart chakra soooooo hard that I had to put some strong focus on clearing it.

This is one of the most challenging aspects to our evolutionary process.

We aren’t all growing at the same pace. And even if we are, it’s not always pretty.

In fact it’s pretty damn messy!

Or there will be moments where we are in a 3D place full of our own ego pain and they are in their 5D place of not wanting to be around it.

It’s up to us to choose which emotional landscape we want to live in right now.

We all have those people in our lives who are living in the 3D painscape. Of course they do not want to be alone there, painscape sucks. So they want to get you to join them. And you can if you want, you have choice.

But you can also invite them to your place of 5D where you are existing in joyscape. If they refuse and keep trying to pull you down into the painscape, it’s up to you to be clear about the landscape you want to live in.

Many of us are blipping back and forth between 3D and 5D right now

Healing equals Growth

As my best friend says about evolution, “that shit hurts”.

And it’s true.

We cannot and will not evolve until we clear our pain.

Why? Because it’s low vibrational and it’s holding down our vibrations as they attempt to increase at this time.

We need our emotional energy to be as much aligned in the higher vibrations as possible in order to grow, which means not trying to put on a forced happy face and go on living in quiet despair.

It’s not working anymore.

It means taking the time that you need for yourself to let the pain out of your emotional energy body and dispose of it.

Emotional pain does Not Equal Weakness

It just means you got some emotional pain energy in your Chakras.

That’s all. It doesn’t mean you’re less of a person. It doesn’t mean you failed at life.

Think of the pain, fear, anxiety, or insecurity you are feeling in any moment as simply as you think of mud from a puddle you stepped in or got splashed on you.

Sure it sucks and it’s an inconvenience to clean off but the point here is that negative emotional energy CAN be cleaned off.

Yeah. Try it. Check out my Astral Vision Healing Journeys. 😉

Shifting Perspective

One thing I know from the work I do, every person who recieves a healing session is changed.

Birthed closer to their expression of their higher self.

I do my best to facilitate this as gently as possible for my clients by cleaning the old stuck emotional energy as it rises up to the surface.

However, if the chakras are clearing independently as a result of, oh say, a massive influx of high vibrational energy waves… The process is not going to be nearly as gentle.

The lower self experiences a form of a death.

The ego resists.

Deeply rooted pain and trauma comes oozing out into the energy field translating into this reality as people in your environment triggering your core wounds and you reacting in ways that make you question if you have lost all emotional stability.

How to Deal With It

As long as you’re in the low vibes, you are living side by side with your traumas. Keeping them alive. Feeding them. Giving them power.

Leave the landscape. For real. Walk the f away from it.

You cannot clear the pain if you’re inside of it. (Unless you are doing EFT)

Step outside of it. Look at it impartially.

Be radically honest with yourself about it. Not in a self blaming or shaming type of way but in a perfectly accepting way.

And then ask yourself if that’s really the landscape you want to be living in from now on.

We both know the answer is no.

Now give yourself permission to step into the high vibrational landscape.

Maybe it’s the landscape of gratitude for the lessons and strength the pain brought. For all the blessings in your life outside the pain.

Maybe it’s the love landscape for those who you cherish.

Or if all you have left to be grateful for is a little flower growing in your yard, be with that flower. Hold love for it.

Now take that same love and give it to yourself.

Rise and Fly Phoenix

I came to a powerful realization the other day.

Reflecting on how I up and moved away from the most beautiful home I ever lived in so I could live on a mountain with the man who proposed to me while draining my bank account on improvements to his property… Only to have it all fall apart in the span of a month.


After giving all I had to this man, I am now left with no home, no car, and no money in the bank. That relationship was a vortex of consumption taking everything that I had. And oddly I gladly gave it all.

Why? Because at the end of the day all I wanted was to love and be loved and I was willing to invest all that I had to achieve it.

Admittedly I was enraged.

Anger at him for all his broken promises and more so at my own self for not seeing it coming. For all my powers that I can help so many with, why oh why did I not portend it for myself.

Or maybe I did. Maybe on some level I knew that I was walking into a storm that I needed to walk through.

Talk about 3D. Heck sometimes I wonder if it was even 2D. Seriously low vibrations out there and no matter my constant attempts to raise the energy on his property and in him… It was resisting.

It did not want to elevate, it wanted instead to force me into its own oppressive landscape of dominating raging pain.

So now I’m couch surfing and meditating on my own forced transition when the epiphany comes.

The old Lea is ready to die. But she must surrender the old wounds to do so.

What sucked me in with this man was the archetype he carried of all the people who I’ve ever loved and have been wounded by.

This experience was the final reckoning for me.

He epitomized all that holds me still in 3D. Walking away from him, I walk away from 3D.

When I stop focusing on the loss and instead start focusing on the space created for 5D Lea, the world brightens.

Opportunities arise. Directions unfold.

The new Lea must be shed of all her 3D trappings. The insecurities, the fears, the impulses, and yes even all the material possessions that hold so much of Leas old 3D energy.

Everything, literally everything else that I own… is just stuff. I’ve experienced enough loss and gain in my life to recognize that it’s all cyclical anyway. Ashes to ashes.

And so I Danced

Alone in my friends living room, I danced.

Incense in hand, smoke swirling patterns in the room, all the pain that lived in my heart from countless failed attempts at love, all of it I danced out of my heart chakra.

Scars in my Aura I wasn’t aware existed revealed themselves. Sealing them with the incense, tears pouring. Energetic chains which bound me to the men who I have loved and been manipulated by dissolved.

Ravaging pain ripping me apart… revealing the shining essence of my newer 5D self within, ready to emerge.

Inspired by conversations with a fire dancer who weaves spells with her dance… I weaved my own.

Offering all of my pain to the conjured ethereal fire that burned before me as my body moved in its own rhythm of release.

Witnessing the death of my souls expression of the last remnants of my lower self and the arrival of my higher self, in her power she commanded the space in my physical body and in that moment I knew with every cell that I was forever changed.

And then it was done. In a flash the heartbreak and the dismay was just simply, gone.

Looking at the world with new eyes, I knew I had just experienced a profound milestone in my personal evolution towards my 5D expression.

It’s happening. It’s happening for all of us right now.

The birthing pains do hurt but once through them they are forgotten. All that remains is the memory of the lesson.

And then we are free to move in the direction of our greatest and highest untethered by the trauma of our past.

To stand in our power as Sovereign beings no longer in a complacent state of control and oppression.

Those 3D inviduals in our lives are not at fault for being in the vibration of their choosing. But they will inhibit us in ours if we seek to choose the higher.

Knowing this, I made a promise to myself. One that I intend to keep.

I promise to walk away from the landscape of my old pains creation and into the direction of my new landscape of my joys creation.

Come what may. I am not afraid.

When you are living in your higher self there is a sense of knowing that all things unfold according to your perfect divine plan.

There is a beautiful surrender and acceptance of lifes ebbs and flows like a river guiding you in the direction of your divine destiny.

Flow gently dear soul, you are not destroyed, you are re-birthed.

So much Love and Blessings to you on your transition to your higher self expression, you got this.

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