The River of Sadness & Power of Release

Star Solaris Emotional Healing

Star Solaris Emotional Healing

Society has always taught us that to be anything other than happy is unacceptable.

“Don’t cry. Stop moping around.” Our parents would tell us.

Some parents even go so far as to punish us for any display of emotional distress. I know I would lose patience with my kids when they cried non stop cause their sister ate their last cookie. “Get over it!” I would say, speaking the words my own mother spoke to me when I was a child crying over injustice done to me.

But do we really just ‘get over it‘? Or do we find ways to force it down and bury it deep? How many times can we do that before it fills up our chakras to the point where we just CAN’T anymore?

Then what? What started off as a simple little emotional child needing some attention has now become a monster ready to devour anything in it’s path. Or… itself. Creating a vessel of self-generating pain keeping us locked in a place of perpetual anguish because it never got the attention it needed in the first place.

As a healer, I have begun to honor my painful emotions more then ever before in my life.

I see so much pain filling up peoples energy fields that originated so long ago and just compounded until the chakra stopped functioning. Removing it I feel it. And I say to myself, “this is why it is so important for us to give ourselves permission to let our emotions flow.”

Because if we don’t, they don’t go away. They only find creative ways to stay.

Depression is a curious thing, most of us don’t even know we are in it until we are buried so deep there seems to be no hope of digging ourselves out. And sadness, well, how much sadness do we indulge before it turns into that?

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Depression is an Emotional Wound Stuck on Replay

Imagine a skipping record. That painful experience that hit so hard and deep damaged your emotional body and now you can’t process the feelings out because they never end. They are stuck.

If your emotional body was a record, the trauma would be like taking a knife and scraping it, creating a wound. So now when the needle runs over it, it just stays there skipping.

Most of us try to deal with it, that pain that continues unending. Doing our best to take our parent’s sage advice and just ‘get over it.’

So we play other records louder in hopes to drown out the sound of the skipping one. Or we try to mute the sound of it.

But it continues…

Skip. Skip. Skip. Pain. Pain. Pain.

We try to ignore it. To direct our attention as far away from it as possible. Pretending it’s not there skipping. Filling our time with anything to distract from it. Food. Television. Drama. Drinking. Sex. Meds. Shopping. Working.

Telling ourselves it’s not there skipping… Or… That we just don’t care.

Deep down we know that our skipping record is staying in the same place. Repeating. We want to make progress but can’t.

What now???

The problem at this point is the fact that our energy body has become so full of the sound of pain, that it sees no point in trying to fill it up with anything that isn’t. To attempt to do so would be futile anyway since there’s no room for anything positive or promising. All the space has been taken already by the repeating emotional pain.

Here’s the good news. Depression does have it’s gifts. All that time that your record spent skipping, it was actually getting stronger. Let me explain.

When I’m in session removing old emotional pain and doing so much work on a chakra that has really taken a beating (from all the stored up painful emotion and trauma etc) once it’s cleared and active… It’s the most developed and powerful of all the person’s chakras!!!

At first I was confused by this. I expected that after so much time being shut down and wounded, that it would be the weakest of the chakras. My question to the Guides was, did this chakra attract all this wounding because it was already so strong and could take it? Or was it the wounding that made it that way?

What was the answer?

It was the wounding! Wow. So… We come to live this life to take a beating to build our souls stronger? Apparently, yes that’s a big part of it.

This means that all the pain and emotional torment you have suffered and endured wasn’t for nothing. It wasn’t a wasted experience. Your soul is stronger now. It’s evolved itself to build resistance and develop new strengths just like your immune system does when it’s exposed to pathogens.

Incredible huh?

“That’s all good and awesome” you might be thinking, “but I’m still in this and it sucks, when does it end already.”

Well, that’s up to you.

It’s your record. And you need a new approach to fixing that scratch.

Put down the coping mechanisms and look at the scratch.

Ask yourself when it happened. Time travel in your mind. If you think it’s when your boyfriend cheated on you, maybe it’s not. Maybe it goes further back. Most of the time it does. Maybe it was when your Mom came home from the hospital with your newly born little sister and your parents gave her all the love you once had and you are suddenly forgotten. Your boyfriend cheating was just a repeat of that same wound, the skipping record. Are you getting it?

The key to healing these wounds lies in the retrieval of when they first happened. Bringing them into your awareness. The biggest part of the battle is finding that gosh darned scratch on the record! Once you do, you can fix it. There are lots of ways to fix it.

One thing you can do is come and get a reiki chakra healing from me. All it takes is one healing session to release all of that old painful emotion that you no longer need to carry within your energy body, and activate your energy centers to function and flow in balance again.

If you want to go it on your own, I highly recommend EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Reimprinting. There are plenty of online resources that you can reference for free to empower yourself in your healing journey. Using this in combination with Homeopathy (Ignacia Amara for emotional pain and Nat Mur for long held grief) or Flower Essences (I cannot stress enough the effectiveness of flower essences) you will feel better INSTANTLY.

Yes, I said instantly. I speak from experience here and I wouldn’t recommend something that takes forever to get results from. Life is happening and you have been suffering long enough. We need results and we need them NOW. These methods will provide them for you.

Smile, you’re gonna be okay. I promise. 🙂

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“It’s Fall… Let those old sad memories blow away with the leaves so you have space for new joyful ones.”

The River of Sadness

Emotions are generated, received and processed by our chakras. Remember how I said that our chakras grow stronger from processing painful emotion?

It’s okay to be sad. Give yourself that. You need to.

The number one source of painful emotion is loss. That’s why Buddha said that all suffering is attachment. If you let anything and everything go willingly, there is no pain.

Yeah but that’s Buddha and we aren’t Buddha. We loved the comfort and familiarity of our relationship. Having that job gave us financial stability. Providing for our children’s needs gave us purpose. The long held belief that as long as our parents are there, we will be okay.

With these things gone there is a void. And it HURTS.

And why didn’t we value it more when we had it? Why didn’t we relish in those moments as much as we possibly could have, we knew it wouldn’t last forever. Right?

We are mad at ourselves for breezing through those moments as if they would. And now that they are gone, we want them back. It feels so unfair.

I can’t tell you how many times I wish I would have been more present throughout my kids younger years. I was in college and working and my Mom basically raised them for me.

I can’t tell you how many times I wish I would have appreciated all those weird things my Mom would come home with from the thrift store. “Really Mom?! Your such a hoarder!” Now I long for the sight of her pulling up in her van loaded with random items I would have no idea what to do with.

My kids will never be little again. I pull their tall teen bodies into my lap and beg them to be babies again as they roll their teen eyes.

I wish I spent more time with my boyfriend who was the greatest relationship of my life until he passed suddenly in a motorcycle accident.

I get it. I get pain, I get loss, I get it.

Sadness is a river. Wading in and through it will cleanse you and your chakras.

Dunk yourself in, go for it, get your hair wet. Float around. Let it purify you, but don’t let it drown you. Eventually, you need to get out and wring your clothes dry.

When it comes to sadness and grieving, we are faced with the choice of either letting the memories and longing to reclaim what’s been lost claim us… OR forging ahead with stronger souls from having experienced it.

But we can’t really do that for ourselves until we honor the loss. Whether it was a loss through the death of a loved one, a relationship, friendship, long held dream, our children’s youth, or the death of our own youth. We need to allow our emotional body that time to grieve for it first.

To hold space for the sacredness of those moments in our lives which have passed before we can invite in the new.

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Release Is Personal Power Renewed

There’s depression, there’s sadness, and then there’s release.

Release is different. It’s healthy. It’s powerful.

It’s that cry that feels like a dam broke open and the river can flow once again.

It’s the pain that doesn’t feel like a sinking (like depression), but rather a lifting.

The tears shed in nostalgia but acceptance. The moment when you finally throw out your ex’s old clothes he never came back for but you still held on to in a box buried in your closet.

Crying cleans out the Third Eye Chakra

Are there things you have been holding on to that you need to release? You will know when you are ready. The universe will provide for you time to do so. All you have to do is answer the call. Get the garbage bag and throw that stuff away. Write that letter and burn it. Listen to those songs that take you back and cry and let it go.

It’s Fall.

Let those old sad memories blow away with the leaves so you have space for new joyful ones.

Your chakras will thank you. And you will feel your power renew with each step you take in your path of release. These are the moments of healing. It may not feel like much when you do it, but when you wake up and feel a little lighter, breathe a little easier, and find new opportunities for happiness arriving at your doorstep… You will know it’s because you made space for them.

Pain has a place and purpose in our lives. Honor it. It’s what we came here for. We came here to hurt. It brings us closer to our soul and to our source. Let it.

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