Ahhhh technology. Gotta love it.

Incredible how this social platform can bring people together. Family, friends, shared interests, it can be a beautiful thing.

But it can also be a terrible thing if the Energy in it just isn’t right.

Think about how energy is not affected by time or distance. And remember that thoughts and feelings are energy.

Now apply that to social media.

If you have 500 friends on your Facebook page and you post a photo of yourself, that means that many people will potentially view it.

So let’s say of those 500 people, a hundred of them think “oh wow what a nice photo, you look really good!” the result of this is the Energy of those thoughts are all going to you!

Yep. That’s a lot of energy! This can serve you well in adding some nice confidence boosting vibes to your aura!

But what if there are some serious haters on your friend list?

Or people who hold a secret grudge towards you?

Family that there is unresolved friction with?

Those people who you are really only friends with out of a sense of obligation but you are reluctant to unfriend them because you don’t want to hurt their feelings or create drama… Etc.

What if they look at your picture and think rude thoughts or hold judgment towards you???

Eeeeeeeeek. Not good.

I’ve seen so much junk in people’s auras from this. I’ve gotten junk in my aura from this. Yuck.

Now what about those social media topics or posts that instigate conflict or otherwise low vibrational speech?

I observe this as “negativity harvesting”. And I witness how entity attachments LOVE to feed this way. They even can attach to your phone if you engage in this a lot.

There is so much vibrational trash energy in the media. It’s in mainstream music, cable television, advertisements, and especially in social media if the topics are negative.

I May Seem Strange Sometimes

Those behaviors I have that may come off as odd and unusual to others always have a deeper reason. I just don’t always take the time to explain them. Those who are close to me know and understand, but to the wider public or acquaintances I probably just look weird! 😂

One of these is that I have roughly sixty people blocked on my Facebook page.

This is not at all coming from a place of maliciousness. It is coming from a place of self preservation.

Many people that I have blocked aren’t bad people that I hate. On the contrary, many of them I hold regard for. But, I recognize that their energy towards me isn’t in alignment with the energy which I would prefer.

For example, my ex in laws. I kept them on my page as a courtesy to them to see pictures of the kids and get updates on their activities as I share them.

As I was moving forward in my development of Star Solaris, I was feeling blocked. When I scanned through where the insecure energy was coming from, I realized it was the judgement energy coming from them.

They aren’t bad people, they are just really underdeveloped and limited in their degree of conscious awareness. When I was a part of that family, I suffered extreme persecution from them for my beliefs and abilities. They called me a witch like it was the worst thing a person could be and they postured attitudes of cruel superiority over me.

When I opened Star Solaris, they said to me “people actually pay for energy healing” and looked down on me like I was some sort of a crazy person.

If they only knew that in 60 minutes I could clear them of the attachments that have their blood pressure through the roof.

I digress…

The realization occurred to me, I needed to block them on my page so they don’t do the whole gossip about me and negativity harvest among themselves (their favorite passtime) sending me a psychic attack without being consciously aware that is what they are doing.

I don’t need that. I cannot allow my goals and dreams and purpose to share these healing gifts with the world to be polluted by the energy coming from the petty and the low vibrational. BLOCK.

My ex husband (okay, my FIRST ex husband) he’s a good guy. He totally supports me and my work. But he is considerably older then me and still maintains an attitude of paternal dominance. I don’t need that energy either. BLOCK.

I will be nice and cordial to these people in person, but I don’t need their energy on my social media.

What About the Others?

The rest of the people that I have blocked is a combination.

Friend that regularly posts negative conflict instigating or otherwise rude comments, BLOCK.

Random guy I dated and things didn’t really develop so there’s a bit of awkwardness leftover cause he’s still holding whatever feelings of being rejected or doing the rejecting, BLOCK.

Friend that turned out not to be a true friend, BLOCK.

Friends or relatives of same people, BLOCK.

Well intentioned friend that regularly speaks to someone I am being energetically attacked or vamped by, BLOCK.

People who ended up on my friends list because of a mutual friend but comments rude or otherwise disrespectful responses to my shares, BLOCK.

Anyone I experience drama from in any way shape or form, BLOCK.

It Makes Me Look Mean, I Know

If people realize that I blocked or unfriended them and choose to take offense, that’s their stuff. Not mine. I don’t concern myself with how others react emotionally to my decision making.

Nor am I am not obligated to subject myself to an energy which isn’t serving me positively or that which is potentially harming mine. (And neither are you).

Like I said, I recognize that their level of awareness is not at a point where they can control the negativity or emotional energy that is being triggered in them through whatever interactions they have had with me and then unconsciously sending to me when they view my photos or activities, or share my going ons with their person who is.

I am so highly selective with my Facebook page that for years I only had roughly a hundred friends. This has since grown a bit since I recognize that putting myself out there in an effort to achieve success with my healing practice is necessary.

I love, absolutely LOVE all of my clients/colleagues and appreciate having them on my personal page. In fact, they offer me beautiful love and support and I am so deeply grateful for each and every one of them! *Love and Hugs to You!* 💜

Raising Your Social Media Vibe

Ideally, the only friends that you should have on your pages are those who pass the following tests:

1. Do they sincerely support you and believe in you?

2. Do they carry a vibe that is self aware and kind?

3. Do you get a good feeling when you think of them?

I do have some people on my page that are at the halfway point. Not quite negative enough for me to feel the need to block, but definitely unfollow.

Reasons to unfollow:

1. Negative posts

2. Shares which carry a manipulation or control vibe with them

3. Personal life drama attention seeking

4. Negative speech about others

5. Victim consciousness or victim blaming consciousness

What about YouTube

I remember when I first started my YouTube channel, I was so nervous! But I tapped a lot (EFT) and got over it enough to actually start posting some videos.

When I got my first trolls I was so sad.

I cried to my teenage children (who were inadvertently becoming my social media consultants) that I got thumbs down and mean comments.

To which they celebrated.


“Haters make you famous!!!” they exclaimed.

I wasn’t all that consoled.

“Mom, YouTube is pretty low vibrational as a platform anyway, and people go on it specifically to target and insult others. They do it for fun. If you are getting trolls it means you are getting exposure and that’s a good thing. Don’t get your feelings hurt.” my son tells me.

Damn he’s brilliant.

I took his advice to heart and decided that I wouldn’t be discouraged. YouTube is my pet project that I do for fun to share the messages that those who are ready for can benefit from… And also as a courtesy to my clients who are interested in keeping up with their spiritual development and the health of their personal energy.

My heart is in the right place so that’s really all that matters.

However, I have noticed that there are a lot of channels with spiritual messages that may appear to be in alignment but are not.

Stay away from what my colleague calls “fear porn”. These are those channels which are all about trying to scare you.

Things like: The world is ending! Things are so awful. These bad things are happening or are about to happen!

It’s just more negativity harvesting.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a LOT going on in the world that needs to be addressed. There are so many social issues that awareness needs to be raised on, absolutely.

But creating a space where a lot of negative energy is being generated because of their existence isn’t going to effect positive change.

Coming together to work on how to create positive change is much more effective then coming together to add more discontent to an existing troublesome situation.

Meditations on YouTube

Some sound frequencies and meditations available on YouTube are actually set to vibrations which can be harmful. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not but I’m careful when I choose them.

One way you can determine if it’s in alignment is simply vibe it out. Don’t take for granted that it is what it says it is. If it feels good and resonates as something positive for you, there’s your answer. But definitely take the time to evaluate it first.

Set Your Technology Vibe to High

By removing those people from your page which may be sending you some negative energy, you are protecting not just your personal energy but the energy of your social media page. It is in a way an entity unto itself.

If your goal is to be a high vibe person, keep your shares high vibe. Like high vibe pages.

I have mine set to where every time I look at my feed I see something inspiring, interesting, funny, or special. Whether it’s my friends posting a beautiful picture of themselves, a share about something funny, interesting, or insightful, or just a simple thought that someone had…. It’s all so uplifting and connected.

If I start to see negative stuff show up on my feed, I pull the weed. Flowers are what I want in my garden.

I don’t need to be deliberately adding negative energy to my third eye Chakra by viewing energy trash. It’s bad enough living in a society where I am inundated by it. I don’t need to be inviting it or allowing it space in my life…. Or my feed. UNFOLLOW.

The Magic Difference

Try an experiment and scrub your page a bit and then just notice how you feel about yourself and your life.

Notice if you suddenly start feeling more comfortable to share things on your page that you were hesitant to before.

See if you feel more confident and less anxious.

See if you find it easier to think positive thoughts.

This is stuff we need to be tuned in to for ourselves.


I’ve noticed an emotional energy plague is going on right now and it’s spreading like wildfire, much of it through social media.

I’ve been pulling attachments out of heart chakras that I see coming in from trash energy.

The more we can avoid it, the better we will feel.

Think about how much time you spend on social media and then think about how much the energy from it entering your third eye chakra is potentially benefiting it or potentially damaging it.

If you feel like you could use some energetic clearing and balancing after scrubbing your social media, check out my Spiritual Healing Membership.

Lots of Light Love and Blessings to you!

May your social media vibe be sublime! 💜 

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