Spiritual Energetics of Metals

I’ve been suspicious of metals lately.

It’s a material that conducts energy. That fact right there is enough to explore a plethora of spiritual energy implications.

I can’t say if this disturbing energy I’ve been picking up in most metals is something that’s always been there and I’m just now noticing as my awareness and perceptions increase OR if there’s something going on in the energy realms that is translating as strange energy transmitting through them.

Iron, steel, and aluminum are the metals I have been feeling the most uncomfortable around.

My guides have indicated to me that I should be without a vehicle right now which I am surprisingly okay with. I value my freedom of mobility intensely so this is something that would normally throw me into a tail spin and I would resist heavily! But besides feeling humbled by not having my own method of transportation, I am really sincerely okay with it.

Which begs the question, am I at a place in my enlightenment where I am free from worldly attachments and that’s why I am comfortable and accepting of not having a personal vehicle? Or is it because my inner knowing recognizes the hazard in it at this time? Not to say it is the case for everyone, just myself personally at this time.

Attachments and entities LOVE metal. Metal holds energy for long periods of time without naturally clearing so if there is any source of low vibrational energy within it, it’s going to remain unless a skilled energy worker clears it with intention. And let me tell you, metal can be SO stubborn to clear. Most of the time it’s not worth the hassle. Energetically clearing heavily loaded metal is about as much work as scrubbing a cookie sheet with baked on grease. Unless it’s a treasured or valuable item, it’s simply not worth it! But then how to dispose of it? Myself, I chuck it in the trash.

This message I have been receiving from my guides about eliminating low vibrational holding metals from my personal environment has been coming in over the past year.

It began with my gemstone pendants refusing to coexist with the chains I would wear them on. I mean, the chains weren’t made from pure silver so okay… I’ve had to replace them with fabric cording. Maybe I could have just spent extra time and focus clearing the chains. But still.

Interesting huh?

I’ve also noticed that many vehicles are nesting places for entities and attachments. What’s in a car but a massive amount of metal. It explains road rage right? Many people who display anger and hostility on the road express themselves as weak and timid outside of their vehicle.

Perhaps this is why the practice of nobility wearing a crown is common. The metal in the crown has absorbed the energy from the previous owners crown and third eye chakras. Wisdom of rulership could in fact be handed down with the item and offer its energy to the wearer.

Is this why people kiss the popes ring? To receive the blessing of the spiritual energy contained within it?

Family Heirloom

The only Heirloom that exists in my family is my grandmothers wedding ring which she gifted me when I was 16 years old.

A simple band of white gold cut with a swirl pattern, it’s value more sentimental then monetary.

It wasn’t long after I received it that a strange acquaintance of mine asked to see it while I was at a party. I removed it from my hand and handed it to him. Apparently he was a huge fan of Lord of the Rings because he started going on about how it was a magical ring and started acting obsessive about it. He spoke of different dimensions and the ring being a key which gained access to them.

Concerned, I requested he return it.

He refused.

I figured he was likely under the influence of some substance (we were teenagers after all) so I decided not to make an issue of it and that I would simply retrieve my ring another time.

But it was not to be.

When I paid my return visit to this mans house, his grandmother informed me that he had moved out of state and she had no idea where my ring could be. She offered no phone number or address for me to contact him (these were the days before cell phones and Facebook).

With a deep sense of devastation and disappointment in myself for losing such a valued family item due to my irresponsible teen behavior, I left defeated.

When my grandmother passed away I prayed to her to please forgive me my lack of prudence in keeping such a trusted gift safe in my care.

Fast Forward 5 Years

I’m in college. A new mother and wife.

As I was walking to class a familiar voice rang out to me “well hello there stranger”

Lo and behold it was the ring thief.

Naturally the first words out of my mouth were “I want my ring!”

Thank the Gods, the Fates, and my dear departed Grandmother… He acquiesced.

A Strange Spell

After having lost the ring and miraculously retrieving it, I was determined to keep it safely on my person for the rest of my life!

However something strange came over me as I wore it. I felt a deep sense of depression and a desire to take a pill to ease my emotional pain.

Being that I was not a depressive person and had never taken pills for anything (except medicine if absolutely necessary) I knew it had to be something sourcing outside of myself.

I knew from my studies that metal held energy for long periods of time and I also knew that my grandmother was in a depressive state the majority of her life which she managed by taking prescription pain killers.

Sensing that the ring needed some clearing, I removed it from my hand and buried it in my backyard to let the earth do her job of naturally neutralizing the negative emotional energy contained within it.

The moment the ring was off my finger, the depression lifted.

It remained buried in soil by my garden pond for a total of six months.

Ready for My Legacy

Six months is a long time. One would think that it would be sufficiently long enough for a small piece of metal to clear. Right? Wrong.

When I dug it out of the ground and put it on my finger the depression descended unabated.

“Well shit. Now what?”

At that point I realized that I would not be able to wear the ring and so I stored it safely away among my most treasured belongings.

Fast Forward 20ish Years – Present Day

My life had led me through a series of unexpected twists and turns of feasts, famines, and disappointing relationships.

A little thought in the back of my mind rang out to me, “Where is grandmas ring? I can’t find in my memory where I placed it and when I scan for it, it’s energy is nowhere around. Is it again lost?”

It wasn’t until my most recent failed relationship that I discovered its whereabouts.

A small bowl of sand sits on my Altar. When I was moving out of my ex fiancés house I poured the sand into a glass jar. Normally when I move I keep the bowl of sand intact but this time I felt compelled to empty it.

There in the sand was the ring.

Astonished, I immediately put it on. I had absolutely no recollection of ever placing it there but then again it had been a few years since I added the sand to the altar bowl and a lot of major life events had transpired for me during that time.

True to its legacy, the emotional heaviness the ring carried blanketed down upon me.


Now that I am a skilled energy worker with a degree of knowledge and experience when it comes to clearing, I decided to take another crack at removing the energy which was so ruthlessly embedded within it.

Burning copal resin on an incense charcoal while hanging the ring on a string over the smoke, I focused intently on seeing the energy that needed to be cleared.

It clung hard.

The copal smoke was not enough.

I decided to grab my hawthorn wand which I use to clear out attachments from my clients when conducting my healing sessions. Using the wand, I carefully pulled away the attachment cords which gripped it. Once removed from the ring, the attachment cleared easily.


After nearly a lifetime of carrying this painful energy attachment on my most significant personal belonging, I had finally succeeded in clearing away the sadness which accompanied it.

Food for Thought

I shared this story with a friend of mine and their response was a question.

“How do you think the energy contained within that ring was affecting your personal life being that it was on your altar for so many years?”

Wow. That thought hadn’t even occurred to me. But I will say this, I charged my altar almost daily with Reiki and divine energy and yet that ring STILL held the attachment.

The lesson for me in this was the understanding that some energies must be consciously and deliberately removed, otherwise they will stay.

So much more…

I’ve had numerous personal experiences and observations which support this lesson and theory about the spiritual energetics of metals. So much so in fact that it would be too lengthy to include in this blog. Maybe someday in the future I will share more.

For now I will leave you with these thoughts to ponder.

Do you have in your possession any old items that contain metal?

Do you reflect on a sudden change of emotional state after receiving a piece of jewelry or purchasing an antique?

Has your vehicle ever been involved in a collision? Perhaps it contains some attachment energy and needs clearing.

Do you feel drawn or compelled to purchase metal items, to collect them and keep them in your home?

Personal Insights

Metals hold energy for a long long LONG time. It does not naturally clear on its own as many other materials will.

The energy seems to increase in strength rather than dissapate over time. Thus positive energy can become amplified or vice versa.

The smoke from Copal incense is effective in clearing most metals.

Silver doesn’t seem to attract or hold negative energy as much as other metals do. In fact its a gentle yet steady energy container.

Rusty metal ALWAYS contains attachments.

When clearing an environment of entities and attachments I always find a metal object at the center of their nesting space surrounded by clutter.

I have seen evidence to support the possibility that malicious interdimensional energetic beings are attempting to influence us by transmitting their energy through the metal in our environment (and fluorescent lighting which contains mercury). This is something which my critical mind dismisses but my spiritual knowing accepts.

The spiritual energy in Electronics is a topic which deserves its own blog post but for now we could again apply the same principles to the metal contained within our personal electronic devices. I’ve noticed that in the past when my cell phone got a lot of negative energy in it, the screen will break or it will stop working.

What You Can Do

Get yourself some copal incense for your questionable metal. Burn some in your vehicle for sure. And while your at it let the smoke clear your cell phone too.

Don’t use the popularly marketed energy saving light bulbs (CFLs). They are eroding your Aura which serves to protect you from these things.

Again, Brass and Silver seem fine to me so far as I’ve not encountered any severe negative energy in these particular materials. Thats not to say that it’s not possible, just that I haven’t witnessed it. Brass especially seems to attract and hold high vibrational energy.

Make your own observations! Don’t take my word for it, be mindful of how your own energy is responding to different types of metals and how its potentially affecting your mental/emotional state.

Love Blessings and Protection to Your Sovereign Energy,

💜  Lea

p.s. This is my first blog I’ve successfully written from my phone! Yay! Now that I have figured this out I will hopefully be writing more.

p.p.s. I’m still wearing my grandma’s ring and it feels amazing! Once I got the attachment energy off if it I was easily able to charge it up with high vibrational energy and Reiki and it’s holding it powerfully! Maybe the crazy ring thief was right about it being a magic key to other dimensions after all. 😜

p.p.p.s. A year after I wrote this blog… I decided it was best to throw the ring into the Pacific Ocean. 💙 

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