Star Solaris Testimonials

I received a distant healing session from Lea and it was one of the most profound I’ve had before. She was able to clear a cord from a toxic person who did not want to let go of my energy. She tapped into my energy quickly and removed anything that no longer served me. She scanned my chakras and pinpointed issues I had consciously been working on myself. So within seconds she balanced these areas properly. I felt multiple blocks removed and after I was on cloud nine. She’s been integral in the next steps of my full embodiment. I’m so grateful!

~ Antonio

I first met Lea 12 months ago when I booked in for a session with her. To say it’s been the best thing I have ever done, is an understatement. The work we have done together is absolutely amazing. I feel very fortunate to have met Lea and the results have been life changing for me. Lea is a really caring and lovely person who puts you right at ease right from the get go. All my sessions have been remote as I live in another country, regardless the results have been the same, had we been in the room together. I know I will continue working with Lea to assist me along my journey.

~ Grant

“Synchronicity brought me to Star Solaris and the incredible healing powers that work through her. For many years I walked through life with past pains and hurts that were either imposed on me or I inherited resulting in a continuous struggle and battle within myself. I found myself in harmful relationships and mismanaging my finances, often being negative in my bank account. Then the time came where I went into an actual battle with my children’s father through the court system. As a believer in God, I maintained with the idea that He doesn’t give us more than what we can handle and with the truth and God on my side, no evil shall be formed against me and I shall be set free. Ultimately, I was left with a bleeding heart, over $80k in debt, and a mother’s worse nightmare come true, keeping me thousands of miles apart from the very two people that I vowed to love and protect all the days of my life. And so, I battled on day in and day out, finding the good in all of it and pushing forward, developing spiritually, emotionally, physically, and finding an identify outside of being a mother, and yet, I still felt burdened, until, I embarked on Star Solaris. She helped me realign with a higher vibrational frequency and I learned a new way to heal by understanding the energetic world and how to call on my guides and angels for clearing help and clarity. I’ve never felt true weightlessness and peace until I started the work with Star Solaris. Her powers and abilities are beyond what I have ever experienced and God knew what He was doing this whole time. There have been times where I’ve gotten back into those old patterns of behaviors, but now I am more aware and can notice the energy blockages and shifts. And now, I am truly happy and grateful that Star Solaris has developed a digital course with all the resources and tools necessary to continue my journey of healing and self development. The information is easy to read and follow, and with the guidance videos, I am able to actively heal myself. This has opened up more time and space for Star Solaris to tap into the messages and readings that my guides and angels want me to know! This package is a must have! Be prepared to be enlightened, empowered, and embodied with love, peace, joy and happiness! Thank you Star Solaris! 

– Espy
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