Testimonials Written to Me

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I received a distant healing session from Lea and it was one of the most profound I’ve had before. She was able to clear a cord from a toxic person who did not want to let go of my energy. She tapped into my energy quickly and removed anything that no longer served me. She scanned my chakras and pinpointed issues I had consciously been working on myself. So within seconds she balanced these areas properly. I felt multiple blocks removed and after I was on cloud nine. She’s been integral in the next steps of my full embodiment. I’m so grateful!

~ Antonio


I first met Lea 12 months ago when I booked in for a session with her. To say it’s been the best thing I have ever done, is an understatement. The work we have done together is absolutely amazing. I feel very fortunate to have met Lea and the results have been life changing for me. Lea is a really caring and lovely person who puts you right at ease right from the get go. All my sessions have been remote as I live in another country, regardless the results have been the same, had we been in the room together. I know I will continue working with Lea to assist me along my journey.

~ Grant


What can I say about this exceptional and extremely  gifted healer? I am an empath and very energy sensitive, so I rely on energy healers like most do doctors to get through life when I take on too much toxic energy of others, and from the world. For the last 10 years, ive seen countless healers, on the search for ” the one.” The one who I connect with, who listens receptively, supports me completely  and who also delivers a powerful dosage of healing- and Lea is IT! She perfectly embodies all of these essential elements that make her the best healer I’ve ever known. She has helped me overcome a sudden influx of energy sensitivity  that has spanned countless months- and without her help I don’t even KNOW how I could have gotten through it.  I had seen SO many healers before her, none who could help during my intense awakening. She held my hand every single step of the way, never allowing me to falter. I was
Like a newly hatched bird, continuously falling out of the nest, but with her support and love, I have gained strength and learned to fly again. Lea is a gift to me from God, and I feel so blessed that she is not only an absolutely astounding healer, unprecedented in her gifts, but a deeply kind, incredibly selfless human, full of love, compassion and understanding!
~ Ashley