succubus entity attachment

A what!?

In my experience as an energetically perceptive individual always on the search for understanding, I have discovered that some of these things actually DO exist.

I dislike like the word demon and I’m reluctant to use it.

But let’s be real here, there are entity attachments that feed on human energy.

In fact, I clear them daily… and they are way more common then one might think.

Among the likely infinite catagories of energetic troublemakers (aka attachments) the Succubus is especially common,  and unfortunately, really powerful.

These entities can RUIN your life by destroying your relationship, self confidence, and your sanity.

I’ve been there, a few times. I’ve seen it in multiple cases, among friends, and have finally nailed down the tell tale signs and solutions so it’s time I shared the wisdom.

When it all began…

I recall being visited by a incubus (male version of a succubus) when I was in my early teens. At the time, I wasn’t able to clearly discriminate between benevolent and malevolent entities.

Over the years, he came and went and as I grew in my development I realized he wasn’t an entity I wanted hanging around.

Fast forward to the first years of my training as a healer.

One particular case involved a woman who was experiencing severe anxiety and extreme jealousy. She was absolutely convinced her husband was being unfaithful, and her behaviors were becoming so erratic that her family was beginning to question her mental stability. Her paranoia building in levels so extreme that many in her personal environment suspected drug use.

She shared with me many details which she felt supported her personal theory that she was under some form of attack from a super natural source.

I honestly didn’t know what to do to help her at the time.

Shortly after, I found myself engaged to a military man who was stationed overseas. It would be six months before I would see him in person again.

Over those six months and another six more, I became the unwitting victim of one of the most severe entity attachments I had ever experienced in my life.

At first, things were hunky dory. We hung out on FaceTime and didn’t think much of the physical separation since we knew it was only temporary.

But then I started to notice a female energy in his energy field. (One of the uncomfortable aspects of being psychic, you often see things you would rather not).

Something about this energy would send me into anxiety attacks and jealous rages.

entity attachments

Nothing offered relief.

No matter how much he proclaimed that he was being faithful and had no inappropriate relations with other women, I didn’t believe him.

It felt as if he was trying to silence my inner voice and energetic perceptions by persuading me into believing what he wanted me to believe.

The more this cycle went on, the more severe it became.

Determined to unravel the spiritual factors of the mystery that was taking place within me, I spent all of my time in deep meditation, contemplation, observation, and research.

I googled “severe emotional pain in higher heart chakra”… At the time I didn’t get much in the way of results.

I pleaded with my Guides to tell me why they led me into an engagement with a man whose integrity was so questionable. And then I plead with them to tell me why I was questioning it so intensely if it wasn’t to be questioned. Desperate, I pleaded for anything at all that might offer some insight into what I was going through and why.

Sprawled in the grass in my front yard, tears flowing down my cheeks, not caring what the neighbors thought, I prayed.

And prayed.

And prayed.

The only answer that came was ‘This is your experience’.

Wow. Really?

Not to disrespect my Guides or anything, but at the time I felt abandoned.

It continued to get worse. I was becoming the woman from the case I couldn’t help. Every daily activity became an extreme effort as I could not shake the consuming feeling that my fiancé at the time was having intimate relations with another woman. It interfered with my ability to concentrate on even the simplest of tasks.

Everyone around me was becoming convinced that I was losing my mind, myself included.

Going within, I explored why I was having such an extreme reaction.

“Why is this such a huge thing to me? Why do I feel so angry? Why do I feel like my very life is being threatened? If he cheats, we end it and I move on. It wouldn’t be the first time I experienced a broken heart so why am I having such an insanely irrational emotional experience?”

Relief came slow and arduous.

I journaled, gave myself Reiki, practiced EFT tapping techniques, and matrix reprogramming. Lots of deep unhealed wounding was being addressed but I was still plagued.

I took Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. It helped, but wasn’t enough.

The anxiety that would grip my stomach and chest became so overwhelming I began to think I was suffering from physical illness.

I stopped eating meat. I fasted. I did mantras. I did crystal grids.

Still worse. (Little did I know at the time I was experiencing a spiritual healing crisis on top of this severe entity attachment).

A tarot reader in the downtown market recommended a homeopathic treatment, Ignacia Amara. Thank the Guides for delivering that message to me through her, it helped immensely and upon studying homeopathy learned to take it in combination with Natrum Muriaticum with even better results. (Ignacia Amara balances recent emotional trauma where Nat Mur balances long standing emotional trauma.)

Star Solaris Reiki Las Cruces Emotional Healing

I was finally becoming something of myself again.

The six months were up and we were to be married.

After a shot gun wedding at the local court house, I moved with him to Korea to finish up his assignment.

I still felt sexual energy from another woman on him. Coating him in a thick sludge of tar that my newlywed love could not pierce through. No matter how many times I would give him Reiki, it didn’t seem to have lasting results.

He demeaned me my physical appearance over having lost weight during the six months of spiritual turmoil I had underwent.

In public, I watched him energetically molest women he found attractive. Wishing I could somehow protect the unwitting victims of his auric intrusions, I was more ashamed to be with him then I was hurt by his spiritual infidelity.

The awareness was dawning that I wasn’t crazy after all.

Setting up the office space in my new home, I noticed something unusual.

The energy in his laptop was heavily coated in something… yucky.

I remember thinking to myself that I had never before observed such a powerful negative energetic presence in an electronic device.

Ultimately, after much conflict with my new husband, and my refusal to shelf the issue, he finally came clean.

entity attachment

He was a porn addict. 

It was the piece of the puzzle that made everything clear, yet little did I know there was more, much more, to the story.

By the way, if you aren’t familiar with porn addiction, it’s definitely worth researching.

Simply put, it stimulates the release of hormones in levels which far exceed the hormones released during natural intimacy thus resulting in the viewers inability to experience pleasure from physical connection with their partner.

Adding to it the mental programming of men to view women as a means for physical pleasure only and in ready supply, eager to compete in meeting their demanding needs.

This has become an energetic plague which is infecting the sexual energy of the male population. The implications for women being that they absorb this infected energy into their own when with their man, causing them to suffer from a deep sense of insecurity and jealousy without knowing why.

Im getting ahead of myself… 

Fast forward to divorce of course. The short lived marriage left me feeling the failure but also thankful to get out sooner rather than later.

Fast forwarding again.

Three years.


In a relationship with my soul, learning to love and forgive myself for the mistakes I had made in my life, my relationships, and my seemingly serious lack of judgement in marrying that man.

I’ve developed myself considerably as a healer since, and I have to say, much of what I learned during that horrific experience I have since applied to my growing knowledge base.

Despite how terribly I suffered from the ordeal, much of the foundation I had laid in my understanding of what attachments are and how they function was born from it.

Taking the long and arduous route, I had managed to clear myself of the entity that had terrorized me in that relationship.

Star Solaris Las Cruces Reiki Chakra Healing

Enter a New Relationship.

I’m engaged again. 🙂


Not again.


Only this time I have to say it was different, and this time I am armed with levels of perception and skill sets that I wasn’t before.

Nonetheless it got me.

Every time I would detect a female energy in my beloveds energy field, I would of course assume he was having relations with other women that were out of alignment.

But honestly and truly it just did not make sense. He did not display any of the indicators that I observed in my previous experience.

What. The. Heck????????????

This time I wasn’t dealing with a porn succubus, but rather one that was living on his property.

She was extremely possessive of him, his home, his personal belongings, and of course his precious personal energy which she had claimed for herself.

Being that he lives on a remote stretch of land which was once home to miners, a ghost town that consisted solely of saloons and brothels in the 1800s, and teeming with earth bound spirits, of course there would be a succubus around!

Duhhhh Lea!!! *forehead smack*

is your energy being stolen

Despite my seeing her. Feeling her. Going toe to toe with her. I still fell prey to her vamping conflict instigating tactics which sought to divide me from my beloved and drive me off his property.

Maybe because I had been doing so much energy work on the place and clearing so many entities, I had lumped her into the ‘just another entity’ category and failed to realize that I was naive to how powerful she was and the fact that I hadn’t succeeded in fully clearing her.

My relationship with my fiance suffered.

She was winning.

Again I prayed.

And prayed. And prayed.

I prayed to the Angels, to my Guides, to the Native Spirits whom I was working diligently in freeing from the leftover mining energy which had historically left them bound to the property, wounded and oppressed.

owl spirit healing entity attachment

My prayers were answered.

Driving along a mountain road with my beloved, we saw a wounded bird. Stopping, I jumped out of the truck to go examine it.

A spotted owl.

Taking his lifeless body in my arms, I instantly felt his spirit enfold mine. Holding him like a baby, I wanted nothing more but to keep him.

To which my partner gave a resounding refusal. “First of all, it’s illegal. Second of all, there is no way I will ever allow an owl into my vehicle.”

I respected his wishes. The owl had offered me his blessing in the embrace anyway.

“Why don’t you like owls babe?” I inquired of him.

“It’s not that I dislike them. It’s that a person should not interact with the owls energy unless they are guided to. But if you are, they are like flashlights, and will help you to find your way in the dark.” His wise words penetrated me.

Thank the Owl, Nature Spirits, Goddess and Guides for their assistance.

The owl made clear the presence of the succubus that was eluding my ability to identify her.

An entity cannot be easily cleared if it cannot be detected.

Even with my ability to see them, feel them, and track their signatures, this one was still getting the best of me.

I feel like I have finally cleared her.

Whew. That was tough.

With fresh eyes to reflect on the experience, I wonder just how many couples in this world are targeted by these entities which have grown in power as the effects of porn culture continues to quietly dominate our society.

Now for the Specifics

What I shared with you was just a small slice of my personal life experiences with these particular entities. I could name countless more, but suffice to say I have achieved a fairly solid understanding of how to identify, clear, and protect from re-exposure.


Q: Do Succubi really feed on mens sexual energy while they sleep?

A: Yes.

Q: When I am intimate with my partner, he seems to just ‘check out’ and not be fully present for the experience. What does this mean?

A: Your partner is a host to an entity attachment that is vamping your sexual energy during intimacy.

Q: Can a woman have an Incubus attachment?

A: Yes. And a woman can also have a succubus attachment which drives her behaviors to feed it. Women who are sexually promiscuous or highly attractive are often vulnerable to Succubus attachments.

Q: Are all Succubi evil?

A: I don’t think of them as evil. Sometimes I feel that they could serve an individual in their growth and learning on their journey of spiritual self development. I have seen that some are more malicious then others. Many of them are fiercely protective of their host, however, this does not serve the host as positively as a Divine Healing Guide can and would.

Q: How do I know if my partner has a Succubus attachment?

A: During conflict (or perhaps just in their presence) you will feel a tightening at the top of your chest area beneath your collar bones (in the higher heart chakra). It will feel like a hand is gripping your chest, restricting your breathing and/or triggering extreme anxiety and panic attacks.

Q: Does having an entity attachment mean I am a bad person?

A: No way! In fact, entities seem to prefer targeting the most beautiful and advanced souls. The reason for this is the more advanced the individual is energetically, the more energy they have available for the entity to feed from.

star solaris entity attachment

Symptoms of a Succubus

These are the most common symptoms I have observed.


The individual who is unknowingly (or knowingly) hosting the succubus will likely experience the following symptoms:

  • Lower Back Pain (back side of the second chakra is the most common area of the energy field that they attach in at)
  • Dirty Bathroom (the bathroom is reflective of the condition of the second chakra)
  • Crowded Dirty Bedroom Closet or Bed (the bed and closet are also reflective of the condition of the second chakra)
  • Substance Abuse (entities easily control the hosts behavior while they are under the influence of a substance)
  • Controlling Jealousy (the entity triggers the emotional energy of jealousy in their host for them to feed on)
  • Controlling Insecurity (same)
  • Sexual Dreams (the most desired energy for entities is sexual energy, it is after all the energy of creation)
  • Disrespect for Partner (the entity triggers enmity between partners knowing that loving high vibrational energy will interfere with its influence over the host)
  • Lack of Arousal for Partner (the succubus has full control of the hosts sexual energy)
  • Desire for Porn or Indiscriminate Sexual Behavior (the entity vamps the hosts sexual energy through these behaviors)
  • Love Triangles (the succubus can then feed on THREE people instead of only two, and the emotions are much more intense making love triangles a favorite for succubus to instigate between relationship partners)
  • Anxiety (always an indicator of an entity attachment)
  • Narcissistic Attitudes & Behaviors (channeled more by the entity then their own personal self)
  • Lack of Self Awareness (the host does not accept responsibility for their behaviors because they are disassociated from them as they are sourcing from the entities influence and not their own character)
  • Mad Sex Appeal (the entity uses their power to amplify the hosts sexual attractiveness in order to bait in more victims)


The victim is the individual who is being vamped through the relationship to the succubus’s host.

  • Extreme Insecurity (the succubus is feeding on the insecure energy)
  • Extreme Jealousy (the succubus is feeding on the jealous energy)
  • Fatigue (the entity is vamping so much of the victims energy, they don’t have much left for personal use)
  • Depression (over time the victim loses personal power and becomes resigned to the energetic situation)
  • Lower Back Pain (the victims second chakra will link to the hosts second chakra and experience the same level of wounding the host received from the entity)
  • Rage (deep down, the victim knows they are being energetically exploited and will feel an extreme sense of outrage over the injustice being done to their soul)
  • Extreme Arousal and Desperation for Host (the entity feeds off the sexual energy generated by the desperate wanting of the victim)
  • Obsession with the Host (the entity has stolen so much energy from the victim through the host that the victim senses on some level they need something from them, and they do, they need to retrieve their personal energy back from them.

reiki chakra healing star solaris

How to Clear a Succubus

The succubi I encountered personally were EXTREMELY powerful.

I mean, yeah. Not to toot my own horn here, but I’m extremely powerful so naturally I will attract powerful energetic enemies.

Don’t think that because I struggled clearing them that you would too.

Or, maybe you will. But you will learn and grow more in your power as you do so. Information is power and often just knowing it’s a succubus situation you are in will diminish their hold on you.

Hence the motivation behind my writing this blog.


If you feel you may be hosting a succubus (or incubus) these are the steps you will want to take to clear it:

  1. Stop watching porn. Seriously. Energy is not affected by time or physical distance. Consider the implications of this. Lets say the individuals in the porn scenes have succubus attachments in their second chakras, by connecting your sexual energy to theirs through viewing the scene you will absorb the energy from their second chakras and pick up the same attachment as attachments ARE contagious. But that’s not all! You get a bonus of absorbing all the energy from all the second chakras of all the individuals who have ever watched the scene as well. Yep. It’s true. I clear it off people all the time.
  2. Get a Healing. Go to a legit energy healer (look around for someone you feel resonates positively for you) or do your own healing (I wrote a book which outlines my exact healing approach and it works, the link is at the end of this blog).
  3. Take a Salt Bath. Salt clears the energy of attachments and entities off your own personal energy. It helps SO MUCH. If you don’t have a bath, do a salt foot soak. Be sure to rinse off with fresh water after.
  4. High Vibrational Lifestyle Choices. Yoga. Meditation. Journaling. Art. Spending time in nature. Church or any form of spiritual activity that invites in divine energy into your own. Succubi hate divine energy as it makes for an energetic environment that is not conducive for them. Low vibrational music also invites in succubi.
  5. Sexual Responsibility. Hey I’m not trying to be miss boring traditionalist here, but your sexual energy is sacred. It is your sovereign connection to source energy which you have available to manifest from. Guard it. It truly is the most sought after energy from predators in the energetic realms.
  6. Clean House. Energetically clearing your personal space will lessen the entities hold that is has on you. If your case is severe, you may want to get yourself a new bed. If you can’t afford it (beds are freaking expensive!) smudge it with Palo Santo and get new sheets at least. Deep clean your bathroom and your closet and smudge with Palo Santo.


  1. Remove Yourself from the Host. This does not need to be a permanent removal. Don’t even talk to them, message them or stalk their facebook page. Don’t even say the hosts name or talk about them because that alone is all it takes to link to their energy. Cease all contact. Just long enough to get out of reach of the entity so that you can begin to restore your personal energetic power. You will not be able to do this while under the vamping control of the succubus.
  2. Get a Healing. Go to a legit energy healer, schedule with me, or heal yourself following the outline I wrote in my book. By doing so you will clear yourself of the energetic damage caused by the entity and disconnect from its control over you.
  3. Take a Salt Bath. Salt clears the energy of attachments and entities off your own personal energy. It helps SO MUCH. If you don’t have a bath, do a salt foot soak. Be sure to rinse off with fresh water after.
  4. High Vibrational Lifestyle Choices. Yoga. Meditation. Journaling. Art. Spending time in nature. Church or any form of spiritual activity that invites in divine energy into your own. Succubi hate divine energy as it makes for an energetic environment that is not conducive for them. Low vibrational music also invites in succubi.
  5. Self Love. It is imperative that you give yourself the much needed nurturing that you need right now. Buy yourself a new outfit, flowers, get your nails done. Hang out with friends/family who are down for you and support you. Feeling loved and supported is essential at this time. Remember who you are. Know that you are a sacred expression of the divine.
  6. Clean House. Energetically clearing your personal space will lessen the entities hold that is has on you. If your case is severe, you may want to get yourself a new bed. If you can’t afford it (beds are freaking expensive!) smudge it with Palo Santo and get new sheets at least. Deep clean your bathroom and your closet and smudge with Palo Santo.

Star Solaris Energy Healing Attachment Clearing

Tips For Lightworkers and Healers

First I remove the entity from it’s power source (human energy field or object etc) by pulling out the cords that it’s using to attach in with. I do this through visualization or the use of a Hawthorne wand or crystal, depending. Once it is isolated I place it in a sphere of golden white light, they can never leave the sphere but it does take a bit of focus to hold it. If you have Reiki you can then add the spirit release symbol repeatedly at its center and hold focus light and hit it with the symbols repeatedly until you see the entity begin to disentegrate. You will know it is cleared when you feel the elevation in vibration. If you struggle at all at any point, call upon your Angels and Guides and they will show up and assist. Palo Santo helps considerably, as well as Singing bowls or bells.


This was how I cleared entities for years, and granted it was a great way to exercise my focus and learning. But I’ve since learned that it’s SO much easier to just ask your Angels to clear them. 

They can and will, they just need the coordinates. So point them out to your Angels and ask them to clear the entities. Done. This video will walk you through it! Safely Clear Invasive Energies. And PLEASE subscribe to my youtube channel while you’re there!

General Tips 

Homeopathy WORKS. For extreme cases of jealousy for men, Staphysagria is good. For women, Lachesis. If you can find a good homeopath, I highly recommend it as you don’t want to be careless when it comes to self diagnosis with homeopathy. But if you are willing to do the research and trust your inner knowing, its worth the go on your own because you will get instant results.

Flower essences work. Bach Flower Remedies will go a long way towards healing the wounding the attachment is linking in through. They are more expensive then homeopathy but you don’t have to worry about the wrong remedy having any adverse effects.

EFT works! I can’t tell you how many times I tapped to ‘even though I am feeling really insecure in this relationship’…… etc etc etc etc. You can look it up or follow my youtube video where I outline all the steps. 🙂

Energy Healing Works! (I wrote this blog 4 years ago and I now have discovered and developed a highly effective system and strategy to clear entities with the help of the Angels… I’ll link it in the image below.)


When I wrote this Blog I was still in my relationship, however the Succubus which had grip on his energy field did ultimately succeed in claiming him energetically to the point where I had no choice but to leave the relationship.

Could he have been cleared of this thing? Yes, however a willingness and readiness is the most important element of this work. If the host does not desire to be freed from the entity which has hold on them, then they will continue to be dominated by it.

No matter how skilled or powerful a healer you are, you cannot clear those who do not wish to be cleared. To try will only end up destroying you.

I’m thankful that I got out when I did.

My intention for you is that you are able to identify and clear these things should they be present in your life, or have the strength to walk away if the host insists on keeping them.

Love and Blessings to You,

Star Solaris Reiki Mentorship

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