Spiritual Healing to Get Your Power Back – Identity Energy

Here’s a video that is a clip from my Spiritual Healing Mentorship Program… the theme was getting your identity energy back from people who have inadvertently taken it (or you’ve given it away without realizing).

The 4 Ways People Can take your Identity energy

spiritual reiki healing for identity energy

People who want to BE like you

I wrote about this in Anxiety is Energy Illness – How Invasive Energies Influence Your Life when it comes to people who have a copy-cat entity attachment. These invasive trouble makers instigate their host to assume the identity of someone they know in order to draw energy from them.

In other words, if you know or have ever known someone who dresses like you, talks like you, wants to do everything you do, and even get really close to the people in your life… there is a good chance that you are getting drained by a copy-cat entity that’s attached to the person who is hyper emulating you.

Even if someone is just well meaning and admires you and wants to be like you, they can still end up drawing from your energy through energetic cords.

People who don’t want you to be better than them

A lot of people subconsciously hold their loved ones back due to their abandonment wounds – or competitive ego. If they recognize something within your personality that indicates success, they may try to steal that part of you away on an energy level in an effort to stop you from making progress.

People who want you to be how THEY want you to be. These are generally well meaning people, they feel like they know what’s right for you and your life. But if they are psychically stealing your identity energy in an effort to deposit whatever identity they feel you should have – that can of course interfere with your own ability to be your greatest expression of yourself.

People who steal your energy indirectly

This category is generally people who are secretly (or overtly) jealous of you. If you’ve been cheated on (or any love triangle involvement) the other party will end up being able to take a lot of your identity energy because they are in an energetic competition with you.


This one the Angels & Guides wanted me to include because we do really give up a lot of our identity energy in relationships.

More often than not we are trying to be what our partner wants us to be (or not be what they don’t want). The problem is, when the relationship ends… it’s not like you are always able to get that part of yourself back automatically. Sometimes you need to consciously call it to return.

Retrieving Your Identity Energy

To retrieve your lost identity energy, the Angels said to think of this lost energy as ‘clothes’. The visual image of clothing is appropriate since your *clothes* are an expression of your identity.

Ask your Angels now of the highest frequencies of Love & Healing to please retrieve all of your lost or stolen Identity energy from the 5 categories mentioned.

They will be delivering to you your lost identity energy in the form of clothes. You can now do some spiritual identity healing.

I’ve noticed with this exercise that when the clothes are returned they aren’t clothes that represent the identity that you would necessarily want for yourself *now*. It’s all old identity energy.

You now have the opportunity to clear it and reset it and allow it to re-integrate into your present personality so that it can evolve and express itself in it's higher form (and not stuck in old imprints like it was when with other people). 

You can use Reiki or Golden Healing light to clear your clothes that are representing your lost & stolen identity energy. Do your spiritual identity healing until they dissolve or transform. If you struggle with this, simply ask your Angels to help you.

Once you have cleared all of your old clothes and freed up your energy, allow it to return to you and reabsorb it.

Some signs that it worked:

  • Emotional Release
  • Positive Emotional Shift
  • Yawning
  • Stretching
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Feeling energized
  • Feeling tired

If you do this exercise but don’t feel anything – it doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t work. Give it a couple days to see if you notice any changes in your personality… perhaps feeling more like ‘yourself’ or more confident.

I love sharing these spiritual life hacks that the Angels are always revealing, it’s all about reclaiming your sovereign sense of self. And remember, your Angels are always so happy to help you.

Love & Blessings,

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