Mentorship for Your Spiritual Healing

Here’s the deal…

Your aura is getting slammed on a daily basis. Spiritual healing will repair that.

If it’s not from wifi signals (5G eeeek), environmental pollutants, etc – it’s from the triggered emotional energies shooting out from your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, random people on social media or even in line at the grocery store.

Whether this energy is specifically directed towards you or not doesn’t matter.

It’s affecting your aura – and when your aura gets affected, your chakras become more vulnerable.

If you feel moody, depressed, anxious, negative, insecure, blocked etc etc etc etc – I can guarantee you that you need to do some spiritual energy maintenance.

Example of a damaged aura with outside energy and attachments
Example of a damaged aura with outside energy & attachments

You Need Regular Spiritual Healing

Think about it, imagine how you would feel if you never showered in your entire life. Or… if you only shower once every six months or a year. That’s what it’s like for your energetic body.

My point is, you need MORE than an occasional spiritual healing session.

And no, yoga is not going to repair your chakras. Most healers don’t even know how to do chakra repair (as well meaning as they may be).

You need to get in there and do the fixin yourself.

Believe it or not, it’s Easy & Fun to Keep up with Your Spiritual Healing

Once you give it a go, and learn the techniques… you’ll be astonished at how quickly you can achieve a shift.

Gone are the days of being emotionally distraught over something for weeks, months, or years… with energy healing (done properly) you can clear that sh*t pretty much instantly.

The satisfaction and sense of empowerment that accompanies this ability are unprecedented.

The Spiritual Healing Mentorship Protocols

I get it… sometimes you might try and feel blocked.

Or perhaps you don’t believe in yourself enough to be able to achieve the shift you are needing.

These spiritual healing mentorship protocols that I’ve created for you are instructionals / healing frequency / walk throughs where you can learn how to scan your energy body and see FOR YOURSELF what’s going on with it.

Learn how to identify and recognize damages or blocks, and clean, repair, upgrade! Viola!

Star Solaris heal your aura

You Truly are Sovereign

When you apply simple techniques involving visualization & intention, you can do a BETTER job healing your own energy than any healer out there… regardless how skilled they may be.

The reason for this is because of the Divine law of permission.

Think of your chakras like rooms in your house. Sure you can hire a maid, and they can do a good job of tidying the clutter and scrubbing your floors and windows. But, what’s gonna happen in a week (or a couple days)?

Those clutter piles will return, because your maid doesn’t know what to throw out, what items to organize or how. These are decisions only you can make.

Same can be said for your energy.

And… what’s more… once you’ve cleaned up the mess… you get to do the fun part of renovation and decorating! Would you really want someone else to do that part for you? 🤔

Spiritual Healing Protocols

After offering personal healing sessions for clients for over a decade, I realized that I can’t be cleaning up everyones energy mess for them all the time.

I’m not really doing you any favors that way.

Sure you’ll feel amazing for awhile, but hey, life is happening and you need to know how to keep your energy sublime.

ESPECIALLY now that the world has gone totally nutzo. 😳

Won’t it be nice to have an ‘on call’ healing video you can listen to at 2:00 am when you can’t sleep – or you are in energy crisis and need some help asap.

About the Spiritual Healing Protocols

Safely Clear Invasive Energies – This is the *best* one to start with. Entities & attachments are way more common then you might think. And they are usually the culprits behind what’s keeping you stuck. Get them out of the way first. This is a compilation of ➡️ Healing Frequency Video to Safely Clear Invasive Energies ➡️ Sections of Information on Invasive Energies ➡️ Printable Clearing Statements

Astral Healing Vision Journeys – Of all the healing techniques and approaches I have applied over the decade I’ve been healing… these have proven to be the most superior approach to comprehensively clear, repair, balance, and upgrade all seven of your chakras & main meridians. The Angels & Guides presented them to me and they continue to blow my mind. Experience them for yourself. This is the *foundation* of your spiritual healing.

Sovereignty Steps – Once you have achieved your spiritual healing and balance for the most part (it’s a lifelong journey of course!) these are the best for regularly keeping up with your energy so you can stay on top of your A game. The steps include: 1. Crown Chakra 2. Grounding 3. Release Outside Energy & Retrieve Your Personal Energy 4. Repairing & Upgrading your Energetic Shielding (innermost & outermost auric layer) 5. Cord clearing

Soon I’ll be adding more – Advanced Aura repair is up and coming which is really important to do following Invasive Energy Clearing.

Personalized Spiritual Healing Mentorship Program

Feel like you need some personal interaction? The personalized spiritual healing mentorship program includes regular guidance so you can have the validation & confirmation that you need to support your journey and efforts.

Spiritual Healing Mentorship

Coming Soon