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High Frequency Healing Transmissions

Over the decade plus and thousands of healing sessions I’ve conducted, I’ve learned:

  • You heal BEST when you are an active participant
  • Invasive energies BLOCK healing energy from reaching you, but are easy to clear if you approach it strategically & request your Angels to clear them
  • Your energy will respond instantly to your direction, but knowing how to direct is key
  • All you really need is FREQUENCY support & direction to clear & restore yourpersonal energetics

All Prices Are Suggestions ~ You have the option to pay what you choose

These healing transmission videos are my way of offering healing to as many people as possible. I am a powerful healer, however I am also a single Mom of a 4 year old so I’m only able to take one client a day in the morning when she sleeps in. Your purchase truly helps us! Thank you for supporting my work.

Each video is a mini healing session, be sure to hydrate.

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Why are my Healing Videos so Powerful?

  • I set intention by inviting the Divine to bring in their healing energy for whomever listens to the video
  • Reiki and healing during the recording & editing
  • Clearing invasive energies
  • Involving YOU as a participant
  • Permission is EVERYTHING in energy, as you affirm the direction for your energy it will respond instantly