Healing for your Greatest & Highest Good

My intention with the Angels & Guides is to bring me those who are in an open state of readiness to heal.

When to get a Healing Session

These symptoms are indicators that it’s time for a healing session:

  • Anxiety (always means invasive energies are around)
  • Chronic physical pain (chakra damage & energy objects)
  • Feeling overwhelmed & irritable (aura damage)
  • Sensitivity to noises (aura damage)
  • Obsessive thinking about a person or situation (energetic cords)
  • Excessive emotional processing that doesn’t release (energetic cords)
  • Feeling ‘stuck’ in life (blocks on your life path)
  • Burdened by negative thoughts or energies (invasives)
  • Depression (deep energetics clear out & upgrades indicated)
  • Crisis

Indications you are ready for upgrades or activations:

  • Feeling you have ‘plateaued’
  • Unsure what your next step is
  • Cocooning
  • Frequently seeing repeating numbers 1111, 222, 333, 444, 555, etc
  • Synchronicity of feeling the interest in a session (your Guides are nudging you)
  • Major life shifts & changes in direction
  • Identity crisis
If you cannot afford a Session with me, I promise my Healing Videos will help you

Or, if you want to sample the healing frequency I have to share before you commit to a healing session… you can check out my Superior Healing Videos Library. I recommend the Quick Daily Energy Clear Sequence for your first set.

New Clients

If you haven’t had a session with me before and would like a ‘preview’ session for a low price, you can schedule the $55 Messages from Your Angels and Guides.

You Will Receive

  • Healing & Guidance for your Greatest & Highest Good
  • Action steps for how you can best move forward with your healing efforts
  • Opportunity to get to know me & my healing approach!
FOr Your Session

For your session you will want to find a quiet relaxing space.

Try to find some clothing that is not restrictive, preferably cotton or linen (higher frequency materials).

You can set sacred space for yourself by lighting a candle or incense if you like.

Keep some water nearby as you will likely get thirsty

What to expect

~ 5 Minutes of Intro conversation

I will set intention and follow your Angels & Guides as they direct me to what you need most for your healing in order of priority.

Assessment & Repair of:

Grounding – Ensuring that your grounding is flowing smoothly and unblocked so that you can easily release any heavy emotional energy that you have picked up from the people in your environment as well as the energies that you are shedding as you heal & evolve.

Outside Energy Clearing – Clearing away the thoughts and emotions that belong to other people that have accumulated in your aura.

Personal Energy Retrieval – Calling home your personal energy which may be out in the world. Your confidence, courage, and strength.

Cord Clearing – Energetic cords that are connecting in to you and draining you of your personal energy will be cleared. Energetic cords which are dumping outside energy into yours will be cleared.

Chakra Unblocking & Repair – If your chakras are blocked with heavy emotional energy etc. we will release as much as you are at readiness to release. If your chakras are in need of repair, we will repair your chakras.

Aura Clearing & Repair – You aura can accumulate a lot of energy of thoughts and emotions from yourself and others. This will impact how you feel about yourself and life in general. If your aura is damaged, your energy will be leaking out and outside energy will easily get in. Aura clearing and repair is essential.

Activations & Upgrades – Every area of your energetic system that is at readiness to activate and upgrade will be.

Entity Attachment Clearing – Entities & attachments that you are at readiness to clear will be safely cleared with the help of your Angels.

Angel Guided as Needed

Past Life Healing – If a current life issue (health, finances, relationships, etc) is relating to a past life wounding, this will be explored and healed.

Ancestral Healing – If a current life issue (health, finances, relationships, etc) is relating to Ancestral wounding inheritance, this will be explored and healed.

Inner Child Healing – If a current life issue (health, finances, relationships, etc) is relating to an inner child healing, this will be explored and healed.

Earth Bound Crossing – If there are earth bound spirits attaching to or following you, they will be safely crossed.

Matrix Reprogramming – If a current life issue (health, finances, relationships, etc) is relating to a past experience wounding that is resulting in a repeat negative life experience, this will be explored and healed through Matrix reprogramming.

After Session

Expect to feel sleepy following your session.

This is normal as your physical body will need to integrate the healing energy.

It is also possible that you will feel energized following session if you have been living in a chronic state of fatigue.

I always recommend an epsom (or sea) salt bath (or foot soak if you don’t have a tub) following session (within 24 hours).

BE SURE TO RINSE OFF WITH CLEAN WATER AFTERWARDS. You will be shedding a lot of toxins, rinse them off. You don’t want to leave them on your skin.