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Simple Meditation for Scanning Your Aura

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The purpose of this exercise is to assess any vulnerable or weak spots in your aura and repair them.

When a person has a weak spot or damage to their aura, they are more susceptible to absorbing outside energies as well as losing their own personal energy through leakage. They are also very prone to picking up attachments.

What can harm an aura?

  • Verbal Attack: when a person yells at you they are directing hostile energy towards you which could damage your aura on impact
  • Physical Injury: I have seen some aura tears that have resulted from physical injury or accident.
  • Personal Judgments: Being judgmental hardens your aura which makes it more subject to break in areas when hit by these energies.
  • Cords: Cords weaken the energy field by penetrating it. Imagine sticking a toothpick into an apple. The skin has been pierced and there is now a hole there.

The benefit of keeping your aura strong and free of weak spots is that you will be better able to contain your vital life force energy.

You will also be protected from random energy floating around looking for a place to land and live.

How to Scan and Repair Your Aura:

Step 1: Set the intention that you are going to scan your aura for damage by deciding to do so.

Step 2: Imagine you are looking over your aura to see if there are any areas that look like a dark spot or damage. This begins a ‘conversation’ with your energy field and it will reveal to you the areas that need attention (if any).

If you are more of a feeler then imaginer, you can feel around your aura with your awareness to see if you can sense any areas that don’t feel quite right.

Step 3: If you don’t pick up any problems, awesome! If you do, go about repairing them however you feel like you should. Trust whatever comes to mind even if it seems silly. Maybe you imagine holding a shiny wand and as you touch the wand to the spot it heals it. Maybe you have magic patches that as you place them on the damaged spots they will seal up and be repaired. Or perhaps you want to sew a rip. Just go with it.

Important – The idea here is that you are utilizing your ability to visualize imagery to communicate with your energy. Your energy responds instantly to your direction, these images are just tools for giving it.

If you are more of a feeler then use your feeling to fix it. I know you know what I mean feeler, you can go to that spot with your feeling and use your feeling to fill it up with healing energy until it feels right.

Step 4: Notice if you feel like you should make any changes to your aura. You can do this if you like. Trust your feeling always. This is your energy and it will never lead you wrong. If your energy is feeling like it wants to be thinner or thicker or anything at all, go for it! And if it feels fine, that’s your energy telling you that you are good to go.

Step 5: All done! Notice if you feel better after having done this.

Real Life Example: People Having Jealous, Angry or Hurt Feelings Towards You

When someone is harboring resent, anger, or hurt feelings towards you and regularly directing it your way by feeling it, thinking the thoughts about it or speaking it… that energy is going into your energy field. The unfortunate thing about this is that most of the time we are completely unaware it is taking place. By scanning your aura you can discover these and transform them. When I find these energy objects in my aura, I transform them by removing them and turning them into bright golden light. Immediately following I will notice that the person who sent it will seek resolution and the situation is then understood on a higher level and we both grow as individuals.

I had a client once who had spent time in prison. His entire family and social circle judged him for it. They attached to him a variety of stereotypes and negative opinions. I knew this because I could see all of it in his aura. They looked like shards of dark glass surrounding the outside and penetrating inside his aura along with a mess of other junk looking energies. He carried around all of these beliefs from other people and assumed them as if they were true. If I would have chosen to release these and send them back to the givers (take that you meanies!) then what would have happened was they would have been amplified and sent back to him resulting in even more judgement! So instead, I transformed the energy of them into positive energy so that when these people think and speak on him it will now be with respectful understanding and compassionate perspective.

It’s a good idea to scan your aura maybe once a week or so if life is going on relatively smoothly without incident. But if you get into words with someone or find out you have some people who are sending sad or mad stuff your way, that would be  a good time to check in with it to make sure it’s okay and fix it if it’s not.

By scanning your Aura regularly you will get to know your own energy and what energies are affecting it. 😊

*Special Note*

If you find that you can’t get a hole in your aura to repair, there are likely entities & attachments in the way. You can do some Invasive Energy Clearing and then try again. OR You can sign up for my Spiritual Healing Membership.

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