You Chose the Rose Crystal

Because you were guided to the Rose Crystal – Love & Relationships are the focus for your energetics right now. You are experiencing or about to experience more love in your life!

Ooooo la la. How exciting!

Remember that as you get swept up in the energy rush and excitement of this romance – it’s so important to stay grounded.

Despite the popular saying of being swept off your feet, that’s actually NOT a good thing! You want to keep your feet firmly on the ground so that you can remain anchored through the experience. Doing so will help you to enjoy it to the fullest while keeping your wits about you.

Speed Round Healing

Imagine your Heart Gem. What does it look like? Invite your Angels & Guides of the Highest Frequencies of Love & Healing to help you clean, repair, or update your Heart Gem. Give your Heart Gem some glow & remember to check on it periodically. You are LOVED!

Gratitude Manifesting Mantra

“I am so grateful to give & receive love from a partner who honors the essence of who I am.”

Your Healing Video

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Love & Blessings to You,

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