Reprogram your Love Attractor

heal your relationship karma

Your Love Attractor

So what exactly IS your looooove attractor?

I’m going to share with you what the Angels & Guides have revealed to me about the Love Attractor within your energetics.

Your ‘love attractor’ as the Angels termed it, is a piece of your energetic programming that defines not just who you ATTRACT but also who you CHOOSE. And it determines IF and WHEN you FEEL loved.

Signs that your love Attractor needs Reprogramming
  • Ready for a higher frequency partner
  • Current or past toxic or abusive relationship partners
  • Karmic soulmates
  • Not feeling loved by current or past partners
  • Feeling ‘cursed’ with relationships
  • Believing there isn’t someone out there for you that’s GOOD
  • Dry spell in the relationship department

If you have experienced any of this, believe me when I tell you I really can sympathize.

I’ve been blessed with a TON of relationship karma to work out in this lifetime. Yay.

People always tell me ‘your picker is broken’. And I totally believe it. The clif notes version of my love life reads something like this:

  • First husband abused substances & me
  • Rebound from first husband got me pregnant then ditched me for a sleazy waitress
  • Second husband was a porn addict
  • Love of my life died in a motorcycle accident
  • Widowed by an ex military spy who took his own life before our daughters first birthday

And that’s the abbreviated version – I’m sparing you of the more tragic details since the AI assistant told me it would be too overwhelming to include haha. YEAH.

So when I tell you I understand what it’s like to have a broken picker, I totally understand.

My newest offering, Sovereign has monthly themes for the healing circles and when the Angels gave me the Love Attractor Reprogramming for February they said “you need this too”.

And I was like DO I EVER. And also “NOW!? I could’ve used this, I dunno, like 5 failed relationships ago!”

I don’t really talk back to my Angels (okay so I do sometimes) but I also understand that they give me what I need when I am READY for it.

healing relationship karma

Are YOU Ready for Big Shifts In your Love Life?

If you are, I’m going to be sharing with you all incredible insights they have offered me about the love attractor and how to reprogram it.

Let’s do this!

Imagine your Love Attractor as a beautiful Gem that emanates the frequency that expresses your unique essence.

Can you get an image of it in your mind?

How does the Gem that is representing your love attractor look? What kind of shape is it in?

Your love attractor frequency is an invitation to be loved by a partner who is the appropriate match FOR your unique essence. And so, like a beacon, it shines out with FREQUENCY INFORMATION.

It says “this is my frequency and I call forth the one who is a match for it”.

By the way, if you are already in a relationship you can still reprogram your love attractor because it’s not just attracting partners but also LOVE from your existing partner AND influencing your ability to FEEL loved by them.

The 4 Disruptive Influences

reprogram your love attractor by clearing inherited programming

Ideally, your love attractor would shine out your glorious gorgeous frequency and put into motion the events which will bring the ideal partner to you. Or ideal circumstances for you to feel loved by your existing partner.

But the problem is, your love attractor has been accumulating disruptive influences from the moment you were conceived.

Inherited Programming

In the book ‘Getting the Love you Want’ Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt PhD introduce the theory of the Imago. Basically it’s our definition of who we look for in a partner based on the influences of our early life.

So the man I would be attracted to, would, by this theory, emulate the qualities that my father, uncles, or other men demonstrated in my early life. Or for a man, he would choose for a wife a woman who most represents his mother and female figures in his early life.

This is what I think of when the Angels showed me the inherited programming that is influencing our love attractor.

But what the Angels revealed to me goes deeper.

It also carries with it the energy of the STORY of our parents and THIER love attractors.

Personal Share Story Time

My Mom confided in me that she when she first got with my Dad, she wasn’t really into him. And when she found out she was pregnant with me she cried and cried because she felt that since she was pregnant, she would be STUCK with him.

As I reflect on my relationships, I’ve very often ended up in situations where I have felt STUCK.

psychic deposits on your love attractor

Other Peoples Deposits

People are always psychically depositing energy onto other people. I mean, it’s just a thing.

In the case of your Love Attractor, people have deposited on it your entire life.

Maybe it was your Father “don’t you even think about dating before you are 16” or your Mom “you better not get pregnant before you are married”. Or your so called friends “you better not get married before me!”.

Think about every ex you have, you KNOW they all deposited all over your Love Attractor.

Maybe it was because they didn’t want to lose you so they deposited “never move on” or maybe they didn’t want you but didn’t want anyone else to have you so they deposited that onto your love attractor.

Personal Share Story Time

My brother and I are both Scorpios. So we had some pretty major fights as siblings. I still remember him saying to me during a fight we had in our teens “Lea, nobody is ever going to love you because you are such a b*tch.”

When I was divorcing my first husband, he kept saying to me over and over “Nobody is going to love you” – what he meant by that was if I divorced him I would live the rest of my life unloved.

And those are just two of the billions and billions of deposits I’m sure I’ve gotten from others.

inner permissions affecting how you allow yourself to be loved

Inner Permissions

Your inner permissions are just that. The permissions you give yourself.

Your permissions you give yourself about the type of partner you can have.

Your permissions you give yourself around how much love you will receive from them and how it’s going to look.

These are influenced by the early programming AND the energy deposited from others.

They were established as a child. You learned when you were and weren’t granted love from your caretakers.

Over time, your inner permissions begin to limit you more and more.

Personal Share Story Time

The inner permissions I got from my Mother looked like this: “As long as I don’t expect much from you, you will love me.” Which translates to: I am allowed to be loved by someone as long as I don’t ask much of them.

It’s not that my Mom didn’t love me when I asked her for things. Like if she could get us a home instead of us living in the car.

It’s that she didn’t show me a lot of love when I asked for them. I’m sure her guilt around not being able to provide security for her daughter would get triggered etc. But all that little Lea knew was that the love wasn’t really there if she asked for something.

Hence an inner permission being formed of not asking for much, or not being deserving of much.

From my father, well he wasn’t really in the picture. So the permission I formed was “I don’t get to be loved because he doesn’t want to show up for me.”

Core Beliefs

These are at the root of what is influencing your love attractor. And they are even more strengthened and solidified by every experience you have.

And sadly, every bad experience you have seems to amplify them even more.

If you dig deep down into yourself, what are your core beliefs about love or the type of partners that are out there for you?

Personal Share Story Time

I remember back in my early 30s I was doing a lot of vision work to attract a soulmate. There was this free webinar or something like that I decided to listen to and I’ll never forget what her main message was.

Cuddled up on my bed with my notepad, listening intently. She says “have you tried a love alter?” I look over at my love alter.

“Have you tried creating a vision board?” I look over at my vision board.

“Have you tried writing your list of what you want in a partner?” Shocked, I was like yes (dramatic face).

And then she said, “none of these things will help you if you haven’t reprogrammed your core beliefs”.

That statement brought it all home for me. Her recommendation was to reprogram core beliefs around men and love by writing affirmations 100 times a day or something like that.

Did I try it? Yes. Yes I did. It was a lot of dang work. My hand cramps reflecting back on it.

clear and heal the energies that are harming your ability to find love
These 4 Disruptive Influences are Distorting & restricting Your Love Attractor Frequency

So you need to clear them one by one in order.

  1. The first layer you need to clear is the other peoples deposited energy, because it is sitting on top of your inherited programming.
  2. With that out of the way, you can clear your inherited programming.
  3. Now you can rewrite your permissions to grant yourself the love & person which is right for you.
  4. And finally, reprogram your core beliefs so that they won’t keep distorting your love attractor frequency.

When it comes to energy healing, strategy is key. Understanding how energy works in how it can accumulate and prevent other energy from being able to clear is instrumental for getting results.

Clearing the Layers

healing core beliefs around love

Clearing what Others Have Deposited

reprogramming your love attractor

Imagine a Disk

At the center of your disk is your glorious love attractor gem. See how it’s light would be restricted by all the stuff that has caked up around it?

There are two rings around your disk. These are the energies that are disrupting your beautiful emanation.

First clear the outermost ring by directing high frequency energy onto the dense energy.

You can ask your Angels to help you with their awesome Angel healing energy, or you can channel Divine Golden healing energy (not white!) to dissolve the stuck energy that has been deposited around your loved attractor. If you have Reiki, you can use your Reiki as well.

The goal here is to introduce high frequency energy to transform the low frequency energy.

Since this energy actually doesn’t even BELONG to you, you will now ask your Angels to please pick up and return the energy to every person who deposited it.

I’m doing this exercise now for mine as I write this for you and I can see big chunks of energy just leaving. So many layers and layers of chunky crusty energy being pulling off and leaving. It’s still leaving. Not surprised that there is a TON of it.

Take as long as you need for this part. The more of the deposited energy you can clean off, the more you will be able to access the next layer.

Clearing Inherited & Early Programming

heal your relationship karma

Now that you have all the deposited energy out of the way, let’s tackle the inherited and early programming energy, shall we?

To clear THIS energy is a little more tricky since your inner permissions got all tangled up with this stuff.

Separate out Your Inner Permissions

Just imagine all your permission slips you have subconsciously accepted or created for yourself and pull them all out of the muck of this energy.

Create a stack of them to the side because we will be doing them next.

Now that your inner permissions are out of the way, clear all that inherited energy by imagining your ring (you can use the image to help you focus) and just bring in healing energy, Golden Light, Reiki, Angel Healing light, you can use all of the healing energies if you really wanna get into it!

As I do this exercise while I write this for you, I see the inherited energy as more blobby and as I direct healing energy it begins to dissolve and my Love Attractor Gem is expanding and getting brighter.

heal your inner permissions to allowing love
Some of your inner permissions may be keeping this energy stuck.

Let’s go ahead and take a look now at your stack of inner permissions.

When I look at mine, there are SO MANY that inner child Lea wrote. I can tell because it’s in a childs handwriting. And the pile is a pretty big stack, from the floor up to the top of my head.

Take your stack of permissions and hand them ALL over to your Angels (or higher self if you prefer) ask them to help you clear what isn’t serving you in your Greatest & Highest.

For myself, they cleared all of them haha.

Once you have all of your old inner permissions cleared, lets take another look at your inherited early programming energy to see if more can be cleared.

Myself, I was able to get the blobby stuff out of the way but now the remaining energy is like dense cast iron. But it’s all breaking off into big chunks and falling away.

Ask your Angels to take this energy away for you. Or you can dissolve it with healing energy. Or both.

Energy disposal is a thing and it’s important.

Make sure all this energy leaves. If you don’t do this step, you might experience some, er, uncomfortable mental emotional processes as the energy fragments try to cycle out themselves.

YOur New Permissions

Congratulations! You cleared off the old energies and permissions!

Now it’s time for you to create NEW permissions to manifest all the wonderful loving experiences which you totally deserve to have.

Imagine you have a magical love permission scroll.

This is going to over-ride all prior permissions or ones you may have missed. That is the intention, okay?

On your scroll, you are going to write this:

“I give myself permission to receive love in the highest frequency that I am at readiness to experience it in.”

“I give myself permission to be with the partner which brings me ultimate fulfillment on every level: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.”

“I give myself permission to love and be loved in return.”

Your new love permissions for manifesting love in your life

Reprogramming Your Love Attractor

As I was doing this for myself, I noticed that my love attractor Gem was pushed over to the side. It’s like it was hit with a blast. I cleared all the invasive energies around it, and positioned it where it needed to be.

But try as I may, I couldn’t get my Gem to stand up and glow outward. It kept falling over.

Finally I realized what I needed to do was replace my old gem with a newer higher frequency version.

So that is what I did. I handed over my old frequency love attractor emitting frequencies which no longer serve me to my Angels and requested that they help me create a new one with higher frequencies more aligned with the person I am today. My GOLDEN Gem New Love Attractor gives me the most incredible feeling of hope, trust, peace, and renewal.

I feel Happy.

MOving Forward

If you are savvy to energy work, you already know that these exercises reflect an immediate shift in your life experiences.

But, if this is your first time doing energy work like this, it may need a bit of time to integrate into your conscious mind & energetics.

Keeping up with your energetic frequency by grounding, releasing outside energies, retrieving your own personal energy, aura repair, keeping your chakras unblocked and activated all play a key role in how well you are able to accept and integrate the shifts.

shift your outlook and relationships by healing your relationship karma and reprogramming your love attractor

Need Frequency Support?

If you would like to access the healing video version of Reprogramming your Love Attractor, you can purchase it here.

May Your Love Life be Blessed

As you move forward in your healing journey, you can check on your Love Attractor Gem to make sure it’s not collecting new junk.

I wish I could share with you my results moving forward. But since I’m doing it now as I write this for you… time will tell.

You can join my newsletter for the newest blogs where I share personal life updates along with the healing messages the Angels have to offer for you.

AND I’m always generous with the specials for my newsletter subscribers Star Family.

Much Love to You!

Star Solaris Angel Guided Reiki


  1. I am thinking about the permission slips as Parking Tickets!

    They will never get paid and I have decided to refrain from hunting down those huge fees LOL!!

    The Angels are helping me dissolve them with Golden Light

    Thank you for saying Not White Light~I’d been doing everything with White Light and it was hurting me so badly, also, freaking my daughters out since they followed me while I was using it…

    Also, the other day, you said something about people throwing their trash in my dumpster: I Do That with my actual trash! I take my trash bags to either Speedway or Farmer’s Fresh (local convenience and grocery stores) and drop it off since I haven’t decided to pay for our own trash service: it’s been bugging me ever since the Angels said that to me through you~I don’t want to dump our trash on the public either!!!!

    I have said thank you so much yet, it’s time for me to deal with our own actual trash differently

  2. I think it is so perfect that the healing theme for February is about our Money Dragons and Healing our Love Attractors since the Chinese/Lunar New Year is the Wood Dragon!

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