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How the heck can you tell the difference?

It’s easy and understandable to be distrustful of those who are in the line of work as psychics, healers, and energy workers.

I mean, we all know that anyone can throw down some cards, make up a story and call it a psychic reading then wave around a feather and some sage and call themselves a healer.

How is a person who is interested in receiving these types of services going to be able to know the difference between a quality energy worker and a con artist?

Oh so many different types of readers out there…

For any of you who has gotten a psychic reading before, you know that if the reader gives an accurate description of your past and what’s going on right now in your life, you can safely assume that you have found yourself a legitimate reader. Or have you?

A little bit o’ history

I love getting psychic readings. I get them everywhere I can find them. That’s my thing! It’s always been my thing, so yeah my curious little spirit with a love of divination is all over it. I’ve spent as much as $120 on a psychic reading (which was a lot of money in 2012) in the all too popular energy vortex of Sedona Arizona and as little as $20 on a psychic reading at the farmers market in groovy downtown Eugene Oregon.

Heck I even ended up getting a psychic reading once from a homeless girl who was panhandling. Don’t ask how that whole thing came about… but I’ll tell you right now, her reading was better then the one that I got in Sedona. Go figure!

I’ve gotten readings from people who clearly had no real skill in reading the symbolism in the cards. Readings where I could sense that they were newly developing their abilities and not quite there yet but close.

And I’ve had readings that have seriously blown my mind because they saw too much.

The whole gamut.

Suffice to say, I’ve gotten a lot of readings from psychics in my life.

At least a hundred, maybe more.

Oh, and I never ever tell the reader that I’m a psychic… or that I can feel their psychic energy ability.

It’s a respect thing. Whether they are legit or not, I’m there to get whatever spirit seems fit for me to have. Hey, it’s the risk you take when going to a random reader when traveling or just trying someone new. Sure, you might waste $40 on a line of bull, or you might receive some incredibly priceless insight. I have always felt that it was a chance worth taking.

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Things to consider that might make you question an otherwise totally legit Psychic

The majority of the time my ability to truly give a quality psychic reading has everything to do with the person who I am reading for. The same can be said for most other psychics as well. I will outline a few keys things that I have noticed which inhibit my ability to give the best reading possible.

You could be accidentally blocking the flow of info

Some people who come in for a reading never let you get a word in edgewise because they are busy telling their entire life story.

If this is you, that’s cool we are happy to listen.

Just wait until we are done giving the reading.

It’s incredibly difficult to hear the psychic messages we are receiving if we are trying to hear you too.

If you have a positive relationship with your religion or spirituality your chances of receiving a good reading are much better then they are if you don’t.

Those who come in with an open mind and are receptive, and have some form of spirituality in their lives, will get the messages and answers that they need… clearly and accurately.

What I mean by some form of spirituality is this: A good reader with positive intentions is receiving messages from the Angels and Guides.

If the reading is kind of lacking…

Sometimes there really isn’t a message of significance for the person, so then what is there for the reader to see?

And then there’s the stuff that our Angels have determined that we aren’t supposed to know right now and it’s for our own highest good.

Lots of factors go into giving and receiving a psychic reading.

Most Psychic Readers are Totally Legit… Even if they kinda suck at it

Most every reader IS a legitimate reader.

If they suck or only get a little bit right, hey they are trying.

We all gotta start somewhere and they have just as much right to flex their psychic muscles as the rest of us.

Go easy on them. Don’t sit there and say ‘no no no’ since that will only shut the flow of information they are trying to receive for you on your behalf. If they are getting something wrong, help them to explore it and see what else might pop up that could be right on point.

You spent the money so let yourself get whatever you can out of it.

Don’t let this happen to you…

There are unethical readers and healers out there.

I won’t deny it. I’ve even been to some of them. My first experience with this was a gypsy family who had a neat little shop in a small Arizona town (not Sedona this time). I won’t mention where because someone might know them and I don’t want to get a hex on me for telling this story.

Anyway, it was a really good reading! She was incredibly accurate and I was feeling really pleased with having gone there.

Until the end.

When she said to me “You will always want love and yet will suffer misfortune in it. I can help you. Give me $300 and I will pray with candles to reverse this fate.”

Okay okay okay…

I had totally heard of this type of thing happening, but it had never before happened to me. So I was not really sure how to respond.

And to be honest, a little part of me was already trying to calculate how the hell I was gonna pull together $300 to fix my love cursed life.

But the bigger part of me, the part that had heard stories of this happening from people that I have given readings to in the past… That part of me politely said “no thank you”.

She was not pleased. Slowly reaching across the table she picked up the little slip of paper she had me write my name and birthday on.

Caressing it with her fingers she said to me that it would be very much in my best interests to give her the money for her to buy these candles so that she could pray for me.


That’s when I got scared. It suddenly occurred to me that I was not in a crystal loving little metaphysical shop for a reading… I had walked myself right into an old gypsy magic shop and angered them by not conceding to pay the price that they wanted me to pay for their ‘help’.

And I had willingly written my name and birthday on that slip of paper which she now held in her hand!!!!!

Holding strong, and politely refusing their offer as best as I could, I did my best to get the heck outta there quick. The experience haunted me and I even had nightmares for awhile afterward which made me wonder if they put a negative spell on me. Yikes. I shudder at the memory.

Not all Psychics get Info From Nice Energies

Psychic information comes to psychics from different sources.

If you are getting a reading from someone who requests money from you to ‘pray’ or ‘do magic’ on your behalf that costs a large sum of money, the chances are pretty good that they aren’t coming from a place of love and a desire to use their gift to help people.

I’m not saying that expensive psychics are unethical, I’m saying that if they pressure you to pay a lot of $$$ for them to ‘help’ you, then the odds that they are unethical are considerably higher.

Not to confuse this with those who YOU go to with a request for energy work.

That’s an entirely different scenario there. I’m talking about the readers who try to force you to spend a huge amount of money to help you with something dire that they saw in your reading.

This happens. It happens to good and honest people. It makes the rest of us psychics look really bad and I totally understand why.

Separating the Fake Healers from the Real Healers

What about those readers or healers that are full of pride and arrogance? Use caution with these types as well. Here’s why…

The difference between a wannabe energy worker and a legit energy worker is this: personal ego energy vs channeled divine love energy.

If an energy worker is using THEIR OWN PERSONAL ENERGY then they are not expert. Period. It’s the defining difference between those who are truly legitimate and those who just aren’t.

Anyone can use their own personal ego energy to attempt to heal. Seriously. Even you can. You may not know that you can… But you can. And that’s all fine and great. I mean, you will probably feel really drained afterwards and the person you gave a healing to might feel a bit better, but it’s just not gonna have that transforming ability needed to really make a powerful positive lasting change for them.

That’s only if your energy is nice by the way. If you have funky dunky negative crappy energy then the person you just gave your ‘healing’ to will likely feel worse off than they did before.

What does this have to do with pride and arrogance?

Pride and arrogance are so closely tied to the ‘self’ that if a person is saying “oh yeah “I” give such good readings and healings, I’m so awesome and powerful look what I can do” What kind of energy do you think that they are they using?

Think about it.

If they are taking credit for it, then it’s THEIR energy. T

heir personal EGO energy.

Not to dishonor our own personal energy or it’s use in healing, but it is truly substandard in comparison to the energy that comes straight from the source of divine love.

It does take a considerable amount of dedication and commitment to develop oneself to the point of being capable of channeling high level healing energy. And that is something that an expert energy worker has a right to take credit for.

But a TRUE energy worker will never take the credit for the energy.

They can’t, and they know that they can’t because it’s not their personal energy… It is divine source energy which is inherent within us all.

Energy that is harnessed and reconnected for the client from a higher spiritual source.

Female Healer with hand out palm up with a ball of white energy appearing to manifest on a dark rainbow colored energy formation background banner with plenty of copy space

What about Reiki?

In the realm of Reiki, just because a person receives attunements and training does not mean that person is channeling Reiki.

It’s really unfortunate that I have to say this because I wish it wasn’t true. But based on my observations as an energy worker and on my ability to see and feel energy, it’s sometimes the case.

Likewise, a person does not need to have Reiki attunements or training in any healing art to be capable of channeling higher level healing energy. Anyone can do that too! You can do that too! If the intention to bring it through is there, and you have made of yourself the purest instrument that you can be by disciplining your mind and emotions and trusting in the flow of divine energy… You will pull that love energy through your heart Chakra and it will flow through your hands to go where it is needed.

Reiki attunements and training will raise a persons energy vibration to be better able to receive higher energies to channel, but they are not going to guarantee the person the ability to separate their own personal (ego) energy from that which they are channeling.

Very often in the beginning when people are first learning Reiki (or any form of energy work) they will unwittingly use their own personal energy while channeling the higher level energies. This is best remedied by the student attending to their own personal energy field and making certain that it is clear of all energy obstructions.

This is not a fun process at all.

It involves advancing yourself spiritually to the point where you have faced and overcome the majority of that which has hurt you and that which you harbor anger and pain and fear over. This all must be freed in order to be a pure instrument.

Well, at least the majority of it has to go and then a continuous upkeep must be made.

I read once “never trust an energy worker that doesn’t have their act together” and it hit home for me. Only now do I fully understand that statement and why it hit me so hard.

Every healer has gone through this sort of initiation and powerful healing process for themselves and it will show. They will emanate a love and compassion that is so palpable you can feel it when they enter the room.

When it comes to energy workers, you just can’t rely on the old standards we are accustomed to using when we determine credibility. Things such as price, certifications, or how nicely their website is put together are not the best factors that you want to go by.

Always remember…

It’s energy work, trust what YOUR energy tells YOU. If you get a good feeling in your gut, if the person has a great vibe and feels good to be around, then yeah you are seeing someone who is all about helping humanity with their abilities.

If you get a weird, uncomfortable, pressured, or drained feeling from them, trust your gut. They aren’t legit.

Love and Blessings to You!

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