You chose the Rainbow Aura Crystal

Because you were Guided to choose the Rainbow Aura crystal, your Angels & Guides are confirming for you that you are elevating your frequency at a rapid pace!

You have been taking all the steps, or maybe just naturally aligning in higher frequencies so now your energetics are upgrading!

Expect to notice an increase in your intuitive psychic abilities at this time.

You may be hearing your Divine team more clearly and frequently.

You may be having a stronger aversion to lower frequency energies in people, media, foods, etc.

This is all a normal part of the ‘ascension’ process. The Angels remind you that the word ascension really just means elevating your frequency and energy body.

You are holding more light energy. You are emitting more healing energy to the world and those around you.

Congratulations! Your inner work is paying off. And this is your Angels & Guides way of validating your efforts.

Keep in mind, that as you grow in frequency, your chakras & meridians are ready to upgrade. Doing so consciously will assist you in integrating the frequencies more smoothly into your life.

Speed Round Healing

Invite your Angels & Guides of the Highest Frequencies of Love & Healing to present to you a Gift. This gift is your new Angel Attunement for upgrading your energetics. It will be whatever it is that you need most at this time to support you in accessing your energetic abilities.

Your Gratitude Manifestation Mantra

“I am aligned in gratitude. I and my Higher Self are one. I release all energies that are no longer serving me in my highest purpose.”

Your Healing Video

*New Healing Oracles Once a Month*

Love & Blessings to You,

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