Congrats! You are Clear & Holding Frequency

Based on how you feel in this moment, your personal energy is in really good health! Bravo my darling! Bravo! It takes a lot of work and dedication to arrive in this state of flow and you freaking DID IT! Savor the moment.

If you are a Healer for others, this is the state you want to be in.

When you are clear & holding frequency, your energy safety is strong, and your chakras & aura are in an optimal state of function. You are able to hold your frequency despite the energetic inputs surrounding you.

The longer you can maintain this, the more spiritual power you will be able to cultivate.

Despite your current state of balance, life is still happening.

However, because you are clear it will be much easier for you to identify:

  • When Invasive energies are around (sudden anxiety)
  • When Aura damage occurs (sudden irritation)
  • When Energetic Cords are Seeking Entry (sudden negative feelings)
  • When Energy Boundaries are Breeched (sudden fatigue or overwhelm)

What to Work On

Once your energy is clear & holding frequency for a sustained period of time, your energy will then begin to prompt for higher levels of activation and deeper levels of clearing.

  • Aura, Chakra, Meridian upgrades
  • Soul & Earth Stars begin to activate and strengthen
  • Past life wounding asks for healing
  • Ancestral wounding asks for healing
  • Inner Child (frequency programming) asks for healing
  • Regular ‘downloads’ and inspiration from your Angels & Guides
  • Expansion of your psychic sensory abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc)

What to Expect in Session

If you get a session with me, your Angels & Guides will likely focus on your upgrades and activations. Or past life – ancestral healing.

If there is an area of your life you are ready to take to the next level, blocks can easily be cleared now to do so.

Because your energy is in a strong state of flow, I would recommend the Angel Reiki Healing Session or the Personalized Recorded Healing Session.

If you are in the Spiritual Self Healer Membership

Congratulations! Your efforts are paying off and you are in stasis!

I’m so proud of you… your Angels are offering their applause!