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The recipe for this energetic protection salve was given to me by the Angels & Guides on the eclipse.

They guided me on where to source the ingredients and to wait until the Full Moon in Scorpio to make it.

A combination of osha root, angelica root, palo santo, and tulsi (holy basil) all come together to create the best "attachment & entity repellent" you can find!

What makes this salve so remarkable is that not only did I create an infusion with all these powerful protective herbs BUT I also added the essential oils as well. Yes, you can get an essential oil for Osha Root but it's the essential oil of the SEED.

I also added essential oil of Palo Santo, Angelica, and Tulsi.

The jars are quite large, 2 oz. They aren't completely full... about half full. So you are getting approximately 1.5 oz.

Let me tell you though, you aren't going to use this stuff like lotion. Wear a very small amount like you would perfume or just dab around the back of your neck (where entities often target). It should last you a very very long time.

Experiment - wear it when you go in public or around people that give you anxiety or drain you.

By the way... this salve smells absolutely DIVINE. It's earthy but not floral. Woody and I really cannot explain it but it's amazing.

Each jar design is different... when you place an order I will tune in for you and choose the one you are meant to have.

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