You Chose the Wisdom Cat

Because you were guided to the Wisdom Cat, your Angels & Guides are nudging you to become aware of your expanding psychic capabilities.

You are becoming more powerful. But, it’s not without challenges.

Have you been extra affected by the vibes & moods of other people lately? 🤔

As your abilities increase, so too does your sensitivity to all of the energies in the world around you.

Since your psychic abilities are your energetic sensory centers… the more they open up, the more you notice negative energies.

You may feel tempted to want to shut it down so that you can get some relief.

BUT you CAN find relief without shutting down your abilities.
Think of it this way, if you opened your eyes and saw something ugly and disturbing – would you choose to live your life without your vision? No way! You need your vision. It can protect you. It alerts you to what is ugly and disturbing so you know to avoid it. And it also graces you with opportunity to see the beauty in the world. AND the roads you need to take to get you to your destination.

The same could be said for your psychic abilities.

Your Wisdom Cat is inviting you to allow your psychic powers to unfold without you doubting or questioning them.

You never regret listening to your intuition, but you always regret NOT listening to your intuition.

Questions to ask yourself

Do I need to make some changes around who I’m allowing into my inner circle?

Do I need to do some regular energetic hygiene to clear what I absorb in a day?

Do I need to honor my abilities and TRUST them more?

Speed Round Healing

Imagine you have a Golden Lotus flower at the top of your head. Invite your Angels of the Highest frequencies of love & healing to clear away any invasive energies that are targeting it. Request that they assist you in healing any torn or broken petals on your golden lotus flower. Is it fully open or just beginning to bloom? Allow your Golden Lotus flower to open up more. Be in the energy of your claircognizance and KNOW that you are connected to infinite wisdom.

Wisdom Cat’s Mantra For You

“I am at peace with my perceptions.”

– Wisdom Cat

Healing Video for You

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