You chose the Moon Love

Because you were guided to the Moon Love ~ your Angels are letting you know that love is on the horizon for you!!! 💕

If you are single: Your Angels & Guides have gotten with their Angels & Guides and are making arrangements to bring you two together. Will you be open to it?

If you are in a relationship: You Angels & Guides are prompting you to connect with your partner on deeper levels by assisting both of you in opening up your hearts more. Maybe a romantic getaway is just what you two need.

If you are in a new relationship: Look no further for confirmation, this is your validation that this new romance has potential to become a long term relationship.

Speed Round Healing

Conjure up for yourself that feeling of being in true deep safe love. Feel it in every cell of your body. Feel cared for, protected, safe, fulfilled on every level. Affirm it for yourself. Know that you are worthy of this feeling. Know that it is yours if you allow yourself to have it. Invite your Angels & Guides of the highest frequencies of love & healing to come and assist you in clearing away all that stands between you and this beautiful love experience. Request your Angels to clear away any invasive energies that are and have been blocking you from experiencing true love.

Moon Love Mantra

“I am worthy of the Soulmate experience which fulfills and satisfies my deepest dreams of love and is aligned with my spiritual purpose and the expression of my highest potential on every level.”

Your Healing Video

***New Healing Oracles Every Month***

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