You chose the Dragonfly Prosperous

Because you were drawn to the Dragonfly Prosperous, your Angels & Guides are highlighting financial matters for you.

Perhaps money has been on your mind, or how to structure your resources.

The dragonfly prosperous brings LUCK and wants to bless you with receiving what you need to feel secure AND nourished.

If you find that you are limiting yourself around feeling prosperous by denying self-nourishing experiences – the Dragonfly Prosperous wants to remind you that you will bring in MORE prosperity for yourself if you allow yourself to FEEL prosperous.

Sometimes all you need is to grant yourself something small to shift everything.

Speed Round Healing

Imagine all of your financial worries & pressures as heavy weights. Use golden light to transform these heavy weights into feathers. Now dissolve the feathers and make sure they fully disintegrate. Invite your Angels & Guides of the Highest frequencies of love & healing to clear all the invasive energies that are keeping you stuck in limitation. Ask your Angels to transform your limitations into permissions to receive all the abundance and blessings that THEY see you worthy of having. Now that you see how much your Angels deem you worthy, allow yourself to feel the same.

Dragonfly prosperous Mantra

“I allow myself to receive blessings and luck from my Angels, Guides & the Dragonfly Prosperous”

Healing Video

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