You Chose the Opportunity Blessings Oracle

Because you were Guided to the Oracle of Opportunity Blessings, you may be hoping for a miracle.

Perhaps there is a circumstance or situation that you feel there is no way out of. Or, you may feel like you have been stuck.

There are some surprises in store for you! Your Angels & Guides are giving you the nudge to allow yourself to receive the opportunities that they have lined up for you.

Your opportunity blessings oracle invites you to explore where you have resistance to allowing yourself to have what it is that you want.

Resistance can come in the form of self limiting beliefs, limitations that have been socially programmed into you, or lack of worthiness.

Opportunity Blessings Mantra

My biggest blessings come to me through a sequence of smaller blessings.

– Angels & Guides

Speed Round Healing

Ask yourself if you have any blocks to receive what it is that you want. Imagine these blocks as walls and what you want on the other side of them. Dissolve the walls. Break the walls. Knock down the walls. Do whatever you feel guided to do so that you can open up the way for your blessings to come in. Ask your Angels to assist you in taking down your walls to receive what is already yours, just waiting for you to let yourself experience it. ❤️

Healing Video for Clearing Resistance

***New Healing Oracles Every Month***

Love & Blessings to You!

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