The Ultimate Choice for Your Self Care

Your bi-weekly interactive healings will cover the essentials that you need to keep your energy clear of negativity & other peoples emotional/mental energies.

Additionally, you will receive healing for these monthly themes
High Frequency Healing Content

These aren’t your average ‘healing videos’. They are also educational, so you can LEARN how to scan and heal your energy. The easy way! You have over 15 healing videos (more to come), here are just a few:

how to trust your psychic abilities
angel attunement to safely clear entities and negative energy
why do i feel other peoples emotions
the BEST way to unblock and activate your chakras
how to get negative energy out of your aura
Sacred Community

I have created a frequency protected forum where you can ask ALL the questions you have about your energetic observations in a safe and supportive space.


Imagine being validated for your personal energy healing efforts. You will know if you repaired your aura correctly. You will know if you cleared cords completely. Not just because you have me to check your work, but you also have your Validation Quiz and you’ll just FEEL BETTER and that will be enough confirmation to silence your doubting mind.

why do i feel so drained by people

Sovereign is for you if

  • You want to learn how to make sense of your intuitive perceptions
  • You want a fast & easy way to clear anxiety and KEEP it away
  • You want to unblock your chakras but want to do it the right way
  • You are not sure who to trust with your healing
  • If you don’t always trust YOURSELF with your healing or intuition
  • Are overwhelmed by other peoples emotional energy
  • Feel drained by people or public
  • If you feel gas-lit by the people in your life about your perceptions
  • Feel a need for psychic protection & spiritual safety
  • Are evolving rapidly and feel like you can’t keep up with your expanding awareness
  • Want a way to protect yourself from negative energy
  • Are an old soul, empath, HSP, lightworker, or starseed
  • Want to feel VALIDATED & SUPPORTED by others who share your experiences

Sovereign is NOT for you if:

  • You aren’t interested in being proactive with your spiritual healing & development
  • You want someone to ‘DO IT ALL FOR YOU’
  • You aren’t ready or interested in elevating your consciousness
  • You feel like you need a woo speak 12th dimensional transmission (I keep it grounded and practical)
Hey my Spiritual Sister

I’m Lea, the founder of Star Solaris and the creator of Sovereign. If you are feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed in your spiritual seeking… I GET YOU.

Growing up psychic SUCKS so bad. Especially when you don’t understand or trust in your perceptions. Honestly though, as we move into adulthood it doesn’t get any better.

People gas light and silence you so hard until you start to gas light and silence YOURSELF.

I’m not just a Master Reiki Healer for over a decade.

I’m not just a seer who has been giving readings for over 33 years.

I’m not just some compulsive seeker that was trained by the Angels & Guides.

I’m a woman, who, just like you, has been wrecked by this life and relationships.

But guess what? I broke the code – I figured it out!

How to heal a broken heart, clear jealousy (for real!!!), nail it with manifesting and live in bliss!

After a LIFETIME of seeking and learning, I have a lot of the answers that you are looking for.

And I want more than anything to share them with you.

I’m your Sister. Your Sovereign Sister.

And before you start thinking … “This sounds so awesome but she’s probably gonna be charging like $555 like everyone else on the internet these days”


For $88 a Month you get:

  • 2 Monthly healing circles
  • fresh healing videos to your inbox
  • access to healing member area
  • Healing mentorship support via text/email

You really cannot find a better healer with this healing and mentoring opportunity for a better price anywhere.