master comprehensive astral healing journey angel reiki star solaris

$555 – Payable upon completion of appointment. I accept PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and Credit Cards

This reiki energy healing session includes:

  • Unblocking – repair – upgrade of your Grounding
  • Repair & Upgrade all 7 layers of your Aura (Etheric Armor)
  • High Frequency Shielding for Psychic Protection
  • Removal of energetic cords attaching to you from people & attachments
  • Clearing of outside energies & invasive people
  • Retrieval of your General Personal Energy & Personal Energy from People
  • Meridian repair & upgrade
  • Unblocking of Chakras & Clearing of Energy Blocks
  • Comprehensive Chakra Repair & Upgrade
  • Extensive Entity & Attachment Clearing

When to get a Master Comprehensive Reiki Healing?

If you are feeling depressed, anxiety, have experienced a traumatic loss, crisis or radical life change, the master comprehensive is for you.