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Rock Your Root Chakra

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Chakra MuladharaAhhhh… Your Root Chakra

So what does it do? For one, it connects your energy to the Earth and serves as  an energetic release point.

When our root chakra is operating optimally, it safely flushes away all that negative energy we absorb in daily life by ‘grounding’ it out.

Think of it as our energetic elimination system.

Empaths are especially vulnerable to root chakra problems.

They absorb sooo much energy from other people that they can’t seem to keep up with grounding it all out before it starts collecting in their energy causing all sorts of problems.

 The Root Chakra Supplies the Energy for our Confidence, Purpose, Survival and ability to Generate Wealth

The root chakra is our Ego. Keeping it healthy and balanced keeps our Ego healthy and balanced.

Possible Signs of a Troubled Root Chakra:

  • restlessness
  • insecurity
  • lack of direction & purpose
  • self doubt
  • worthiness issues
  • fearful
  • angry
  • really dirty or damaged floors in your home

I know what your thinking… Everyone must have root chakra issues! Well, yeah. Unfortunately very few of us have managed to achieve and maintain a healthy root chakra.

What Gives!?!?

There are a number of things that can harm your root chakra. Because it’s the first chakra we develop in life, our childhood issues live here. The pain from those early experiences condenses and wedges itself inside the chakra. Yikes.

Not just that, but if we are having financial difficulties (which we all do at some point in our life) that will cause damage.

Any time in our lives when our survival was threatened, an illness or an accident, physically abusive relationships, all these things will harm the root.

Time For The Good News!

Energy is remarkably easy to fix. If you know what to do, it’s basically instantaneous. Yeah I know, hard to believe. But it’s true! I see it all the time. When I am in a healing session with a client and we start working on the root chakra, it only takes about 5-10 minutes to repair and activate it. Sure there are instances where the root requires a bit more work but that has more to do with the clients readiness then with the ability to quickly and easily heal the chakra.

How to Heal Your Root….

  • Yoga! Any grounding pose is soooo good for the Root Chakra, even if your not into yoga, there are really easy poses which are wonderfully grounding. Child’s Pose (google it, anyone can do it I promise!) Tree Pose and Mountain Pose are 3 really good ones.
  • Star Solaris Reiki! 😉
  • Flower Essences Larch and Mimulus are both very good at healing the Root Chakra. Larch gives confidence where Mimulus relieves constant worry.

Another thing you can do to work on your Root is to visit it of course! (This is from my Astral Vision Healing Journeys, if you like this approach you can visit all seven of your chakras in my voice guided healing linked here and at that end.)

Star Solaris Reiki

Simply imagine you are in a Garden with a Fountain. 

This is YOUR Garden and YOUR Fountain. The energy of your root chakra is communicating to you through the image of your fountain and your garden.

Take a look at your fountain. Is the water running steadily or slowly? Is it running at all? Is the water clear?

You have all the material you need to repair your fountain or purify your water if need be. Maybe all you need to do is turn up the water. Or open the back and clear moss out of the pipes. Every situation is different. When I am in session with a client I can guide them towards the work that they need to do on their chakra but anyone can do this on their own if they so choose.

The beauty of working with energy is it’s only limited by your ability to visualize. Since this is your own personal energy, don’t even worry if your doing it right or not. There’s really no way you can go wrong as long as you pay attention to how you are feeling. If the work you are doing on your fountain and in your garden feels good to you, then you are doing it right!

If you are clearing out a lot of rocks, moss, or ‘gunk’ out of your fountain, be sure to send it out of your energy. Maybe imagine that you have a well that goes to the center of the Earth and you can throw all the stuff you clear out of your fountain into it.

Ideally, your fountain will have a base and three tiers. Or something that symbolizes four. If you only count two or three, consider building an addition to your fountain or changing it until it feels good to you. You will know. It is YOUR energy after all!

Once you have your fountain running just right, take a look around your garden. Are there weeds? If so, remove them and make sure they get thrown in the well also. Work in your garden until you get that feeling of completion.

Viola! Now, it may take a couple of visits to your fountain to get it just right. And if you do this visualization a couple times and notice that your fountain keeps getting all gunked up it may be because there’s some work that needs to be done on the sacral chakra or perhaps you just need to ground more often.

If you are an Empath, regularly grounding and keeping your root chakra healthy will go a very long way towards helping you cope with the constant inflow of energy you take in on a daily basis.

Star Solaris
Be Like This Cartoon Super Woman! She is TOTALLY Rockin her Root!

Little Things that go a Long way toward Helping the Root…

  • Eat Red Foods! Especially Red Root Foods! Radishes are a great example
  • Wearing the color Red will bring that energy vibration into your Aura
  • Wear a Grounding Stone. Tiger’s Eye. Hematite. Galena is a REALLY grounding stone. Basically any Red or Brown colored stone in your energy field will help you to ground which will in turn help your Root Chakra (think of it like Drano lol)
  • Walking Barefoot or Working in the Yard
  • Dancing! Any kind of dancing, just get your body moving
  • Get a pedicure and paint your toenails Red!
  • Walking, jogging, or any other exercise that involves your legs
  • Touch your pointer finger to to your thumb. This is the Mudra (hand yoga) for the Root Chakra!Star Solaris Reiki

Take what resonates for you and give it a try… It won’t be long before you are Rocking Your Root Chakra!

Love Ya! Happy Root Healing!

Star Solaris Reiki Mentorship

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  1. Hey Lea, I gave your suggestions a try, working in my garden and asking help from Michael in my meditation session. It was the first time in a long time that I’ve meditated and I’ve really needed it. I did this right before I fell asleep and this morning I had a very bizarre dream that kind of freaked me out. You know how you go with the flow in certain dreams because you don’t know you’re dreaming? Well I didn’t know I was dreaming because it seemed so real but once it turned strange I was really freaked out. Like I didn’t agree with the dream logic. (I was looking for my room but opened many doors to find my parents and my sisters over and over again. Almost like I was interracting with multiple realities in one house). The strangest part was when I woke up. For a minute I could see this grayish/silver energy dancing above my chester across the room. It kind of resembled that paperclip guy from Microsoft word distorting and twisting. Did I totally mess up my meditation session?? What is going on with my chakra?

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