Introduction on Entities & Attachments

Definition of an Attachment

An ‘attachment’ is any energetic being that attaches itself to another energy system. 

  • For Parasitic Purposes (most common)
  • Because they are lost, stuck, or in need of help (earth bounds)
  • Spite or wounding (elementals) 

What they Attach To

  • The Human Energy Field (chakras, meridians, aura, etc)
  • Trees (sadly)
  • Animals
  • Objects (art, antique furniture, or electronics for examples)
  • Crystals (because gemstones are like energy batteries)
  • Properties¬†

The Difference between Entities & Attachments

Entities are technically attachments because they will attach themselves to people etc for their own purposes. I consider Entities the Criminals and Con Artists of the Spirit World. 

Attachments are like the pests and rodents of the Spirit World. Think of them like energetic mosquitos, flies, spiders, rats, etc. Most of the time they are elemental. 

Earth Bound Spirits (ghosts) are considered attachments when they attach to people or places which they generally do because they are stuck so they do not have much choice.