The two main ways that our energy interacts with the world is our energy going out and other energy coming in.

Personal Energy Going Out: If you consider that every word, thought, action, and feeling you have is a piece and part of your energy, imagine how easily depleted you can become if you aren’t getting enough opportunity to reclaim and recharge it.

Outside Energy Coming In: We are regularly exposed to outside energies. It comes in through the t.v., the radio, energy fragments from other people left in the grocery store, doctors office, the energy you receive from other people talking about you/to you or having feelings towards you. All of this energy can potentially end up in your aura and affect the way that you think and feel.

Energy Draining Relationships

Very often in relationships, one person can become very demanding of the energy (i.e. attention) of the other person. It can also take place with both partners. This usually stems from their own energy being compromised and so they rely on the other person to ‘source’ them with the energy that they need.

Sometimes one partner will ‘energy overdose’ the other with their own energy without even realizing it. If you find yourself constantly thinking, feeling, and talking about someone, they are probably getting overdosed on your energy. Do the take your energy back exercise I outline in this article.

Ironically, this creates a larger problem for both partners for a few reasons. Here are a few things that can result from it:

  • The energy of one partner becomes regularly depleted by the other
  • The partner who is doing the depleting ends up having so much energy from the other person in their aura that their own personal energy cannot circulate
  • The partner of an energy over-doser feels that their own energy cannot circulate and they begin to feel the need to withdraw from the person who is overdosing them (energy addiction occurs when the person becomes reliant on being energy over-dosed)
  • The more they do this, the more depleted and polluted their energy becomes and the more they feel the need to get more so they end up locked in an energy damaging cycle

is your energy being stolen

Common Ways Your Energy Can be Polluted and Stolen by People

  • People that are always complaining about their lives or relationships: The negative energy that they are generating will get into your energy and adversely affect your positive energy efforts in your life and relationships. By giving their life dramas your energy attention, your energy is being depleted and getting tangled up in them.
  • People that are always speaking negatively about other people: When this happens, you are absorbing the negative energy that they are directing to the other person and also getting your own energy entangled in theirs. This activity attacks the energy of the person who is being spoken about. Because your energy got entangled in it, your energy is damaged by this attack as well.
  • People who are verbally or emotionally abusive: Verbal and emotional abuse is energy theft and dumpage. On an energy level, when a person is abusive to another person, energy cords are formed and attached to the target. The abuser is then able to take the persons personal energy and dump into them whatever negative energy they no longer want to carry (projections, accusations, insults, etc).

Empowering Your Energy in Relationships

I’ve observed that other peoples energy vibrations affect our own. If one person has a damaged chakra it will affect the health of the same chakra in someone close to them.

Negative thinking and feeling seems to be the default mode of operation for the majority of our society. It takes effort to pull out of it and align your energy with higher vibrations. A powerful way to start is by making changes in how we relate to the people in our lives.

Boundary Setting: Energetically that is exactly what is taking place! When you set a boundary with someone, you are creating a boundary of protection in your energy. This also teaches people how to relate to you on an energetic level. If a person wants to speak badly about someone to you and you politely say “I would rather not hear unkind things spoken about people” then you just set an energy boundary. Your energy will not be harmed by the negativity and you also protected the energy of the person who is being negatively spoken about. Mucho good karma points for this. 🙂

Shift the Vibe: If you are in a conversation with someone who is going on about how much their life sucks along with everyone in it, try shifting the energy vibration of the talk towards something positive! “Hey look how beautiful the sky is right now!” or “Let’s be thankful about how blessed you are that you have this or that”

“Soul Time” Can Reclaim Your Life Energy

What is Soul Time? It’s the time that you spend tuned-in to your own energy self. No distractions. Just you and your energy. Hangin out.

No television to pull your energy attention outside of yourself and into what is being broadcasted.

No people around or on the phone to pull your energy attention into relating to them or whatever mental/emotional drama is taking place with them or in their life.

Just you with yourself.

Star Solaris

The Importance of Soul Time for your Life Energy

This is something that everyone needs more of. Here are a few benefits of getting some soul time for yourself:

  • When you spend time by yourself, the energy that belongs to you that is out in the world returns to you
  • By being present with your own energy, it develops itself and grows
  • Taking the time to disconnect your energy from outside sources will clear and dissipate residual outside energy that may be in your aura from other people and situations
  • With your energy present and outside energy cleared, your thoughts and emotions will balance themselves creating a feeling of inner peace and understanding
  • Creative ideas, solutions, and inspirations occur during Soul Time

Powerful Soul Time Activities

As long as you are by yourself without other people around pulling on your energy, you are getting soul time. No, not if you are watching television or playing on facebook. No, not if you are on the phone. This is time when you are fully with yourself and only yourself. Some activities really make the most out of soul time.

  • Journaling: This soul time activity brings you into the present moment in a reflective way. You are honoring yourself and your energy by taking time to sit with it and express it in words.
  • Gardening: Even if your just watering the grass barefoot while you zone off on the sunset, you are getting some good connection to your soul energy and some nice nature energy.
  • Yoga: Because yoga includes exercises that bring your energy into your energy centers it is a strong soul time activity.
  • Exercise: Again this is good for bringing your energy into your body.
  • Cleaning and organizing your home: This is my favorite soul time activity. Because I am so aware of energy and how it operates I can witness the Feng Shui effects of it in my personal life and environment. When I am organizing the cabinets in the kitchen I can feel my heart chakra lighten a little. When I clean out my closet of old clothes I no longer wear, I find that I reflect and release emotional baggage that stem from old wounds as I do so.
  • Any form of artistic expression: This is a beautiful soul time activity that is incredibly strengthening for your energy. When you are in the act of being creative you are activating your 2nd chakra and utilizing it’s energy which will further stimulate more creative energy flowing through your life.

Intuitive Moments Come during Soul Time. When you are alone with yourself, your energy isn’t being distracted or diverted in other directions. It is fully present and available for YOU to use for yourself and your manifesting efforts.

Afterthoughts and Contemplation…

As your consciousness increases and your awareness grows, you will become increasingly sensitive the energy of other people. Taking the time to be aware of it will go a long way towards reclaiming and maintaining your own life force energy!

Love and Blessings to You,

~ Lea