These chakra healing and energy healing videos are designed to support you in your ongoing spiritual healing efforts.

I created these videos to demonstrate through animation (as best I could lol) what is taking place on an energetic level.

Release Outside Energy – Info & Healing

This video is a little demo that slowly walks you through how much energy can get into your aura on a daily basis. I know… it’s kind of cringe. But I was experimenting with different styles of content creation. It gets the point across. And, I also introduce an awesome technique for clearing yourself of energy that belongs to other people, the Angel UPS method. Check it out.

Energetic Cord Clearing – Healing Walk Thru

This video is a bit of a throw back, I recorded it a couple years ago when I was living in Oklahoma. It has some good info on how to clear cords yourself.

I do have a cord clearing video on youtube I’ll link here also and that one is a major throw back – I was still pregnant with Violet!

Individual Chakras Healing – Animated

The Vision Journeys are the superior approach to deep comprehensive healing.

But if you want to do some quick healing on one chakra, this is a technique you may like to try.

It also provides for you some visual so that you can better relate to the energy.