Welcome to my healing video library!

Be sure to watch them in order to get the best healing possible.

Step 1: Clear Invasive Energies

Entities and attachments can block your healing efforts and prevent your Angels from assisting you. Let’s start by getting them out of the way as much as possible.

Step 2: Receive your Golden Wand & Sword from Archangel Michael

This first video is a short meditation to receive the healing tools which I will be referring to and guiding you to use in the healing videos to follow.

Step 3: Vision Journeys

These vision journeys were given to me by the Angels to provide myself and my clients with a superior yet simple method to comprehensively heal and repair the chakras & meridians. It also provides you a means through which you can see for yourself what is taking place in your energy.

There are two Reiki voice guided healing videos. The first is the lower chakras, the second is the higher chakras.

More Chakra Healing and Spiritual Healing Videos

Now that you have comprehensively cleared and repaired the majority of your energy system, now you can dive deeper in your healing.

You will want to do some energy maintenance to keep your energy safe, clear, and strong as you move through daily life.