Meditation for Grounding and Clearing Your Energy

Here is a Two Function Grounding Video for you to use daily or as Guided.
The purpose of this exercise is to ‘flush’ out any energy contamination you may have gotten from people and places throughout the day. 

Though this is the most basic and simple of the energy upkeep exercises, it is one of very high importance.

*Remember that your energy belongs to you, and it will respond instantly to your direction. All you need to do is draw your awareness and attention to what it is you would like to do with it and it will respond instantly.

When to do this exercise: ANYTIME! You don’t have to get out your meditation mat or burn incense while going into deep meditation for this. I have grounded driving down the road, in the middle of conversation with someone, while watching a movie, or while taking a shower. I ground before and after every healing session. It only takes a few seconds and you can feel the immediate shift in your energy field when you do so.

Step 1: Set your intention to ground your energy by taking a moment to decide to do so.

Step 2: Imagine your aura. You can use an image of it in your mind to connect to the energy or you can ‘feel’ it with your awareness. Whichever works better for you.

Step 3: Expand your aura into the earth. As if it is stretching downward into the soil. Do this until it is anchored at the center of the earth. Don’t get hung up on how long this should take because the center of the earth is so far away. Energy is not limited by distance. You can achieve this almost instantly.

Step 4: Once anchored at the center of the earth, imagine, feel, or intend that anything in your energy that does not belong to you is being flushed down into the earth to be neutralized and recycled.

Step 5: Now that you have released outside energy, imagine you are now drawing energy up from the planet to fill up and nourish your aura and chakras. 

When energy that does not belong to us gets into our personal energy, it prevents our personal energy from circulating and it influences the way we think and feel with it’s own energy signatures.

Real Life Example: You go out to eat for lunch. You are seated at a booth without knowing that the man who was sitting there before you was severely depressed. His sad energy that permeated the cushion and the table is still lingering around and now being absorbed into your aura. You leave the restaurant feeling depressed and unhappy. Taking a moment to recognize ‘hey this isn’t mine, I felt fine before going out to eat!’ you can then do this exercise and go right back to feeling your amazing self again.

Doing this exercise often, you’ll soon realize how often your so called ‘moods’ aren’t even your moods at all! Just energy garbage floating around that got up into your own energy space and starting affecting it.

If we go too long without grounding, it will result in harm to the root chakra. Empaths tend to absorb a TON of energy from environments and people and can become overwhelmed by this influx of energy which could lead to them shutting down or avoiding social situations.

Those who have a healthy root chakra will ground naturally and automatically. But it’s really good practice to do so consciously to assist and maintain it’s function.

You can and should Ground and Clear your energy as often as you like every day. 🙂

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