Five Ways Reiki Can Bless Your Life

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In my opinion, everyone can benefit from a Reiki session. I love love love Reiki. It is without a doubt the most beautiful energy that I have ever encountered. The positive change that it has made in my life and the lives of others is palpable, sometimes even miraculous.

So what exactly is Reiki? My best personal description of it is that it is divine energy, universal energy, high vibrational love energy which heals, transforms, and elevates anything and everything it touches. I am humbled by it. I am in awe and reverence of it. And I am continuously thankful and honored to be it’s conduit.

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1. Reiki Releases Emotional Pain – Regardless how long you’ve had it

When Reiki found me, I was broken. My soul was shattered from a stream of heartbreaks, disappointments, and a life filled with hardship. What Reiki did for me was free me from my personal prison of pain. So many of us believe that we have to carry our pain, or we want to be freed of it but we don’t know how or where to start.

Often, when I’m providing a reiki healing session… I will find the client’s pain ‘hidden’ or ‘stashed’ in some part of their aura. Hey, I get it. Sometimes things happen to us that are so devastating that we just can’t process it so we shut off to it. We refuse to take ownership of it, because we just can’t. Or perhaps we have so many life responsibilities that we don’t have the luxury of time for an emotional breakdown. Work still has to be met. Bills still have to be paid. Laundry still needs to be done. Kids still need to be fed. The car still needs gas. The world continues to make demands of us despite the fact that we are barely functioning emotionally.

Reiki finds and releases those emotional wounds that live inside of us. Whether it originated 20 years ago or 2 hours ago… it doesn’t matter. If it’s there, Reiki will transform it. It’s incredible to witness. At the beginning of a session I can feel the heaviness, anxiety, stress, worry, and pain in my client’s aura. Everything that they carry from a lifetime of unhealed emotional wounds. Then, as the session progresses, I begin to feel their energy shift to a lightness, joy, and sense of peace and relaxation. Witnessing this is my  favorite part of offering Reiki.

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2. Reiki Will Repair Any Damage you May Have to Your Aura

One common occurrence that takes place during my Reiki healing sessions is an aura repair of some fashion. Sometimes the fabric of the clients aura is too thin and needs strengthening (so they no longer have to be bombarded by other peoples energies) or sometimes they have a ‘rip’ in their energy field which leaves them open and vulnerable to other energies while their own personal energy is always being drained out.

There are also times when the aura is misshapen and needs a bit of restructuring. Every situation is unique and I learn from each and every one of them. I find that people who have suffered a serious physical injury at some point in their life will have a damaged aura from the incident that needs to be repaired. Those who have been in emotionally abusive relationships tend to be the ones who have weak fabrics, and those who need some restructuring of their aura are those who have experienced intense forms of social or family pressure and thus have not been able to live according to their own personal truth.

Once these repairs have been made, and the aura is strengthened and balanced, the energy flows smoothly allowing the client to express themselves more authentically.

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3. Reiki Cleanses Your Aura of Energy ‘Debris’

There is a saying “where attention goes energy flows”. There is truth to this saying. Take a moment to consider all the energy you get exposed to on a daily basis. That crazy road rager who flipped you the finger because you pulled out in front of them while they were speeding and they had to slow down. That angry energy shot out from them and landed in your aura. Yep, it’s still there. Now what about all of the intense emotional exchanges you have shared with people throughout your life. Or that one night stand with that person who turned out to be seriously creepy. Whoa there’s some major weird energy hanging out in your aura from that one.

Imagine going your entire life without taking a shower. The layers upon layers of dirt and muck that would accumulate over the years. That’s what most auras look like to me. Reiki removes all of that energy that does not belong to you, blesses it, and sends it home. Leaving you with your own energy, nice clean and unpolluted.

4. Removal of Energy ‘Attachments’

I know, I know, this is going to sound strange and even kind of freaky. But it happens. I call these the ‘flu bugs’ of the spirit world. Energies that attach to yours can be problematic. Like a parasite they cling to your aura and feed on your life-force energy. And yes, they can potentially incite you towards emotional drama so that there is always a fresh supply of energy generated to feed off of. Sometimes they are elemental, and sometimes they are straight up spirits.

People who have weak spots or tears in their aura are especially susceptible to these buggers. As well as those who work in the medical profession or in law enforcement, pretty much anyone who is exposed to death, or any places where tragedy occurred are likely to pick up an attachment.

When I was in New Orleans for a convention I picked up a particularly stubborn one. There’s so much ‘stuff’ over there it was impossible not to. Fortunately, I regularly scan and cleanse my aura so I was able to detect it and attend to it immediately.

I also believe, and this is just my own personal theory of course, that those whose spirits shine brightly tend to attract more attachments. Think of a moth to a light.

At any rate, it’s really not that big of a deal to take care of. In fact, Reiki easily removes them. I am always amazed at how powerful Reiki can truly be in this regard.

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5. Chakra Activation and Balancing

This is a biggie. Our chakras function something like gears, working together in unison to power our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. If one of them is over active, it’s pulling too much energy. Likewise, if one of them is under active, its not pulling enough energy. People who do Yoga or spend time in nature regularly, tend to have the healthiest chakras from what I have noticed. These activities do indeed have a positive effect on the energy body.

star solaris reiki five things reiki can do

There is sooo much more that Reiki can do for you, schedule an appointment and experience it for yourself 😉

Love and Blessings to You,


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  1. Thanks for bringing to my attention that reiki healing can help to relieve pain that has been hidden a part of their aura. My mom has been having a really hard time emotionally, and I’m not sure what’s causing it. I wonder if she has something from her past that has been weighing her down. Maybe she could try reiki healing to get that baggage taken care of.

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