Your Angel Attunements

An ‘attunement’ (if you aren’t familiar with the term) is an energetic programming that you receive from the Angels.

When you accept the higher frequency into yours, you then have the ability to utilize it in your healing work.

These guided meditations will connect you to your Angels so that you can receive your Golden Wand and Archangel Michaels sword.

The Golden Wand is a visual symbol which represents something which you can channel Divine golden healing light with.

Your Golden Wand will elevate any energy to the highest frequency it is at readiness to carry.

The sword you receive will program your energy with that of Archangel Michaels.

This is a phenomenal tool for use in discernment.

Because the sword carries the divine frequency of Archangel Michael, it will reveal and clear entities and attachments.

If a being presents to you as a ‘Guide’ in Astral, you will always want to use your sword to test it. Touch the being or shine light on it.

You will know if the being is of high frequency because the high frequency from the sword being delivered to it will not affect it at all. This is because they are of similar high frequency.

However, if you see a being and shine light from the sword on it and it recoils, or shifts in appearance, you will know it has been revealed for its true nature.

Low frequency energy is dissolved, elevated, or recycled by high frequency energy. This is what is happening to entities, attachments, etc when you introduce the sword light to them.

You can and SHOULD touch or shine light onto any being you see in astral.

True Guides and Angels will not be offended by this, in fact they will applaud you for your discernment.