Don’t get me wrong… I appreciate the power of an eclipse. I just do so from the comfort of a cozy couch, curtains drawn, with some Palo Santo nearby.

You won’t find me out looking at the Sun when the darkness covers it. I’ve learned MY lesson.

There is a reason why indigenous cultures are fearful of eclipses. Think about it, darkness covers the sun.

Being a Healer and Lightworker, I highly prize our Suns natural ability to clear energy. Places where sunlight doesn’t touch provide ideal nesting areas for attachments and entities. And if our Sun is a symbol of life and divine source light… Well… What do you think it means when a shroud of darkness befalls it?

There’s a practice called ‘sun gazing’ which involves looking directly at the sun. Yes despite all the so called experts advice against it because it can harm your eyes blah blah blah.

Anyway, I learned about this practice from a client of mine who came in for a healing session. Her energy was absolutely remarkable. So clear in fact that I asked her what spirituality she practiced or what exercises she did to keep her energy so healthy. She shrugged and said she did a bit of Qi Gong.

Well, as I grew to know her better I learned that sun gazing was a regular practice she and her husband took part in. Upon researching it for myself, I learned that it is in fact possible to look directly at the sun on the horizon just as it’s setting. The first time I participated in this with her, I was astonished at how the light from the sun entered my eyes into my third eye chakra and moved its way through my chakra system essentially cleaning clearing and vitalizing it.

Holy smokes!

Yet… Of course. Sunlight clears and nourishes. So yeah it’s going to do that for a persons energy field. Wow.

Now I’m not saying go blind yourself looking at the sun, but if your interested, do some research. Because our eyes aren’t accustomed to looking directly at the sun it could potentially be harmful if not done properly. I personally didn’t have any problem with looking directly at it as it touched the horizon and fully set. It was an incredible experience for me.

After which my Guides informed me that it’s healthy for my third eye chakra to NOT wear sunglasses. Oh. Geez. I like my shades. They are part of my style (I still wear them, just not as often as I once did).

So considering that sunlight enters our energy field through our third eye chakra when looking at the sun, what do you think is entering into your third eye chakra when you look at an eclipse? Darkness. Darkness is entering. I’ll pass. Not that I’m all hoity toity about energy, I just spend a lot of time and effort keeping mine clean and clear, so I’m not about to go pour tar into my third eye and energy system. (Sorry if I just ruined the enjoyment of eclipse watching for you!)

Astrologers pay close attention to eclipses as they often trigger major events for individuals as well as the collective. Whether they herald blessings or misfortune depends upon the particular eclipse, which ‘eclipse family’ it belongs to and the aspects formed by planets in relationship to the degree and sign the eclipse is taking place in in relation to your natal chart.

I am not at all claiming to be an expert on Eclipses, but I have put in my share of research, observation, and life experience to fairly state that these are times in life to be extra mindful.

Being that eclipses occur in pairs, the solar and lunar, the time in between is considered “Eclipse Season” which I’ve observed as a time when entities are particularly at their strongest. It kicks my butt. I whine and cry to my Guides “Could you PLEASE send me some sessions that don’t involve demon clearing!!!!??”

There is a season for all things. And eclipse season is all about our demons coming out to feast and do their best to get the better of us. Some of us may prevail by identifying them (hard to miss the suckers when they are so strongly active) and making those changes in lifestyle and behavior that we need to make to be at readiness to let them go… while others of us get our butts kicked so hard it forces us to re-evaluate our choices.

So in that light, the darkness does ultimately serve it’s purpose. It grows our souls, and soul growth is rarely comfortable.

As a general rule, eclipses remove things from your life which are no longer serving a purpose. Even if they bring in an event such as the birth of a child or a marriage. The single life experiences a death. A needed one in order to create space for something new to enter. The loss of friendships make way for new and healthy ones. The loss of a job might open a path for a better opportunity coming in. Despite their discomfort, they are a necessary and vital aspect of the energy weather which is taking place.

That said, don’t fall for the woo woo “I’m going to charge my crystals during an eclipse!”. Unless you want to catch yourself some pet entities, I wouldn’t recommend that. Eclipses are a time to cleanse your crystals. Not to charge them. Do that on another day. Throw your crystals into a bowl of dry salt and let them sit in it for 24-48 hours. Make sure they are fully submerged.

And while your at it, cleanse yourself! Go through your old closets and cabinets, purge old items you no longer need and spray down the area with a blend of Eucalyptus essential oil and Osha root in water. Throw some salt in those dark cabinets too. Clear that old energy which has been weighing you down.

I can recall a time when there was an eclipse on my birthday.


What happened?

I married impulsively and moved to Korea with a man I hardly knew only to discover he was a psychopathic abuser with severe personality disorder (ahem rampant entities in his energy field). Hence it was my Guides lovely way of initiating me into the joyous training on how to identify and clear these mofos.

I didn’t ask to be a demon clearer or monster seer or attachment hunter whatever. I didn’t choose this path when I made the choice (or rather answered destinies call) to become a Healer. What I DID ask for was to be the best healer I could be. Apparently that means I had to get an intensive education on these big bad energy predators and learn how to clear them. That journey began with me being victimized by them to a severe extent.

I watched them my entire life, mostly I did my best to avoid them and make the best of co-existing in the world alongside them. They don’t like my kind and they make it a point to let me know by latching on to those closest to me and tormenting me through them. One of the main ways they steal your power is by instilling doubt in you. Because as long as you have doubt, they can have their way with your energy.

Belief is what clears them. Belief and Love. Because what is darkness but the absence of light? And what is Love but simply Divine Light. So if these baddies are targeting you, get hard and strong in your belief in yourself as a sovereign divine being and hold love as much as you can.

Put them in spheres of Golden loving light and watch them dissolve back into the nothingness from which they sprang.

Seriously that’s all there is to it.

Okay okay okay sometimes I do have to ask my Guides for a bit of back up… But they have never never never let me down. And if my Divine back up team should stand back and tell me I have to go it on my own to clear something, well, that’s because they know that I can. Which lets me know that I can.

And then I do. 🙂

And guess what? YOU have a Divine back up team to! Everyone does! I know this because that’s who I work with for my clients when I do their sessions for them.

So go ahead and clear some demons out of your life and know that your Guides have your back! If you want to ask them for help simply say “I call upon my Angels and Guides of the Highest Vibrations of Love and Healing to come and be present and assist me in clearing away any energy in my energy field and environment which is not serving my greatest and highest good.”

They want to help you but they can’t without permission! So go ahead and give them permission.

May you be Blessed and cleared of all that which is not serving you on your path to being your greatest and highest self.

Lots of Love to you!

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  1. Wow!! Wow!!! Wow!!!! Great article and well articulated. Star Solaris seems to address the right things at the right time. Thank you for your commitment to helping others. You are a Divine light breaking through the darkness. Keep up the excellent work.
    Love and Light to you and your followers.

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