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Sharing a little bit of my story…

When I made the decision to offer my healing services as my chosen career path, I knew it would be a risky move to take financially.

We all know that being in business for yourself involves a lot of fluctuations in income and never comes with a guarantee.

When I started Star Solaris, I was a single Mom who had a heavy responsibility to provide for my family.

It hasn’t been an easy road. The wonderful support and feedback I’ve gotten from my clients and the intrinsic rewards of being able to help people in such a powerful way has really made all of the challenges worth it to me.

Sure I get discouraged and have my doubts when things get tough but overall I feel I have been Divinely guided to stay this path and will continue to do so until I feel otherwise.

I remember reading somewhere “if you would do your work for free, then you have found your perfect profession” or something along those lines… and I truly would do my work for free! I love it that much!


However, if I did that I wouldn’t be able to help as many people (or any) because I would probably be homeless and without a phone hahaha…. seriously though…

Then there is also the fact that many of us in the field that I am in feel an internal conflict over charging for our services at all.

It’s that inner guilt of exploiting a gift from the Divine. We ask ourselves, “Shouldn’t it be something that’s offered without expectation of return?”

Then I read something that shifted my entire paradigm.

It was the principle of energy exchange, and that a person will get out of the session what they put into it.

In light of that, if a person isn’t giving anything in return for your time, skills, and energy, you are actually not really giving them a service but rather a deficit because they are still indebted energetically for what they received.


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Need some Healing by Donation?

All this to say, I would love to offer my healing services to you even if you cannot afford them. 🙂

I’m all about healing, and it’s not about the money. Let’s determine some form of an energy exchange.

If you have an item or a skill to barter, I’m totally fine with that! Send me an email, make me an offer of what you are able to trade and we can figure something out.

Or if you are honestly in need of some deep clearing but can only afford to spare $20 or $30… I got you!

Simply use this PayPal donation button and offer what you can, send me an email at or a text message at 719-744-4888 and we will set up some healing for you.

Would You Like to Bless Star Solaris with a Gift Donation?

If you happen to be blessed financially and would like to offer a gesture of appreciation for the difference the healing work you’ve received has made in your life, or if you have a desire to support Star Solaris, you can use the donation button for that as well!

I would be totally grateful for any blessings that come my way because I could always use them and it would truly make a huge impact and difference in my life and practice!

If you choose to do so, please let me know what energy exchange I could offer in return for your generosity.

Star Sister Star Solaris