Dinner and Wine Date with a Ghost

star solaris

star solaris

It all started when one of my favorite clients messaged me.

“I was at my friends house and I felt a ghost! Should I be concerned? I don’t want to get another attachment.”

My feeling on this was, of course she felt a ghost. This girl is highly intuitive and she’s cleared out all of her chakras after having had regular healings with me. Naturally she is going to be sensing things with them.

I thought about how to explain to her that an earthbound spirit is not the same as an attachment while chiding myself for having not gotten  around to writing my info-blog on attachments yet cause if I had, she maybe would have read it and not been so worried.

“How did the ghost feel? Did it seem friendly or not?” I asked her.

These are the questions you want to ask yourself when you pick up on any type of energy being. How they feel will hold all the answers. Energy cannot lie.

She told me that the lady ghost didn’t feel mean, just strong.

Coincidence would have it that I turned out to know her friend with the resident ghost.

Being the spirit-psychic girl of the social circle, I received invitation to her house for wine and dinner and to have communication with her ethereal roommate.

Of course I agreed.

The home she rents is an old adobe structure, likely historic. Upon arrival I notice that the energy of it feels very nice on the outside. Beautiful, well kept, and inviting. But when I went to knock on her front door I got the distinct feeling that I did not have the right house. My psychic tinglies weren’t picking up her energy signature anywhere around the front porch or doorway.

Wandering around the outside, her neighbors pointed me to the side french doors. It was almost as if something wanted to prevent me from going in.

Or maybe I was just feeling shy.

Reassuring myself that I would be drinking wine soon enough, she greeted me and invited me in.

The side room stored her bicycle and a variety of items and connected to the kitchen where I was delighted to see a gourmet vegan dish almost ready (I was starving!). As she poured my wine I made general conversation while I kicked off my shoes and plopped down my purse.

“Well? What are you picking up on?” She asks.

This woman is all business.

She told me that she was well aware of the ghosts presence and always had been. Her guests that visit her home who aren’t even ‘woowoo’ as she called it (I think it’s a label for people who are into psychic phenomena, not sure…) would comment on how they feel the energy presence of it as well.

Alrighty then!

It’s go time.

I energetically size up the place by sending my energy around it in a scan. Perceiving it through my solar plexus chakra on a feeling level and combining it with the images of the energy I was picking up in my 3rd eye.

The house is furnished with her landlords many antiques. A side room with windowed doors adjoined the dining area and I saw plants and some old dolls sitting on a little bench.

Now that was creepy. Old dolls freak me out. Spirits love to attach to them. *chills*

Another windowed door led to the living area.

Keep in mind, I was expecting this entire thing to be just a lady ghost hanging out probably attached to the property and likely wanting some assistance with crossing over.

I was not at all prepared for what I encountered.

Her entire living room was FILLED with ghosts. Four antique chairs arranged in a circle, each occupied. A man who was really upset. A few others. So many walking back and forth.

What the HECK!?!?!?

My first instinct was to go about setting the energy to clear the space of these ghosts, but something stopped me.

I had to remind myself that the purpose of my visit was to make contact with her ghostymate and provide for her whatever information I could glean. If I cleared them, that would pretty much render the entire dinner pointless.

I dismissed the fact that I was getting a bit of the feeling that I maybe didn’t have the right to.

As I was taking in the enormous amount of spirit activity in her living space and running it through all my chakras for as much information as possible… The resident female ghost arrived.

She was indeed very strong.

I could see her and hear her clearly. An older woman, proportionately figured, gray hair curled under and very well groomed. She had an air of sophistication and authority about her and was very gracious to me.

Her name felt as if it started with an M, I’ll call her Margie. She motioned me to follow her and I did, watching her white flowing dress lined with embroidered lace flow in true ghost style as she led me to the corner of the living room by the antique desk.

I felt that she wanted to show me something but I was a bit slow to figure out what exactly I was supposed to be seeing.

She told me to ‘look‘ which I then did, with my 3rd eye.

Holy sh*t.

Star Solaris

I was standing directly on top of an energy vortex, otherwise known as a spirit doorway.

Deep navy blue in color and whirling in a clockwise fashion, extending up roughly six feet above the floor. The occasional spark of light appearing as spirits traveled through it.

Whoa. Okay so I’m a healer.

True, part of my responsibility as a light worker is to assist stuck spirits and I do it because I can and I’m happy to help.

That’s the extent of it.

This whole spooky spirit stuff makes me a little uncomfortable because it’s never really been the focus of my work.

When it comes to my relationship to spirits, I’m just the messenger!

Sure I work for spirit, but they are high vibrational!  Saints, Angels, Spirit guides, and loved ones on the other side bring their people to me.

Maybe in a way I’m a spirit snob. I don’t usually talk to these types of entities. The divine energies and loving helpful spirits, now those are my peeps!

This is a different situation entirely.

No doubt about it, I had ventured into foreign spirit territory.

My first reaction was to size up the nature of the situation. I asked Ghost Margie if the spirit doorway was bad or good, to which she answered that sometimes she gets some bad ones through it.

The feeling she was transmitting to me was that this was a type of transportation hub for spirit activity and she was the moderator.


She was there doing her job, one which she took very seriously.

Venturing back to the dining area I did my best to explain the impressions I was getting to my hostess as I gulped the red wine that was just as no nonsense as she was.

The room with the creepy dolls was just too much for me.

I decided to go ahead and clear it. Through the use of Reiki and intent I created a sphere of light activated to open the space of transition to the other side. Monitoring the spirits in that room as they began to shift into this energy, I noticed a good many spirits from the living room area began rushing in through it as well. Almost as if they were desperate to get through the open door before it closed.

The impression I received in that moment didn’t get the chance to fully sink in since Madam Ghost Margie interrupted my work  to inform me that I was not to be doing any energy interference in this space and especially not in the living area.

Being that I am so accustomed to cooperating with spirit I of course respected her request, instead turning my energy attention towards the ghost man who was so upset. Maybe I could help him? Sheesh it’s ingrained in me. I guess I just can’t help it.

star solaris reiki

…Break Story for Side Ramble

Over the years I would really dislike it when people put me on the spot to be their psychic entertainment.

It always seemed to carry the feeling that they wanted me to prove something to them. Either that or they wanted to prove me wrong. Like I would make this sh*t up.

You know, if they had been psychic… they would have felt my resent towards them for their gift of being able to live life oblivious to the energy world.

I mean, there is WAY more negative energy in the world than there is positive. It’s exhausting shielding, ducking, and dodging it all day long every day.

That is what every day life is REALLY like for a psychic.

We don’t get the damn lottery numbers, we get the energy from the fight someone got in with their boss and the disgusting thoughts of misogynists. We get to feel all the judgements people carry towards us and others but never speak aloud. We get the energy when people lie to us but can’t call them out on it cause if we do, they just deny it anyway.

Stating that you know they are lying because you are psychic apparently does not hold water with people.

Let’s be real here, who’s gonna be like “damn you totally psychically busted me, yeah your right.”

That just does not happen.

When it comes to those negative energy type people (you know the ones) it’s not their fault that they go around emitting negative energy all the time. It’s really not. They don’t know any better. They are like spiritual babies. We can’t get mad at them for crawling when they do not yet know how to walk. All we can do is hold their hands when they try to take steps. Show them, say “look, look at that energy you are putting out into the world and observe what it’s doing”. If they are ready they will look.

The segue-way point of that long reflective digression is that I have since healed myself of the resentment and dislike towards being the psychic showgirl.

Now that I have a spiritually based business with Star Solaris, I gotta show up for the spirit stuff and represent.

Plus this chic is super cool and I was happy for the opportunity to hang out with her.

I felt like the nerdy kid that got invited to go to a cool kids house (that never happened for me, but I imagine that’s what it would have felt like).

I really didn’t want to let down her hopes of getting some information on her ghost.

But boy oh boy was I struggling.

Being simultaneously confused by the various levels of spirit activity taking place along with straining against the urge to just go into Healer mode and clear the place.

How did I handle it you ask?

I gulped down more of her red no nonsense wine.

End of Ramble…Story Resumes

At dinner her large black cat made himself comfortable on the table next to my plate.

Though she courteously admonished him, I found it a wonderful vibe diversion from my dilemma.

He remained. Staring at me. Slowly reaching his cat paw out to nick a piece of lettuce from my plate so very nonchalantly every couple of minutes. I loved him. The energy from his aura emanated powerful and protective.

After dinner, she offered to give me a tour of the rest of the house.

This is where it gets a little weird. I noticed that her room felt energetically separate. To the point where it literally looked like a sphere of yellow light surrounded and contained it. My first impression from it was that her personal energy vibration was so high that it permeated her room and created a level of protection for her from any low vibrational energy.

Immediately to the right of her room was a locked and unused office that had it’s own energy sphere but nowhere near as…uhh…. shiny.

From outside the door I scanned the room energetically and got a bit of a feeling that it contained a not-so-very-nice ghost along with the distinct impression that the spirits which traveled through the spirit doorway would then be led to something or somewhere in that room. Perhaps another spirit doorway?

Star Solaris

Just so you know, I don’t claim to be an expert on this type of spirit stuff. All I can relay is what I observe.

In my non-expert opinion, I have no freakin clue what the spirit activity was all about over there.

I politely declined when she offered to show me the basement.

“Maybe another time” I told her while thinking to myself that I probably never would.

We said our goodbyes and as I was driving home I reflected on how it was an interesting experience to have and how awesome it was for me to get the chance to hang out with her in her unusual spiritual environment.

Being that I have a busy life, I didn’t think on it again.

That is, until a spirit paid me a visit while I was at home working on my computer.

He just strolled on into my office (okay so it’s really my son’s room, but I made it into an office while he’s away for the summer).

Feeling guarded and taken by surprise, I immediately scanned his energy signature to determine who he was and why he was here.

You see, I have major powerful energetic protection in place around my home. Nothing uninvited gets through it.

I get my sword of Michael (yes the Archangel, I should totally write a blog about how I came to have it) and put it to him expecting him to shrink away from it and disappear as all negative entities do when I bust that baby out.

He addressed me by name, and told me in an amused way that he was not bad. Seeing that I remained disbelieving he took the sword and put it through him like air. “See” he said.

Star Solaris

Satisfied, I went on to inquire what he wanted from me as I began to notice how he was the most attractive spirit I’ve ever run across. He even had a great vibe and sense of humor to match (go figure, all the good men are either taken or dead).

Apparently he was my Gatekeeper.

Now for anyone who knows about the work of communicating with spirits, the gatekeeper is your spirit guide for it. They play the role of secretary in a way by monitoring the comings and goings of the spirits who wish to speak to you.

Every good medium has established a fairly solid rapport with their gatekeeper.

I confess, I had never taken the time to do so with mine. But man! If I would’ve known how freakin spirit-sexy he was I most certainly would have!

Before I get the opportunity to get into convo with him another spirit arrives.


They stood at the edge of my energy field and I watched as my gatekeeper blocked entry to him.

An energy wave of nervousness swept over me and I got the distinct impression that I was in trouble for something. You know that feeling you get when you’re re in trouble at work? Like when you know you messed up and you’re gonna hear about it? That’s how it felt.

I didn’t wanna be in trouble.

Tuning in to the energy of my gatekeeper and stern visitor I began to realize I had broken some spirit world rule or formality while at dinner. The spirit release work I had done in that creepy doll room had upset the apple cart of whatever operation was going on over there, and this spirit was here to hold me to account for it.

But I don’t wanna be held to account by this spirit. 🙁

I told the visitor that I meant no disrespect, I am only learning.
And I just kept repeating it to the spirit “I’m only learning. My apologies, I’m learning. Now I know, I won’t do it again.”

He didn’t care. A price was to be paid and he was working out what exactly that price was going to be with my gatekeeper.

After a few minutes of this I had had enough. I wasn’t going to allow this spirit to barge into my energy space (like I did his) and go making whatever decisions he wanted to make (like I did, oops).

In a situation like this, there’s really only one thing left for me to do.

Call in my Spirit Team.

And that is exactly what I did.

They arrived instantly.

All of them.

Star Solaris

Some were angels, some were guides, all of them very strong and thankfully able to trump the card being pulled by this upset visitor ghost.


In an instant he was gone, and as my team was no longer needed they left as well.

After taking a moment to sit with what had just happened I directed my attention to my sexy-ghost-gatekeeper. “You spent time negotiating with that spirit when all I needed was my team. Why didn’t you just call them?”

“You’re the one with all the numbers.” He replied and then was gone.

The lesson I learned was that in the world of energy, whether we understand it or not, it can still influence us. Arm yourself with knowledge and always trust your intuition. I needed to be reminded that yes I do have the right to decide what happens with energies and entities in my personal healing space, but not always outside of it.

And guess what?

You happen to have a powerful spirit team too!

We all do. I’ve never had a client that didn’t have a team. If you ever find yourself in a situation, ask for help. They can only help if you ask. That’s what my gatekeeper meant when he said that I’m the one with all the numbers. And don’t forget to thank them after asking. Check out my Healing Video Library and watch the Safely Clear Invasive Energies healing video I’ve made to help you clear these things quickly and easily with the help of your Angels. 

Love and Blessings!

~ Lea 


  1. You are adorable and hilarious and you are my favorite. This was a delightful read, and not just because I take a special interest in this particular spirit story!

  2. Wow, so awesome! Thanks for sharing. That’s what my mom learned the hard way too, all we have to do is ask. They can’t takeover and help till we do. Much love to our spirit team. ❤

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