The Language of Energy

The Biggest Lie You’ve Ever Been Told

Is to dismiss your imagination.

Let it sink in.

Your imagination is your Key to access the world of energy.

Think about it, what do people say when you are imagining something? That you are “making it up”

Making. It. Up.


When you use your imagination, you are CREATING in Energy.



However, there are some rules to learn and some parameters to work in when using your imagination to a desired end.

It may sound simple, TOO simple to want to take to heart.

And it is very simple in many ways, but it is absolutely a skill to learn at the same time.

What my Angels & Guides have taught me is how to incorporate visualization/imagination to access the world of Energy in the form of a Language.

The oldest language of shamans and mystics, the language of Symbolism.

And yes, many symbols have universal meaning.

Energy through association of established collective understanding springs from an inner knowing.

Form is but an expression of energy.

We know this consciously from the good ol’ theory of relativity which has been proven.

It has been PROVEN… so why is our society¬†still¬†dismissing it?

Could it be that many are simply not at the degree of consciousness to be able to fully comprehend the implications of this fact?

You are at a level where you can apply this sacred knowledge, if you weren’t, you would not be reading this now.

Frequency has a way of attracting that which harmonizes to it.

So, without further ado… I will begin to introduce to you these poetic yet powerful techniques which WILL create phenomenal change for you on an energetic level AND on a physical level.

These techniques were given to me by the Angels & Guides

They are simple, fun, and beautiful.

Our conscious mind has a way of overcomplicating things, which most certainly will interfere with the gentle language of energy.

So as you go through these imagination exercises… DO NOT DISMISS ANYTHING that presents itself to you.

Say to yourself instead, “What is this image trying to reveal to me?” and you will be well on your way to truly benefitting from the power that this system has to offer you.

Much Love,