Setting Your Sacred Space

You can absolutely just ‘jump in’ to your imagination to do this healing work whenever you want.

In fact, the ‘energy upkeep’ you can really do anytime.

Maybe incorporate it into your morning ritual of coffee, yoga, or while you do the dishes! (Doing the dishes is actually a great time to do manifesting or energy work since you are interacting with water and water is an energetic amplifier).

I’ve done it watching TV, driving, or just drifting off to sleep.

However, when it comes to the Chakra Journeys (especially your very first journey!) if you really want to have a deep and powerful healing experience it is always good to set sacred space for yourself.

You do not have to obsess over getting it all just right, or that you have to have the perfect kind of incense or candles.

If you want to get yourself some special incense, I do recommend frankincense and myrrh (natural) because it helps to thin the veil and raise the frequency. But if you don’t have any on hand, do not let that block you from just diving in and getting started. Burn any natural incense you have, light a candle, put on some meditation or relaxation music, and get cozy!

For the Chakra Journeys you will want some time to yourself without distraction, and make sure to have some water nearby (and that you are well hydrated!).

If you can do the Chakra Journeys in a bath, all the better!

Like I said, water is an amplifier and will assist you in going deeper into your meditation work. If you add some sea salt or epsom salt to your bath water it will help to absorb the energy that clears as you do this healing work.

But… if you don’t have a tub or you just can’t carve out time for a bath you can simply do this healing work for yourself relaxing on your couch or your bed.