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The Big Deal About Permission & What it Has to Do With Entities

Divine Law of Sovereignty

According to Divine Law, NOTHING can be in your energy without permission.

This fact right here is why they are always trying to be sneaky about gaining permission.

Problem is, you can’t just state a blanket revocation of permission and clear them all. It would be awesome if that would work… but it doesn’t. 

We have agreements from past lives and accidental permissions in areas of our energy from wounding and inherited energy etc etc etc.

Some of them are actually of our own creation (thought forms) so we need a strategic system to go about clearing them systematically. 

OH! One more thing… 

When they clear from you it creates a ‘shift’ and sometimes too big of a shift at one time is too much.


Depending on where you are at with your personal development will have a lot to do with how much of a shift your personal energy, mental emotional body, and physical body can handle. 

So it’s actually best to clear them in stages.

And, don’t worry. Your Angels and Higher Self know what’s best for you so you can trust yourself as you move through the process.