Entity Attachment Clearing Course Begin Here How Entities & Attachments Interfere with Your Healing (and your Life!)

How Entities & Attachments Interfere With Your Healing

Some Background Story…

In my early development as a Reiki Master healer, I practiced my work differently then how it is traditionally taught.

I wouldn’t use the hand placements because I was a channel for the Angels to direct healing through my hands and my hands would move on their own to heal & repair the recipients chakras and energy field. 

Something I began to notice was that often as my hands would move over the areas of the person that needed healing they would begin to move in a repetitive pattern and remain that way without moving forward. For example, small circles over the solar plexus. 

In essence, the healing attempt would become ‘stuck’ and unable to continue.

I was able to detect that the healing energy was not able to transfer to the needed area or achieve any relief for the individual receiving the healing. 

Breakthrough Moment

Because I had a lot of resistance to perceiving these things my Angels had to baby step it with me in the instruction they were providing for me. 

But as time went on, they taught me how to manually grab the invasive being and carefully pull it out of the energy field where it would then dissolve easily in the Reiki (or healing light) and at that point the healing energy was then able to reach the desired location. 

In a Nutshell

What I learned was that wherever an entity or attachment is embedded in the energy field, that person CANNOT receive the needed healing energy because it is being blocked by the attachment. 

As the years went by, I began to notice that the healings I was offering were far superior to healings that other healers were providing. 

Because one of the things that I was doing differently was removing these entities and attachments. 

I observed how common it was for these things to be in peoples energy, often I experimented with different techniques for clearing them. After applying MANY methods, I have come to discover that simply requesting the Angels to clear them is the easiest, quickest, and most effective approach.