Entity Attachment Clearing Course Begin Here How Common are Entities & Attachments?

How Common are Entities & Attachments and How they Get into Your Energy

To understand how common they are, think about how common flies, mosquitos, spiders and roaches are.

And what are they attracted to? Areas that have food for them of course.

Now think about how common criminals are.

And what are they attracted to? Easy targets.

So to ask, “how did I get an entity in my energy” is sort of like asking how a spider got into your house. Or a mosquito.

They are out and about looking for sources of sustenance.

And just like how we have lifestyle practices to avoid getting roaches (we keep a sanitary environment so as not to attract them) the same can be said for keeping a sanitary *energy* environment so as not to attract them.

This is where energy safety and energy hygiene come in to play.

Unfortunately… from my observations… attachments are MORE common then flies, mosquitoes, spiders and roaches.

The energy world is simply teeming with these things! The reason behind this has a lot to do with the fact that our society has a lot of practices that breed these things.

CFL and LED Lighting attract Entities & Attachments

These lightbulbs are soooo damaging to the human energy field that anyone who has them in their home are walking around with huge holes in their aura.

I have NEVER seen a location that has the twisted so called ‘energy saving’ lightbulbs without an entities nesting within them.

Crazy right! And absolutely infuriating for me because I feel like I can’t go anywhere (or stay in a hotel!) without being exposed to them. I actually travel with halogen incandescent lightbulbs for this reason.

The CFL spiral light bulbs are the worst and always have the strongest entities attached to them.

Porch Light CFLs Invite Entities

Our porch light is the light at our threshold, which is the opening to where energy enters our home. In feng shui it would be symbolic of where energy enters our lives.

I’ve observed how these spiral CFL lightbulbs always attract spiders! Naturally. Spiders are often a physical representation of entities.

Because I move a lot (seriously it’s ridiculous how often I move) and travel a lot… I’ve had ample opportunity to witness this pattern with the lightbulbs and entities.

The last house I lived in had a sneaky CFL under a light fixture at the back door. It also had a nest of black widows!

Once I removed it and cleared the area, I began to see grasshoppers and crickets (friendlier nature spirits for sure!).

In all the house clearings I’ve done, the absolute worst cases were in homes that had a proliferation of CFLs and fluorescent lighting.

This lighting is dirty energy. And just like roaches and flies are attracted to dirty counters… well…

Google it And See For Yourself!

Are LEDs Better?

They aren’t quite as bad as the spiral CFLs but they are still dirty and do attract attachments as well.

I used to offer an entity attachment clearing sessions, but it was frustrating for me because if a person lives or works in an environment with this lighting, it’s a futile effort.

Similar to taking your clothes to a cleaner just to turn around and jump into mud again!

With the Introduction of These Lightbulbs on a Mass Scale I’ve often asked myself how a Ton of People aren’t Really Sick

Because when our Aura is damaged, our energetic immunity is damaged. And this lighting damages our Aura.

It’s like acid rain on the subtle layers, it just erodes them.

When our Aura is damaged, we are vulnerable to anything coming along and getting into our energy.

How can you keep flies and mosquitoes out of a house that has no walls???

Not to mention the fact that if our Aura is damaged we are leaking energy and so do not have it available for ourselves.

Because our physical bodies need our vital life force energy to nourish and power it, the depleting of it will absolutely result in illness.

Other Ways We Can Get Them

If you take my cord clearing course, you will learn that we cord each other energetically and entities that are on a person you are corded to can hitch a ride on the cord back to you.

If you have a family member who has passed away, the entities that were on them will be seeking a new host… and who better than someone who has a matching frequency?


Abuse of substances always involves permission to entities and earth bounds to attach.

Because people don’t lose their addictions when they die, many earth bounds are stuck because of their attachment to the substance.

For example, if an alcoholic dies and remains earth bound… they will seek to attach to a person who has a matching frequency (often a family member) and when they do so, they will prompt their host to partake of the substance they are craving so that they can experience it through their host.

Entities are always a driving force behind substance abuse. They ‘claim’ a person by harpooning the solar plexus chakra which powers our will power.

I have on many occasion cleared ‘addictions’ from my clients by simply clearing the entities and earth bounds instigating the use of substances.

Medical Procedures

One memorable case I had was with a client who was suffering from extreme anxiety and body trembles following a gall bladder removal.

She had seen multiple doctors and medical professionals and they all said that they could not find anything medically wrong with her.

As a last ditch effort, she sought my services.

In her session I witnessed not one, not two, but TWENTY earth bound spirits clear from her energy!

That was early in my development as a professional healer and I was quite surprised to discover that a person could be host to sooooo many earth bounds!

This was an extreme case of course, and after her session to her astonishment (and mine!) she experienced immediate relief.

I can only postulate as to how so many earth bounds ended up in her energy system, but from what I saw, her energy body was damaged as a result of her gall bladder procedure and left an opening where earth bounds were able to easily move in.

When we experience physical injury, the physical body may heal but often the energy body needs repair also. It will remain unhealed until we consciously heal it. This is why we can come into this lifetime with wounds to our energy from previous lives.

The Girl Who Wanted to Be Called Joe

I knew a teen girl once, she was but 16 years old. A beautiful feminine girl who was sassy but popular.

It took me a bit by surprise when she suddenly had a change of personality and appearance and insisted that she be called “Joe”. Her style of dress and behaviors completely changed to that of a young boy.

Initially I just accepted the fact that the younger generations are often gender fluid and many of them are interested in expressing their identities without restriction to stereotypes around gender.

However, one day she sat down with legs spread open wide and “Joe” flaunted his genitalia to me.

Taken aback, I thought to myself, “Why would this earth bound spirit so blatantly flaunt himself to me? Doesn’t he know that I’m just going to clear him?” *Shrug*

Maybe he didn’t know that I could clear him?

Well, I did clear him.

And she went back to calling herself by her given name and dressing like a girl again.

Go figure!

When I pondered where he came from I came to the conclusion that because she lived across the street from a hospital, a good many earth bounds must be in the area of her home looking for hosts.

Graveyards are Trouble

I’m going to leave it to Hans Wilhelm to explain to you why graveyards are trouble.

I highly recommend exploring his channel because he explains many of these principles in wonderful detail.

Angry Elementals

In my travels to the East Coast, I was hiking in the Appalachian mountains (some of the oldest mountains in the world therefore some very old nature spirits) and as I was walking along a well traveled trail, a nature spirit rushed at me in an effort to trip me!

I was like “Hey! I’m a good guy! What the heck!?”

He was certainly not expecting for me to see him or call him out, and once I demonstrated to him that I was happy to offer healing to him and his kind, he gratefully accepted.

The area I was visiting had winding mountainous roads that seemed to be constantly filled with fender benders from automobile accidents.

People seemed to drive as if they wanted to get into an accident!

But upon further energetic observation, I noticed that the area had a multitude of spiteful nature spirits exacting their revenge on humans for building a road through their area.

Nature spirits can be childlike in essence, depending on their degree of development.

There are Devas at the level of the Angelic realms and then those which are in the lower realms. And the entire spectrum in between.

Entities Holding Earth Bounds Hostage???

My first encounter with this totally blew my mind.

I can’t remember if I wrote about it in Ghost Webs and Fairy Tells… I think I did.

But anyway, I witnessed it again in the Appalacians.

The woman who was hosting me in her home shared with me that the house had belonged to her grandmother and she felt that the place was ‘cursed’.

Indeed it was, in it’s way.

I was there to assist her in addressing it so that she could be free to sell the property and move on with her life.

For starters, her front porch was overrun with spiders and webs (and yes CFLs lit the area).

At the corner of her front porch, sitting at the edge of the outside wall of the room her grandmother died in… was an old church pew.

After tons of clearing, we finally determined that it was the pew that was at the center of the radius of the entity nest.

When we pulled the pew away from the wall to clear behind it… you wouldn’t believe the mass of strange spider like crickets that covered the wall solid behind it!

When I went into astral… I discovered some very strong entities and after clearing them, multiple earth bound spirits began to emerge from what looked like a type of dungeon they had been held in by the entities!

All of these earth bound spirits appeared to be wholesome folk from the 1950s era. There were roughly 15 of them.

They seemed confused but grateful as their Angels appeared to guide them in crossing over.

And who was among them? Yep. Dead Grandma.

Oh! About Spiders…

This was when I discovered that spiders will actually TELL you if they are a good guy or a bad guy.

You would think they would lie if they are a bad guy right?


They proudly proclaim that they are bad.

Bad guy spiders host entities. Step on them.

To find out if a spider is a good guy or a bad guy, simply ask them telepathically and listen for the answer.

This explains why a tiny little spider might appear to be (or feel like) it’s much larger then it’s actual physical size. Because in energy, well the entity it is hosting IS much larger!

In Conclusion…

If your Aura is damaged, attachments can easily move right in to your energy.

If your Chakras are damaged, entities can easily attach to them and hijack energy from them.

If your environment is full of entities, you might want to address that.

Change your lightbulbs to Halogen! I know it’s tedious and if you have fixtures or high ceilings it can be a total pain. But definitely worth the effort!

Also, you can raise the frequency of your home with FLFE Focused Life Force Energy. I highly recommend them. I don’t rank high enough to be an affiliate so I don’t get any compensation for recommending them. My only reward is knowing that I can help people raise the frequency of their home and property by recommending them.

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