Clearing Your Home of Entities & Attachments


  • Remove all CFL spiral lightbulbs. This is one of the MOST important things you can do to clear your home of Entities and Attachments. I ALWAYS see entities around these lightbulbs because the light from them damages your Aura and makes it easy for the entities to feed on your energy. 
  • Salt all the corners of your home. Simply put a little bit of sea salt in all the 90 degree corners. This will help keep the energy of your home clear.
  • You can also salt your window sills and your thresholds. 
  • Entities ‘nest’ in areas where sunlight doesn’t touch. Open your curtains every day. 
  • You can also find entity nests by tracing down clutter. If you notice you have an area of clutter in your home, imagine a circular radius around it. The object or area the entity is nesting in will be at the center. The object is usually metal and likely to have rust. But it’s also possible the object is something different.
  • Mop your floors with Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Salt
  • Make a clearing spray with an empty spray bottle and add water and an Osha Root to it (with some drops of Eucalyptus essential oil)
  • Burning candles will purify the energy of a home
  • Burning natural incense will also help
  • Purge old belongings that may be housing entities or attachments by following the Marie Kondo method
  • Bless your property by inviting in Divine Energy