Clearing “Agreements” with Entities & Attachments

What Is An “Agreement”?

An agreement in energy terminology is an existing tie or linkage you may have to these entities. 

Often these agreements stem from past life experiences and they are really just a deeper, more embedded form of a permission.

Clearing ‘agreements’ is easy.

All you need to do is ask yourself (your energy) if you have any energetic agreements with any entities and then in visualization, look for something that would symbolize that.

You may sense a rolled scroll of paper, or something that may look like a document, or even a book! 

It doesn’t really matter the image. What matters is that your energetic self is presenting you with an image you can work with in visualization. 

Once you have an image, you will want to dissolve it using sword light or golden light or both. If it is stubborn and you struggle to clear it, you can ask your Angels for help.

If you do not perceive an image of an agreement, you can still clear it through intention. Simply affirm to yourself and your Angels that if you have any existing agreements with any entities, that you would like to clear and dissolve them. 

After the agreements are dissolved and cleared, you can then ask your Angels to clear any Entities that were associated with the agreements. 

Specifying Agreements

Now, when it comes to clearing agreements, you need to be as specific as you can around it. 

Because we can hold many agreements with groups of entities from various past lives or even current life experiences, we need to go through them to clear them separately to be most effective.

Personal Example

I had children with a man whose family had a lot of entities in their ancestral line (who doesn’t though, right?) anyway… these entities were targeting ME because I had inherited an agreement to them by becoming a participant in the family lineage through the fact that I had children with him. 

Also keep in mind, when you share intimacy with someone, you are in fact sharing DNA, you are absorbing their DNA into your body (through saliva when kissing, fluids in physical intimacy etc)… which in essence gives permission to whatever is attached to their DNA, their energy, to then have access and entrance to yours. Hence, an “agreement” is then formed through the permission you’ve given by allowing their DNA entry into your body (their energy into yours). You see?

In order to clear the agreement I had with this particular group of entities, I had to clear the specific agreement I was holding in relation to him and his family lineage. 

I did this by asking if I had any agreements with any entities associated with him and his family (which I knew I did, but asking gave my energy the permission and opportunity to reveal it to me in the form of an image). 

I received the image of a big dark heavy book which looked antique like. I tend to think that if I see a book, it’s a rather large group of entities. I directed Golden Healing Light into it and observed as it dissolved. 

Once the book was dissolved, I then asked my Angels to please clear the group of beings that were associated with that agreement and targeting me. 

What resulted was a massive exodus of entities leaving as the Angels cleared them, and I experienced an immediate shift of comfort and relief regarding the energy around my relations with my children’s s father and his family!

Some Instances That Might Have Agreements

Look at areas of your life where you experience stress, anxiety, chronic problems, etc to give you sense of where some agreements may be located. 

  • Personal Ancestral Agreements You’ve Inherited from Your Family Line: “Do I have any agreements with entities from my family lineage from my Mothers side? From my Fathers side?”
  • Agreements with Entity Groups that You’ve Connected to From Past or Current Relationships: “Do I have any agreements with entities from my Husbands Family?” 
  • Agreements with Entity Groups from a Property: “Do I have any agreements with entities from this property I live on (or purchased)?” 
  • Personal Agreements with Entities from Past Lives: “Do I have any agreements with entities from Past Lifetimes that affect my ability to live in abundance?” 

Steps to Clearing Agreements 

  1. Identify a Potential Agreement (relating to a person, situation, etc)
  2. Ask if it exists and visualize a paper, scroll, book, etc as an image to work with
  3. Dissolve it in Golden Healing Light (if you practice Reiki you can use that as well or any healing modality that you prefer that works for you)
  4. Then Request of Your Angels to Clear the Entities Associated with the Agreement