Entity Attachment Clearing Course Familiarize Yourself All About Entities & Attachments

Clearing Entities & Attachments

Types of Spirits

Clearing Entities & Attachments is actually quite easy… you just need strategy!

About Earth Bound Spirits

How to Heal Earth Bounds

Earth Bounds Often Attach to Furniture and Places ~ ESPECIALLY to Family Members

Entities Feed Off of Negative Emotional Energy

When Scanning for Entities they Often Appear as Dark Forms (or you might get the gory details)

Attachments are Commonly Elemental

What Makes You Vulnerable to Attachments?

Entities & Attachments function very much like Pathogens

Elemental Attachments

How to Perceive Entities & Attachments

Children are OFTEN Aware of Them

Sizes of Attachments Might Surprise You

Thought Form Attachments

Healers and Psychics are Magnets for Entity Attachments

About Succubus Entity Attachments

How to Clear Yourself of Succubi