Entity Attachment Clearing Course Begin Here 50 Fast Facts About Entities & Attachments

50 Fast Facts About Entities & Attachments

  1. They can be manually removed (pulled out with your hands or tools)
  2. They can be ‘chased’ out using bells, drums, or incense
  3. Affection Clears! 
  4. Being “Present” clears because when you are occupying all your energy it pushes them out
  5. They can be flushed out by running healing energy through the meridians 
  6. They WILL move around the energy body and hide while trying to clear them
  7. Strategy is Very Important for Comprehensively Clearing them
  8. Epsom Salt is hugely effective at clearing elemental attachments & loosening Entity grips
  9. Some of the stronger entities will pose and Masquerade as Angels, Guides, or Galactic Allies
  10. They ‘nest’ in objects in your home
  11. Cats will catch and clear them 
  12. Dogs will catch and contain them (but then you will want to clear your poor pooch!) 
  13. Attachments generally move right in to damaged and dirty areas of the chakras or meridians
  14. Entities attach through cords to the energy system 
  15. Entities can even attach to Earth Bound Spirits! 
  16. CFL SPIRAL LIGHTBULBS ATTRACT ENTITIES (I put this in all caps for a reason) 
  17. Entities can travel through mirrors
  18. Entities love to attach to cars and instigate ‘road rage’ and accidents
  19. I’ve seen swarms of entities on busy interstates 
  20. Sometimes a person can get a severe entity attachment from simply purchasing an object that houses one 
  21. They target Healers and Energy Workers because they want easy access to peoples energy
  22. They can transfer through sound: music set to frequencies they exist on, if the vocalist has an attachment on his throat chakra, if the instrument has an attachment on it, lyrics that align in entity frequencies etc 
  23. They can transfer through images: portrayals of entities or attachments gives them strength and corporality
  24. They target artists as artists are natural channels and so they seek to inspire the artist to give them corporality (this is why many images which portray them are fairly accurate)
  25. Watching Horror movies will absolutely serve as invitation to entities to enter and exist within your third eye chakra and home 
  26. The ouija board rarely attracts Divine Angels & Guides so is another invitation to Entities and Earth Bounds
  27. Many of them require a host or object to hitch hike on to travel
  28. Some will target from a distance by throwing white energy at a person to damage their aura
  29. You can get entities by eating food they are in (meats most commonly)
  30. There are Entities that govern all Addictive Substances
  31. They will attempt to “claim” people 
  32. If talking to someone gives you “anxiety” that means they have an Entity on them
  33. They can cause panic attacks by attaching in to the higher heart chakra
  34. If your pet often defecates in the same area in your home, it usually means theres an entity or attachment there
  35. After clearing an entity in your house, you will often discover a spider (or similar)
  36. If an entity detects its host is about to clear it, it might try to interfere or ‘direct’ the host to a location where it can then jump to a new host
  37. If your children are sassing you a lot, they probably have a throat chakra entity
  38. It is very common to pick up earth bound attachments from hospitals & graveyards
  39. If a person with entities cords you, their entities can travel through the cords to access your energy
  40. It is possible for a person can have hundreds of any variety of attachments in their energy 
  41. If you have anxiety, then there is an entity on you or targeting you
  42. Entities always move in to the belongings of the deceased (especially clothes)
  43. Entities will often torment and hold hostage nature spirits
  44. Entity Test: If a person does not like the smell of Palo Santo, they have an entity on them. Once the entity clears, they will change their mind  
  45. Entities can leave their residue in a persons energy field 
  46. All conflict is entity driven 
  47. Some types of entities seek sexual energy, some seek energy from violence, some seek energy from fear… etc etc etc
  48. Some elemental attachments get into peoples auras because the elemental is homeless
  49. Some elemental attachments are angry and spiteful towards humans
  50. Some of the strongest entities are inherited from ancestors