How to Know When You’ve Been Corded

Cords are Common! Super common!

As a Healer, I clear cords from my clients in every single session. It’s extremely rare to encounter a situation where a person has no cords.

I clear cords from myself on the daily! Even when I am being a hermit and having no interaction with the outside world.

How Does it Happen?

Whenever a person thinks about you or has an emotional process regarding you, their energy extends outwards and is often accompanied with some type of a cord.


Your ex lover misses you and is wondering if you are in a new relationship or just how you are doing and what you are up to… when they do this, they put out ‘feeler cords’ that attach in to your energy.

If they are sad, you will begin to think about them and feel their sadness.

If you are sad, they will begin to feel your sadness.

It’s also possible that YOU are putting out feeler cords to your ex and the same scenario would take place.

Feeler Cords

Your boss is waiting for you to submit your work for a deadline. They put out stringer cords to pull on you to present them the desired materials. These cords pull on your energy and could potentially damage your aura.

Stringer Cords

An abusive person wants you to control your behavior. They put out control cords to your solar plexus chakra to influence your decision making with their own energy.

Control Cords

A jealous frenemy is constantly thinking about how they want you to fail. They put out siphon cords to take your energy and thus sabotage you from making progress in your life.

Siphon Cords

Anyone who desires your sexually and thinks about you in this way extends sexual energy cords that link up to your sacral chakra to access your sexual energy.

Sexual Cords

A narcissist (or emotionally unbalanced individual) who cannot process their own negative emotions will put out dumper cords to dump all of their negativity into you. If it is their insecurity, you will end up feeling really insecure which gives the dumper the opportunity to dump their shame energy onto you for feeling insecure! And you may end up believing it to be your own emotions.

Dumper Cords

A relative might feel like ‘they know what’s best’ for you, so they put out control cords to influence your decision making.

Control Cords

A total stranger sees your post on social media and feels strong judgments towards you, they put out their dumper cords of judgment and you suddenly feel uncomfortable about being yourself.

Dumper Cords

You have a relative or friend who is suffering from illness, they need vital life force energy and so they extend siphon cords to access it from you.

Siphon Cord

You go out for drinks with your friends, there is an entity in the establishment that notices you have vulnerability in your energy due to damaged chakras and aura… it uses it’s cords to connect to your energy field and thus access your energy easily.

Attachment Cord

Symptoms of Being Corded

symptoms of being energetically corded

Feeling Drained of Energy

If you find yourself suddenly drained of energy, especially after being around someone… chances are you have been corded by them.

You may also be corded them as well.

The reason you feel drained of energy is because your energy is going into a siphon cord.

It’s as easy as removing the siphon cord and calling home your personal energy (and clearing it as it returns).

Overwhelming Emotion that Doesn’t Release

If you are experiencing overwhelming emotion that doesn’t release, you are probably corded.

The thing is, we cannot clear another person’s emotional energy. Only THEY can clear it.

So if you are processing emotion that isn’t yours, you will feel it continuously with little relief.

Another instance is if you have your own emotional energy blocks that are stuck in your aura or chakras and they get corded by someone. Well meaning or not, the cords are blocking your emotional energy from releasing. Once you clear the cords, the energy can release easily.

Obsessive Thinking about a Person or Situation

If you find that you cannot stop thinking about a person or a situation, this is a definite symptom of being corded.

Often when you can’t stop thinking about someone it’s because they have your energy. Once you remove the cords and get your energy back you will find that you no longer feel so obsessive about it.


This can result from you being corded by an entity, or a person who has entities that are riding in to you on the cords they are putting out.

Loss of Appetite

When your solar plexus chakra gets corded it will affect your appetite. Control cords to the solar plexus restrict it’s ability to function which has a lot to do with the vital life force which powers digestion.

Once you clear the cords to your solar plexus, you will experience an immediate hunger.

Feeling “Pulled On”

You are detecting stringer cords, siphons, or feelers.

Feeling “Heavy”

You are detecting dumper cords of energy.