You Chose the Community Crystal

Because you were guided to the community crystal, themes around your community are strong in your energetics right now.

Perhaps you are focusing on activities that involve family or friends or groups of people.

Remember not to lose yourself, it’s important to take time for your self care. Pouring a lot of your personal energy into other people can be draining. And absorbing energy from other people can become overwhelming.

Perhaps you would like to (or need to) expand or re-evaluate your energetic relationships with the people in your life.

Speed Round Healing

Affirm now 3 Times: “I bless & send home outside energy in my Aura that does not belong to me”

Affirm now: “I call home and clear all of my personal energy from the people in my environment.”

Gratitude manifesting Mantra

“I am so thankful for my friends & family who respect & support me.”

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